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Antique Lenox Figurines Value (Identification & Price Guides)

Porcelain and bone china figurines are among the most sought-after collector’s items out there. Such a figure can feature supreme craftsmanship and carry the spirit of the time period it was made.

Most porcelain manufacturers produced their own figurines, including Meissen, Lladró, Hummel, Swarowski, and many more. However, today we’re going to cover figurines made by Lenox.

History of Lenox Figurines

Lenox figurines were made by Lenox Corporation, which was founded in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox as Lenox´s Ceramic Art Company. It manufactured one-of-a-kind American art pottery and was more of an art studio than a full-blown manufacturer of pottery.

However, Lenox figurines didn’t appear until the 1980s, more specifically, 1981 when Lenox Collectibles Division was established. It produced the highly sought-after collectible figurines, which are valuable to this day.

Types of Lenox Figurines

There are dozens of types of Lenox figurines, especially considering that Lenox had licensing deals with several media companies, including DC Comics, Disney, and Looney Tunes.

Lenox also had dozens of different collections, so listing every single type of its figurine would require its own separate article. However, we can present broad categories that include some of the most popular Lenox figurines:

Lenox’s Animal Figurines

Lenox’s Animal Figurines
Image Credit: bidsquare

These can be figurines of many different animal species, including turtles, rhinos, and horses, but Lenox produced many dog and cat figurines. The value of these figurines varies drastically by their size and rarity.

Lenox’s Bird Figurines

Lenox’s Bird Figurines
Image Credit: invaluable

Bird figurines by Lenox deserve their own separate category because this company produced endless figurines of different species of birds.

Lenox’s Disney Figurines

Lenox’s Disney Figurines
Image Credit: invaluable

Lenox had a decades-long licensing deal with Disney. It allowed the company to manufacture porcelain figurines of some of the most popular animated characters in history, including Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, and much more.

This type of Lenox figurine contains some of the most expensive and sought-after pieces.

Lenox’s Lady Figurines

Lenox’s Lady Figurines
Image Credit: invaluable

This might be the most archetypal porcelain figurine type Lenox has ever manufactured. It simply includes figurines of ladies, and most people imagine exactly that when thinking of porcelain figurines.

Lenox’s Nativity Figurines

Lenox’s Nativity Figurines
Image Credit: lenox

This type of Lenox figurine includes motifs related to the nativity of Christ and includes some of the most valuable Lenox figurines out there.

Lenox’s Santa Figurines

Lenox’s Santa Figurines
Image Credit: macys

This company produced porcelain Santa figurines annually for every holiday season. As a result, there are dozens of different Santa figurines, and some people are ready to pay a decent amount to get the final one to complete their Santa collection.

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Lenox’s Swan Figurines

Lenox’s Swan Figurines
Image Credit: themusicboxcompany

Finally, Lenox’s has manufactured endless variations of swan figurines. Just out of sheer availability this type of figurine isn’t really valuable, but some of the rarest pieces can net you a nice sum of money.

How Do You Identify a Lenox  Figurine?

Lenox figures were wildly popular, but never to the extent that they would be counterfeited at a large scale. As a result, there aren’t many fakes or reproductions being sold, so you shouldn’t worry about not buying an authentic item.

All Lenox figurines have a maker’s mark printed at the bottom of the piece. In most cases, it includes the Lenox logo and the words “Handcrafted in X”, where the “X” is Japan, China, or Taiwan, as Lenox had factories in several Asian countries.

Disney Lenox Figurines are most likely to simply say “Lenox © Disney” at the bottom. If you’re afraid of buying a fake, we recommend you participate in auctions hosted by reputable auction houses, that employ collectible experts who verify the authenticity.

Finally, if you aren’t sure whether you own an authentic figurine, you can always bring it to a local antique store and talk to an expert to get it appraised and see if it’s an original piece.

Are Lenox Ornaments Valuable?

Lenox figurines aren’t among the most expensive porcelain collectibles out there. Other porcelain and china companies like Hummel and Lladro also manufactured porcelain figurines, which today are much more valued by collectors.

