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15 Most Valuable Vintage Glassware Worth Money

Did you know that collecting or selling vintage glassware can earn you a great fortune? Yes, there are many old and quality glassware. But which ones have the highest value in today’s glass market?

Well, you are at the right place for answers. Like many vintage items, glassware’s value varies with the rarity, age, present state, and art.

Glasses also come in different colors and types. We’ll look at the depression, milk, carnival, and art glasses here. These types of items are the ones with the best price.

Whether your vintage glass has a high or low price, you have to maintain it well. Let’s now focus on the 15 most valuable vintage glassware.

Most Valuable Vintage Glasswar Worth Money

1. Bohemian Ruby Red Art Glass

Bohemian Ruby Red Art Glass

Every glass can add beauty to your space. But as for this pair of antique engraved art glass vases, they’ll brighten your room.

This Bohemian pair of glasses from the Czech is quite rare today. So, besides their beauty and age, collectors also love them because of their rarity.

August Bohm came up with this glass’ unique hand-cut design. You can use the glasses to hold some flowers.

Also, the glasses have a switched bulbous part with a pear shape. The red part on the glasses shows many animals and dragons.

As for the bulbous on the lower area, it shows the beauty of forests. Below are the other vital aspects to note about this glassware.

  • The Glass of Bohemia firm made them from 1830 to 1850
  • They sell for around 45 000 USD


2. Antique Cobalt Blue Glass Set

Antique Cobalt Blue Glass Set

If you love the touch of blue in your living room, this glass set will interest you. The cobalt blue vintage depression glass set also has a high value.

Mosser firm made the glassware to be cheap for many people. So, you’ll see some flaws on it like air bubbles, sharp edges, and maker’s marks.

Today, these errors make the set of three glasses have a high value. Besides the errors, people love these glasses because of their rarity, beauty, and age.

This fantastic set includes a creamer jug, a cheese dish, and a sugar dish. Such items will help you serve your visitors food at home too.

Also, they’ll improve your house’s décor. Below are the rest of the main specs.

  • It’s vintage from the 1890s
  • Today, the set sells for at least 198 USD


3. Northwood Green Gold Carnival Glass

Northwood Green Gold Carnival Glass

If you love the beauty of green items, this vintage green bowl will suit you. It has two handles to help you hold your food or candy.

This glass has a threaded look on the outside. Also, the exterior has a ruffled edge. On the inside, you’ll love the beauty of the butterfly patterns.

The carnival bowl comes from nothing but glass. It’s a vintage item that can make your house look more beautiful. Remember, you can use it as a true gift to your folks.

Today, it’s rare to get this glass item in the market. Take a look at the green-gold glass key specs.

  • It’s vintage from the 1900s.
  • The price is around 498 US


4. Vintage Marigold Carnival Glass Round Bowl

Vintage Marigold Carnival Glass Round Bowl

Your glass collection will have an excellent golden touch because of this bowl. The ancient geometric patterns on it even make the item better.

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You can also use this glass bowl to serve dishes and keep fruits. Remember, it’s a rare and delicate item. So, ensure you handle it with care.

This carnival glass will also make your dining table more interesting. It would be fantastic if you had several of them.

Also, the 8-inch glassware is excellent for collectors on a budget. Here are the other main specs of this vintage glass bowl.

  • Its current price is 270 USD
  • Firms made these glasses from 1904 to 1910

5. Marigold Carnival Imperial Glass Punch Bowl and Cups

Marigold Carnival Imperial Glass Punch Bowl and Cups

You can also get a set of glass bowls and cups of the marigold carnival type. As for this group, you’ll love both their beauty and art.

The set has eight cups, a bowl, and a stand. As for the punch bowl, it has sawtooth edges and six flower and double Hobstar patterns.

Expect the cups and the bowl stand also to have the six Hobstar patterns. Also, one of the eight cups has a deeper marigold color.

So, together, these items will add a touch of class to your house and collectibles. You can use these glasses to serve juices and tea to your visitors. Keep reading to see the other important aspects.

  • The set is vintage from the 1920s
  • Today’s price is around 350 USD


6. Vintage Jardiniere Bowl

Vintage Jardiniere Bowl

You’ll fall in love with the fantastic rainbow colors on this bowl. The vintage Jardiniere bowl has a beautiful floral design.

Also, the unique and rare bowl has a reflective feature. So, together with the art, this reflection brings out the set of colors well.

Eda Glasbruk made this carnival glass bowl’s art. Today, many buyers value vintage items from Eda.

You can use the item to keep fruits or serve some dishes. Remember, the glass bowl’s art is of the Swedish culture. Below are the other essential traits of the glass.

  • Eda made these glasses in the 1920s
  • They sell for at least 450 USD

7. Set Lot Holiday Buttons and Bows Pink Glass Set

Set Lot Holiday Buttons and Bows Pink Glass Set

This Jeanette set of glasses will add much value to your set of collectibles. Also, it’s a fantastic set that you can use to serve many guests food and drinks.

The firm used to sell these items in a package. So, in the set, you’ll get bowls, butter dishes, cups, plates, tumblers, trays, saucers, and lids.

Besides helping you serves food, you use the set as a wedding, holiday, or birthday gift. All these items are in pink.

Jeanette and Button and Bows firms pressed a fantastic art on the items. Also, these glasses have errors like air bubbles.

Such specs will make collectors rate the items with a high value. Read on to see the other vital aspects.

  • The set is vintage from 1947 to 1949
  • All the items sell at around 5 756 USD

8. Anchor Hocking Milk Glass Set

Anchor Hocking Milk Glass Set

Still, you’ll get this lovely set of a bowl and four cups from the Hocking Glass firm. These items have a pure white milk color that makes them stand out.

