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15 Most Valuable Antique Teapots Worth Money

Did you know that antique teapots come from one of the best and most unique materials? These collectibles have great shapes and designs. But which ones are the best you can get today?

Well, read on to find out. Some smiths made them honor their culture.

Other designers made the vintage teapots for special and royal people. So, today, their history makes them have a high market value.

The antique teapots can be as a single item or a set. Also, you’ll get some with a quality metal or clay body.

They have different but the best looks. It’s an uphill task to get the old ones in today’s market.

Such aspects make their prices to be high. Here are the 15 most valuable antique teapots.

most expensive Antique teapot Worth Money

1. Tiffany and Co. Sterling Silver Tea and Coffee

Tiffany and Co. Sterling Silver Tea and Coffee

Tiffany and Co. have one of the best antique sterling silver teapots. You’ll love the set of six fabulous teapots because of their design.

The teapots have a great style with a bird’s nest pattern. Today, Tiffany’s teapots are the firm’s set with one of the highest market demands.

Also, Tiffany made them for Stuart Harris and Son. Remember, Mr. Harris was Tiffany’s British special customer in 1923.

Expect the pots’ secure handle to give you an easy time as you serve tea or coffee. You can use the teapots to serve many people tea and coffee.

  • You’ll buy them for around 34 500 USD
  • Tiffany and Co. made them between 1873 to 1885


2. No Stamp Act Teapot

No Stamp Act Teapot

The No Stamp Act teapot carries a vital message from US history. It was Josiah Wedgewood’s idea to make this vintage teapot.

No Stamp Act teapot has a theme color of orange-brown. On one side, you’ll see the words “No Stamp Act.”

On the other side, Josiah wrote: “Success to trade in America.” Remember, the message on the teapot was a sign of the US growth times.

So, expect many buyers to value this teapot because it has a rich history. You can use it to serve a few guests tea. Here are the other specs of the No Stamp Act Teapot.

  • Josiah Wedgewood designed it in 1765
  • No Stamp Act Teapot sells at 72 910.23 USD


3. Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Teapot

Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Teapot

If you are a new collector, you’ll that think this teapot is of the 21st century. The fantastic Victorian sterling silver teapot is of English heritage.

You’ll see that the silver body color has unique art. On the pot’s cover and stout, the art is vivid.

Victorian sterling silver teapot’s handle has a cozy thumb scroll design. So, it will always be a great time pouring teas from it.

You can use the art to keep your coffee or tea. Also, you can use the teapot to improve your house’s décor.

Under the pot’s base, you’ll see the London 1874 hallmark. Here, you’ll also see Henry Holland’s signs. Now, take a look at the other vital aspects.

  • It’s vintage from 1874
  • You’ll buy it for around 1798.94 USD


4. The Meissen Hausmalar Eagle Teapot

The Meissen Hausmalar Eagle Teapot

It’s one of the rarest teapots. Some of the Eagle teapot pieces are only available in museums. Keep reading to see the other features of the teapot.

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The teapot has one of the best arts. Expect the beauty even to be present on the pot’s cover.

Each side has a pleasing vignette of figures and trees. It has gilt foot trim and borders with the shape of a C-scroll.

Also, the cover has birds on branches. You’ll see that the lid connects with the handle and spout via a golden chain.

Johann Jakob Irminger this masterpiece in Augsburg. Jakob designed it with a bulbous body and a gilt eagle spout.

  • The Meissen smiths made it from 1715 to 1725
  • It goes for around 32 951.56 USD


5. Yixing Stoneware Teapot by Gu Jingzhou

Yixing Stoneware Teapot by Gu Jingzhou

Like the Yixing Zisha teapot, this pot is among the ones with the highest prices. Also, the Yixing stoneware teapot’s design was Gu Jingzhou’s design.

Yixing stoneware teapot is reddish-brown. Also, it has a seamless spout, handle, and squat shape.

Expect it to improve your collection’s value. You can use it to serve your guest with much honor.

