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16 Most Valuable Vintage Postcards Worth Money

Postcards were the main way of sharing messages up until the 21st century. But even with social media today, did you know that old postcards have a high value? So, which ones are the most valuable?

Well, you are about to find out. Today, the prices of these items keep rising.

Many people who love history buy and sell vintage postcards for good money. Those dusty cards from your old folks’ lockers can give you a fortune.

The value varies with the type, rarity, subject, current state, and age. These postcards even date back to the 1800s and 1900s.

Every postcard has specs that honor the cultures of various places. Now, here are the 16 most valuable vintage postcards.

Most Valuable Vintage Postcards Worth Money

1. Penny Peanuts

Penny Peanuts

The Penny Peanuts postcard is the world’s oldest postcard. As a collector, go for it if money isn’t a problem for you.

It has a quite interesting history. Theodore Hook, a Fulham writer, sent this card to himself in 1840. In 2001, Edward Proud, a postal historian, discovered the item.

Penny Peanuts’ art on the front comes from hand-painted works. You’ll see twelve images of painters on the card.

Also, there’s a green pot with the label “official” next to the table. At the back, you’ll see a Penny Black stamp.

Owning such a rare postcard will give you great fortune. Take a look at the other specs about this card.

  • Theodore Hook sent it first in 1840
  • Its today’s price is 33 473.99 USD

2. African American Mother and Son

African American Mother and Son

If you own this rare postcard, know that it’s time to get rich. The African American mother and son postcard holds a great value in the market.

Like the Penny Peanuts card, this one here is rare. Most collectors love to own such postcards because of their age too.

The subject is a black woman or mother holding her son in front. Both of them hold the US flag.

You can hang it on the wall of your space. It will attract many people’s eyes because of the US flag. Here are the other specs of this vintage postcard.

  • Its best price is 16 864 USD
  • The card came in the early 1900s


3. Ellen Clapsaddle Signed Christmas Postcard

Ellen Clapsaddle Signed Christmas Postcard

Collectors consider most vintage Christmas postcards to have some value. But as for the one signed by Ellen Clapsaddle, it can earn you a great fortune.

It has a photo of a young child handing over a card to Santa Claus. So, the item brings the holiday fever around.

Also, you’ll see the beauty of the blend of colors. Remember, this postcard has Ellen H. Clapsaddle’s sign.

The can will add value to your pack of collectibles. Also, you can use this card to decorate your room during Christmas. Below are the card’s other specs.

  • Its highest price is around 1400 USD
  • People started to use it in 1900s


4. Grand Rapids Michigan Postcard

Grand Rapids Michigan Postcard

This postcard with the rare Benjamin Franklin One Cent Stamp has much fortune. Besides Franklin’s portrait, you’ll also love the card’s art.

So, on the front, there are the Memorial Towers and the Grand Rapid’s Michigan Fulton Street Park. The picture carries a deep history of the park.

You can also hang the item on your wall. When you look at the back; there’s ample space for messages.

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These famous ancient photos make the card sell at a high price. Also, Michigan postcard comes from paper material.

Remember, this item is among the ones on the market. Read on to see the other specs of this card.

  • It’s an item from the 1930s
  • You’ll sell or buy it for around 500 USD


5. Nicaragua Granada PMK

Nicaragua Granada PMK

The Nicaragua Granada pioneer postcard has a very high value. It falls in the class of pioneer postcards.

In 1898, the US congress allowed firms to make this postcard. People used these cards to send messages and advertise businesses.

You’ll see the real photo of the Nicaragua Granada shop on the front. At the back, there’s space to write the messages.

This card has a high value because of its rarity. Please take a look at the other key features.

  • Firms made them in 1899
  • They sell for at least 349.99 USD


6. Royal Postcard of Staff of Maharaja

Royal Postcard of Staff of Maharaja

Are you a collector looking for the Indians’ collectible postcards? This card will suit your interests. 

On the front, you’ll see the pic of the staff of the Maharaja of Cooch Behar. If you don’t want to sell it, the item can add some taste to your office’s décor.

Also, it’s a great item for a vintage art lover. Remember, the card’s material is paper. So, if you have it, handle it with care.

A firm in London printed the card. Keep reading to see the other features of this postcard.

  • It’s vintage from the 1950s
  • The price is at least 40 USD


7. Hubbell Michigan Snow at House Postcard

Hubbell Michigan Snow at House Postcard

These postcards came in the era of white border postcards. It was during the World War I.

Due to the effects of war, very few people used postcards. This act brought losses to the printing firms.

So, these businesses opted to make unprinted white borders. Such cards like the Hubbell Michigan saved more ink.

Here, this real photo postcard shows a house in Hubbell during winter. It’s an item that many collectors seek to own.

Expect the postcard to have a high value because of the history it carries. Please take a look at the card’s other features.

  • These cards were there between 1915 to 1930
  • They go for at least 40 USD


8. Hollins VA Private Mailing Card

Hollins VA Private Mailing Card

The Hollins institute panorama card was among the first private mailing cards. The US Congress allowed people to use them from May 19, 1898.

On one side, the card had space to write the addresses. As for the side with the Hollins institute, it’s where one wrote the private message.

Remember, this postcard’s theme is art and universities. So, you can place them as a décor on your house’s wall.

Collectors go for this postcard because of its history and old Hollins pic. Keep reading to see the postcard’s other vital facets.