Expect the glasses in this set to be in an opaque form. Remember, the firm only used glass to make these glasses.

Also, the glasses have the Arlington art on the outside and the base. So, when you get the set in a great state, the design will be visible.

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This vintage glass pattern is rare in today’s market. You can use the items to serve your best cocktail or tea for your guest. Take a look at the other features of this set.

  • Hocking glass firm made them from the late 1940s to the 1970s
  • The prices start from 79 USD to 8000 USD depending on the condition

9. Vintage Grape Leaves Bowl

Vintage Grape Leaves Bowl

This vintage glassware will hold your grapes or small fruits in amazing styles. You’ll love its color and the rich blend of art.

It has an ice blue color and opaque carnival glass body. You’ll see that the glass looks cloudy. The art on it entails great heart and floral patterns.

If you take a closer look, the designers seemed to have pressed the art. Remember, smiths can only do that when the glass is in a molten state.

The art on this glassware is of the Victorian style. Below are the other main specs about the item.

  • Its price today is around 590 USD
  • The Northwood firm made it in 1910

10. PALWA Glass Pendant Lamp

PALWA Glass Pendant Lamp

You’ll love this set of collectibles because they’ll light up your room. This chandelier piece can carry up to 6 bulbs.

Besides making your living room brighter, this item has a deep state of beauty. If you own such an item, expect collectors to buy it at a high price.

Also, the position of the six bulbs and arrangement of glasses is a pure work of art. PALWA glass pendant lamp has proper wiring to fix the lights.

The firm used glass and gilt brass to make this vintage item. It’s the golden brass that holds the bulbs well. Keep reading to see this item’s main features.

  • PALWA made it in the 1970s
  • The item sells for around 2 250 USD

11. Golden Gilt Glass Amber Bowl

Golden Gilt Glass Amber Bowl

The depression vintage glass bowl has one of the best embossments. Its mix of patterns and bright colors make the item look more appealing to the eyes.

This glass golden gilt color will make the space in your room more beautiful. Remember, the gold is in some beautiful floral pattern.

Also, you’ll love the bowl’s curved sides and the hollow space. You can use this vintage glass to keep your fruits.

Today, it’s not easy to get the vintage gilt glass Amber bowl in the market. Read on to see the other vital aspects of this glass bowl.

  • The firms began making the items in the 1920s
  • You’ll buy them at around 89.40 USD

12. Art Nouveau Vase in a Pink Art Glass

Art Nouveau Vase in a Pink Art Glass

Owning such a glass in your vintage collection shows your deep love for art. This glass vase from France has the Art Nouveau style from the inside.

It’s best to help keep artificial flowers in your room. So, it will add a deep taste of beauty to your place.

Remember, the makers of this glass blew it by mouth. The makers hand-painted the art nouveau inside the glass.

Also, you’ll see the vessel’s tip is golden. As for the rest of the parts, they have a purple shade. Below are the other interesting facts about the glass.

  • Its current price is around 1340 USD
  • Firms made in the early 1900s

13. Mayfair Relish Dish

Mayfair Relish Dish

This vintage Mayfair relish dish has a unique design from most glass dishes. Its design has four areas to help you serve different kinds of food well.

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The glass comes in an oval or round shape. Remember, the patterns are clear and distinct. Such aspects attract many collectors to fall this glass dish.

Mayfair relish dish is a glass item from the great Hocking glass firm. So, expect this item to have a high value.

You’ll love the dish’s shade of sky blue. Also, this item’s glass material tends to reflect light.

You can use the glass dish as a wedding or birthday gift. Below are the other vital features of the relish dish.

  • Hocking glass firm made them from 1931 to 1936
  • The oval one costs at least 35 USD
  • You’ll pay 45 USD to 70 USD for the round piece

14. Hand Blow Calla Lily Chandelier

Hand Blow Calla Lily Chandelier

The vintage glass will also light up your room with art. It’s like the PALWA vintage glass pendant lamp.

This vintage milk glass has a blend of white and a touch of gold. Also, the glass isn’t transparent.

Calla lily chandelier’s floral design makes the item more beautiful. Remember, besides the glass’ rarity, its design makes it have a higher value.

It can hold three LED bulbs to light up your room well. Expect the vintage chandelier to have proper wiring.

You can use this hand blow lily chandelier to improve your house décor. Read on to see the other important specs.

  • Calla lily’s current price is around 1777 USD
  • This white vintage glass is from the 1970s

15. A Set of 48 Glasses with a Decanter

A Set of 48 Glasses with a Decanter

This fantastic glass family will add beauty and fortune to your collection. The glasses and the decanter have Saint Louis Thistle’s stamp.

In this set, you’ll get champagne flutes, water glasses, burgundy glasses, and Bordeaux glasses. Also, the items have different sizes.

It’s the stamp that makes the glasses sell at a high price. Also, this set has a gold thistle at the top and base.

Remember, the firm made the thistle design for the Nancy display during the Art Nouveau event. Later on, the set became unique to noble tables in France.

So, you’ll need a lot of money to collect the glasses without a doubt. Take a look at the critical aspects of the set.

  • They started to sell in 1908
  • The price of the art glasses is around 12 180 USD


Today, there are many valuable vintage glassware in the market. These items will make your home look beautiful.

Besides the beauty, you can use the items to serve food to guests. If you have someone who loves vintage glassware, you can gift them during their birthday.

The rare and old vintage art glassware have one of the highest values. Some come as a set while the others are only but a single item.

Also, the vintage glasses on this list have unique designs. This feature is what appeals to the eyes of many collectors.

So, do you think these vintage glasses should have a higher price? Feel free to tell us what you think.

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