Also, you can place it on your dining table for beauty. Read on to see the other essential aspects of the Yixing stoneware teapot.

  • Gu Jingzhou made them in 1948
  • The best price for the item is 1.32 million USD


6. The 1948 Yixing Zisha Teapot

The 1948 Yixing Zisha Teapot

Who can ever imagine of a teapot with the same price as a 2018 Ferrari model? Well, that won’t shock you if you are an avid collector.

Even if you don’t understand any Chinese, you’ll admire the art on this pot. A great ceramist, Gu Jingzhou, designed the teapot’s look.

Yixing Zisha teapot came from one of the most unique clay. This material is available in Yixing, China.

Also, the teapot has a squat shape, handle, and spout. It’s a rare beauty that any collector would wish to own.

As for the calligraphy with the Chinese words, it was Wu Hufan’s work. The pot has bamboo art made by Jiang Handing.

In 2010, bidders traded this teapot for a high price in Beijing. Here are the other Yixing Zisha’s specs.

  • Gu Jingzhou made the pot in 1948
  • The recent auction sold it for 2 million USD


7. Pair of Famille Rose Coral-Ground Teapots

Pair of Famille Rose Coral-Ground Teapots

You’ll enjoy the beauty and quality of this rare pair of teapots. The vintage teapots have a Famille rose coral art on them and their lids.

Both the pots have a flat and oval body and scrolling handle. Also, you’ll see a square spout that joins to the vessel’s shoulder by a strut.

Each side of the pots has enamels with pink, green, brown, and blue panels. Remember, the pair of pots have an art of leaves on yellow ground.

Expect to see the art on the teapots’ necks and feet. Keep reading to see the other features.

  • Firms made them between 1736 and 1795
  • The teapots have a price of around 1.26 million USD


8. Pair of Famille Rose Melon Teapots

Pair of Famille Rose Melon Teapots

Also, you’ll love the lemon teapots with the Famille Rose design. The Rose Lemon pair of teapots are the most expensive items from Famille Rose.

When you glance at the pair of teapots for the first time, they appear attractive. Well, the teapots seem ready to grow into Cinderella’s coaches.

You’ll fall for the art on the sides of the pots. They have an outstanding iron-red seal from the Imperial Qianlong family.

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As for the rest of the body, it has the shape of a melon, and it’s white. Expect the handle and spout to be golden brown.

Today, the pair of teapots are rare in the market. Here are the other specs.

  • Their best price is 2.18 million USD
  • Its firm made the pair from 1736 to 1795


9. Locre Courtille Teapot

Locre Courtille Teapot

France had one of the most excellent teapot designers and smiths. You’ll fall for the looks of the Locre La Courtille porcelain teapot.

It has some art that honors Paris heritage and style. The teapot’s primary color is maroon.

Locre La Courtelle’s art comes with beautiful gilding. Expect to see a face in tooled gold trim.

Also, the gold trim is on the handle’s top part. Its spout comes with an excellent art for an animal.

You can use it to serve tea and make your space beautiful. Let’s now see the other main specs about the teapot.

  • Today, it sells for at least 599.41 USD
  • The La Courtille firm made it in the 1800s


10. Antique Niderviller Porcelain Duck Scene Teapot

Antique Niderviller Porcelain Duck Scene Teapot

The French Niderviller teapot is a collectible that will interest you. Well, it’s because the teapot has some fantastic art on the base, body, and lid.

Niderviller firm designed the beauty of this pot. Expect the porcelain duck art to come from hand painting.

You’ll see that the art is from an under-glaze blue double line. Also, the bar has a golden design. So, it looks like a simple wave on the pot.

The duck on an overflowing stream has a golden color between the double stripes. Its lid has a similar design to the body.

Vintage porcelain duck teapot comes with a gold script Nider. Back then, the teapot’s firm used Nider as its mark. Please read on to see the rest of the specs.