  • Firms printed the cards from 1906
  • Their least price is 34.95 USD


9. Brattle Street towards Harvard Linen Postcard

Brattle Street towards Harvard Linen Postcard

These postcards were unique because they come from a linen material. Even today, linen makes ink marks appear brighter and for a longer time.

Besides the card’s quality, many buyers love the beauty of its art. Expect to see the old cars with different colors on the front part.

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Also, you enjoy the sweet look of the old Brattle Street in the US. Remember, collectors, see Harvard University as the card’s key subject.

So, the art of Harvard, cars, and town make the card have much value. Today, it’s not easy to get such a postcard. Here are the other specs about them.

  • People began to use them in 1940
  • Today, they sell for at least 18 USD


10. R. M. S Titanic Launch Ticket Postcards

R. M. S Titanic Launch Ticket Postcards

As for these postcards, they’ll remind you about the start of the titanic. Today, many collectors love this postcard.

Well, it’s because they carry the message of when the Titanic started its first voyage. The Ismay and Imrie firm in Liverpool, London, made these postcards.

Expect this postcard’s value to keep rising. Its subject is the Titanic ship.

Also, you’ll see the words “The Launch of the S. S Titanic May 3, 1911” on the card. The image of the Titanic ship is in a frame full of art.

You can place the card on your office table to make the place more beautiful. Please keep reading to see more specs of this item.

  • Their prices start from 11.48 USD to 2108 USD
  • Imrie firm launched them in 1911


11. Japanese Geishas Dancing with Musical Notes

Japanese Geishas Dancing with Musical Notes

This postcard would be best for you during those ancient days if you loved music. The card has Japanese Geishas dancers and musical notes on the front.

It allowed people to enjoy the sender’s culture through music. Also, you can read the notes and play the music on the card.

These cards will add value to your collectibles. Today, it’s not easy to get these cards.

So, if you have one, handle it with care. Here are the rest of the key specs of the postcard.

  • They came in 1914
  • These cards sell for at least 14 USD


12. Young Boys Pump House Postcard

Young Boys Pump House Postcard

Most buyers love this vintage postcard because of its history. Also, it’s rare to get this card in the market today.

It has a pic of four young boys from a pump in the old Kern River oil fields. Three of them are on the warehouse’s roof. The other one is in front of the house.

These images remind people of how child labor was common in the area. They’ll add more value to your collectibles. Take a look at the other features of this postcard.

  • They came in 1908
  • The highest price for the card is around 6324 USD


13. The Chinese Fruit Seller Postcard

The Chinese Fruit Seller Postcard

This rare postcard will also give you a lot of money from its sale. The first people to use it posted it in China through Russia.

Expect many buyers to go for it because it has a rich history. Remember, the card has simple looks. You’ll see a fruit seller holding some luggage on the card’s front side.

Its material is cardboard. People used the card to send out best wishes to their loved ones. Keep reading to see the other specs.

  • They were common from 1903 to 1915
  • Prices range from 29.99 USD to 4800 USD


14. Governmental Postcards

Governmental Postcards

The US government introduced these cards to reduce the cost of using postcards. During those years, private cards were a bit costly.

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Private firms were making many postal cards before the 1900s. At that time, the government didn’t allow cards to use “postal card.” This move was to ensure people only used the new government postal cards.

So, expect these postal cards to have writings or messages on one side. Also, during those years, the US law didn’t allow people to write on the card’s address side.

Yes, these postcards don’t have beautiful art. But they’ll add much value to your postcard pack.

Their prices vary with the stamps they have. Below are the other key specs of this card.

  • The US introduced them in 1872
  • Today you’ll buy or sell them from around 175 USD to 1 236.17 USD


15. Cleveland Indians Postcard

Cleveland Indians Postcard

You’ll love this postcard’s look if you love playing or watching baseball. You can use this card to hang on the wall of your space.

This amazing postcard has a photo of 20 Indian baseball players. Carl Horner, an elite baseball photographer, took the photo.

Also, the pic has much value because of the face of Nap Lajoie, Elmer Flick, and Addie Joss. They were among the first people to join the hall of fame.

Remember, it’s one of the rarest Indian postcards. So, when you have one in good condition, be sure that collectors will fall for it. Here are the other specs.

  • Firms launched it in 1905
  • Its highest price is 11 300 USD


16. Olympic Three Men of Carlisle

Olympic Three Men of Carlisle

This fantastic postcard best fits people who love athletics. The card has a pic of three men from Carlisle Thorpe on the front.

The people of Carlisle used the pic on this card to celebrate these athletes. These athletes were the football star Jim Thorpe, coach Pop Warner, and track star Louis Tewanima.

It’s a vintage piece that you can hang on a wall. Also, the age of this item makes it have a high value in today’s market.

Remember, the subject of this item is athletics. People around Pennsylvania in North America used this postcard. Read on to see the other specs.

  • You’ll buy it for around 1 475 USD
  • The US launched it in 1912



Vintage postcards are among the rare collectibles. The value of these items varies with age, rarity, present condition, and theme.

These vintage postcards in this list have the best values in the market. Some of these cards have high-end prices. Others tend to sell at low prices, yet they are valuable vintages.

Penny Peanuts postcard is the most expensive postcard you can get. It sells at a high price because it’s the oldest.

Collecting vintage postcards is fun and can make you rich. You can use some of these cards to make your room, house, or office space beautiful.

So, do you own any vintage postcards today? At what price would you sell it?

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