However, some Lenox ornaments can still sell for a decent amount of money, and we’ll cover many recently sold pieces to give you an idea of how much money your Lenox figurine could be worth. Before doing that though, let’s see what plays into the value of a Lenox figurine:


As a rule of thumb that applies to nearly all antiques, the older the piece, the more valuable it’s going to be. So Lenox figurines produced in the early 1980s are always going to be more valuable than those made in the 1990s or 2000s.


Lenox manufactured some figurines at a much bigger scale than the others. As a result, some pieces are more available to buy today compared to others. It means that rarer pieces are going to be more expensive than the more common ones.


Because porcelain figurines, including those made by Lenox, are collector’s items, the condition of the piece is one of the most impactful factors determining its value. A single scratch can make the price of a piece much lower.

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Now we can take a look at the prices of some Lenox figurines sold in 2022. We will start with the most expensive examples showing that some Lenox pieces are highly prized, but will also feature cheaper pieces down the line to show that not every Lenox figurine is valuable.

This 9 ⅛” tall figurine was manufactured in the mid-2000s but in spite of that sold for $129.99. It’s because it was hand-painted and is accented with 24k gold. It’s a good example of how even newer Lenox figurines can sell for relatively high prices.

This and other similar comic book figurines were manufactured thanks to a licensing deal with DC Comics.

Today, Lenox figurines of the Wizard of Oz characters are some of the most sought-after. This 9” Good Witch figurine was hand-painted and accented with 24k gold.

Additionally, it was made sometime in the 1980s, making it some of the earliest pieces manufactured by the Lenox Collectible Department. All these factors combined in an astonishing price of $900.

Another example of Lenox’s The Wizard of Oz figurine selling for a lot of money. This listing was special because the figurine was “NIB” or “New in Box”, meaning it’s essentially as new as it comes.

Just like the previous figurine, this one was handmade out of ivory fine china, hand-painted, and accented with 24k gold.

This is a great example of nativity-type Lenox figurines being valued highly. Despite being made in the 2000s, it was sold for $850, because it was a rare figurine accented with 24k gold, featuring a camel associated with the nativity of Christ.

The figurine is 7” high and 7.5” long, and like all Lenox figurines, it’s handmade. This specific instance also was “NIB”, or “New in Box”, meaning it came in an original box and was in basically perfect condition without any damage.

Another example of the Lenox nativity collection being valued highly. This 5.5” tall figurine features a kneeling angel playing trumpet and blessing the nativity of Christ.

This specific listing sold the figurine in excellent condition and the original box that had very little shelf wear. All of these factors combined in a high price of $749, but most similar listings of this figurine sell in the $500-$1000 range.

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This figurine was made in 2007 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Disney’s blockbuster movie Alladin. While collectibles from the late 2000s usually aren’t valued much, this one sold for $495 because it was a limited edition piece.

Additionally, its condition was listed as “used”, so it wasn’t anywhere close to mint. Finally, it came without a box, which tremendously lowers the value. However, it didn’t stop it from selling for that much money.

This listing featuring a figurine of Disney’s iconic character Mickey Mouse batting is a great example of how undervalued some of Lenox collectibles are. The figurine was hand-painted and even accented with 24k gold.

It was also NIB, meaning its condition was perfect, and it was even unopened. These factors alone inflate the price of this figurine several-fold, but despite everything, it sold for under $100.

This figurine was what can be called a “lady type” figurine from the Moonlight Waltz collection. It’s 6” tall, and this specific listing sold for $30 with “used” condition, meaning it probably had a few noticeable scratches.

Lenox also had a licensing deal with Looney Tunes, and this listing sold a figurine of one of the iconic characters Tweety in the original box for just $30. It serves as a great example that you can get Lenox figurines of famous characters for cheap.

This figurine came from Lenox’s annual Christmas collection. It’s a hand-painted porcelain figurine in the original box and comes with signed paperwork. Despite being brand new, it didn’t fetch a decent price.

Similar Christmas Princess figurines from the 1980s could potentially sell for low 3-figures, but Santa-type figures are much more demanded.

This cute figurine features a collar that’s accented with 24k gold. Despite that, it sold for under $20, because Lenox has manufactured thousands of similar cat figurines, so similar pieces are readily available all over the net.

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