  • It sells for at least 1001.02 USD
  • The Niderviller firm made them in 1780


11. Tiffany and Company Chrysanthemum Pattern Silver

Tiffany and Company Chrysanthemum Pattern Silver

Still, you’ll get a beautiful set of silver teapots from the Tiffany firm. You’ll get seven pots with a unique “chrysanthemum” pattern.

Today, many collectors love the set because of the design. As for these teapots, they’ll add much value to your collection.

You’ll get a kettle on the stand, two coffee pots, two teapots, a sugar bowl, and a creamer. Remember, you’ll have to buy the set to get the teapots.

The teapots have comfortable silver handles. Each of the pots has different shapes and sizes. So, you’ll serve tea with much ease. Below are the other vital specs about the set.

  • Tiffany and Co. sells the set at around 54 012 USD
  • The firm made the sets from 1850 to 1899


12. Antique Moorish Teapot

Antique Moorish Teapot

Your home will have a beautiful vintage look with this ancient teapot. The unique English teapot comes from copper and brass.

Expect the antique Moorish teapot also to have a stamp, a pedestal, and a stand. It has the Moorish style, a design of most true smiths.

Also, the Moorish teapot has some unique artwork and floral art on the body. You’ll also see some engravings on the stand and lid.

It’s not easy to get the teapot in today’s market. Such an aspect makes the pot’s value rise. Now, below are the other vital features of the teapot.

  • You’ll buy it for around 675 USD
  • It’s vintage from the 1920s
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13. Antique Dutch Silver Bachelor Teapot

Antique Dutch Silver Bachelor Teapot

Get ready to enjoy the art on the Dutch silver teapot. The teapot’s art is present on the body, stout, and the lid.

Remember, the pot’s lid and body come from sterling silver. Also, the Dutch silver bachelor teapot rests on a round collect base.

You’ll see scrolling foliate and floral art on the major part of the pot’s body. Here, the motifs are on a matte.

As for the lower area, you’ll see a cute fluted border. Its upper rim is a plain border.

The silver bachelor teapot has a C-wood handle. You’ll have a plain scrolling thumbpiece on it.

It’s a very rare antique teapot in the market. Read on to see the other key specs.

  • You’ll buy them for around 2219 USD
  • The smiths made them in the 1910s


14. Porzellan Kanne Teapot

Porzellan Kanne Teapot

Like the Niderviller porcelain duck teapot, the Porzellan Kanne has a French taste. Today, it’s among the rare teapots in the market.

The France teapot has an angular handle and spout. Its art entails four round panels across the top area of the pot.

Also, the panels have an orange sky theme. In the background, expect to see black scenes.

Remember, the pot’s art on the body is unique. So, the teapot’s beautiful design and age make it valuable.

You’ll also see some golden lining on the stout and handle. Take a look at this teapot’s key features.

  • It sells for around 600.14 USD
  • The smiths made the teapot in the 1800s


15. Antique Jackfield Earthenware Teapot

Antique Jackfield Earthenware Teapot

The Jackfield Pottery made a full-size appealing teapot. It stands firm on a black gilded stand.

You’ll fall for the teapot’s blend of the black and gold color. Besides the coloring, your eyes will enjoy the beauty of the pot’s flower art.

The teapot also has a golden black color on the stout, lid, and handle. Jackfield earthenware teapot will hold your tea and make your tea table beautiful.

Today, it’s one of the rare vintage items. So, know that it’s a gem to many collectors. Below are the other specs of the teapot.

  • You can buy it for 683.43 USD
  • Jackfield pottery made them from 1760 to 1772



Antique teapots have been present for many years. The most ancient ones were from China and France.

The teapots on this list have a great and unique design. They come from materials like silver, copper, or gold.

You’ll also love the art on the teapots. Most vintage teapots are rare in today’s market. It’s one of the key reasons why they are valuable.

Designers in the firms made different teapots for different reasons. For example, Tiffany and Co. made some teapots for Stuart Harrison and his sons.

So, do you think that these vintage teapots deserve the high prices? Please tell us your true thoughts.

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