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20 Most Valuable Beanie Babies Worth Money

The History of Beanie Babies

For any kid growing up during the ’90s, classic toys like Etch-A-Sketch, Game Boy Color, Tamagotchi, and Beanie Babies were all the buzz. However, collectors and this article are specifically interested in those cute little tush tags that created the Beanie Baby craze.

Ty Warner introduced Beanie Babies at the 1993 World Toy Fair in New York City. The first generation of the PVC pellet-filled stuffed toys remains one of the most valuable – even almost three decades later.

Initially, these plush toys were never sold in large chain stores. In fact, Mr. Warner gave each character a retirement date and limited production time to keep his specialty toy line somewhat of a rarity from the get-go.

Over the years, the infamous TY toy brand has expanded its line to include Beanie Buddies, Beanie Boos, and Beanie Bellies, to name a few, which you can explore on their main website HERE.

Now, if you were to check any reputable Beanie Babies price guide, you would likely find they are worth a small fortune – especially for rare figures that have been kept in mint condition and have an accompanying certificate of authenticity.

So if you are a serious collector searching for the highest value Beanie Babies this year, then it would make sense to start with an article like this – read on to discover the 30 Most Valuable Beanie Babies in 2022, including any special features and current value.

The 20 Most Valuable Beanie Babies in 2022

It would be helpful if you familiarize yourself with the latest market trends for Beanie Babies. But, of course, as a collector, it goes without saying that the value of your nostalgic plush toys depends on their condition, rarity, and sales location.

In general, if you’re selling Beanie Babies at an auction house, you stand the chance of being much more profitable than simply listing them on Craigslist. Value also tends to rise significantly for special editions or Beanie Babies with defects – provided the toy pellet filling has not settled and is in excellent condition (including tags, packaging, and packing).

Now with these basic concepts in mind, let’s look at the 30 Most Valuable Beanie Babies in 2022, considering the above considerations.

1. Humphrey the Camel

Humphrey the Camel
Image Credit: worthpoint

This cute and understuffed plush toy definitely received some attention after Geico’s Hump Day commercial went viral in 2013. Humphrey is not only one of the ‘Original Nine,’ but he was also the first plush to be retired by TY in 1995.

Several versions of Humphrey exist, including those mainly marketed for McDonald’s Happy Meals. You’ll want to check your Humphrey for coloration, and proper tag identification, as counterfeit models have been circulating the market.

  • Special Features

In the late ’90s, a mistake along the production line resulted in one of Humphrey’s rear legs sewn backward. Unfortunately, mistakes often equate to a higher value in the antique and collector’s world. So if you manage to get your hands on a Humphrey with a reversed leg or this friendly camel with a ‘first edition’ tag, you may just be able to cash out at near the $1,000 mark.

  • Value

A pristine condition Humphrey the Camel can quickly go for $1,200 if it has clean tags and the sought-after leg defect.

2. Mystic the Unicorn

Mystic the Unicorn
Image Credit: thestandingrabbit

There have been five generations of Mystic the Unicorn with four different looks. Mystic came with a white body, horn, and mane throughout its production. He was also adorned with tush tags and hang tags that should be in excellent condition if you hope to make any money from selling yours.

  • Special Features

Be on the lookout for a Mystic with a fine mane rather than the coarse mane. If you come across a rainbow-maned Mystic, hang on to that Unicorn. Also, if you find a Mystic the Unicorn beanie with a tan horn and a fine mane, then you are in luck. Both of these plush toys are considered to be extremely rare and thus valuable.

  • Value

If you score a Mystic the Unicorn with tag errors that also has one of the rare features listed above, it could easily be worth $3,000.

3. Clubby the Bear

Clubby the Bear
Image Credit: txantiquemall

It’s hard to miss this bright blue bear with its multicolored neck tie and official club button affixed proudly to its chest. Interestingly, first-generation Clubby’s were only available to mail-in members who paid a fee to join the Beanie Babies club.

  • Special Features
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Clubby is the first bear in the Beanie Babies lineup to wear a button – a TY club button that is on the bear’s chest.

  • Value

You could easily fetch nearly $1,000 for a pristine condition Clubby, the bear. Pay special attention to tag errors such as extra spaces, missing barcodes, and a mint condition. Clubby could stretch up in value to approximately $2,700.

4. Piccadilly Attic, the Bear

Piccadilly Attic, the Bear
Image Credit: amazon

Piccadilly was supposed to bring the cute back to clowns; however, kids seem to either love it or hate it. He came dressed in a multicolored jumpsuit with corduroy pants or a velvety blue and green striped suit. Both styles have the traditional clown collar and a red nose.

  • Special Features

Funny enough, one of the unique things about this bear is that kids didn’t want anything to do with it; however, collectors would love to have one. Although there are only two versions of these Beanie Babies, various tag errors will ring in dollars.

  • Value

Piccadilly’s blue-green combination is worth a lot more than the multicolored jumpsuit version. Rare versions with tag errors are worth as much as $250,000, although the most expensive clown bear listed on eBay is currently priced at $90,000.

Also part of TY’s ‘Original Nine,’ this cute mallard beanie will have you quack-quack-quacking all the way to the bank.

5. Jake the Mallard Duck


Jake the Mallard Duck
Image Credit: ebay
  • Special Features

Jake is the perfect cuddle baby – he’s a duck. But his bright colors and soft touch have made him a collector’s favorite.

  • Value

An original Jake is worth at least $700 but has reportedly sold on eBay for $16,000. Some rarer versions sell for $38,600 because of errors like having two tush tags, multiple punctuation mistakes, and even an incorrect factory numbering.

6. Nana the Monkey

Nana the Monkey
Image Credit: mavin

Unfortunately, this sweet little monkey became an instant target for counterfeiters. It would behoove you to hire a reputable appraiser and have Nana authenticated. Although it was not part of the ‘Original Nine,’ this monkey is still one of TY’s earliest plush creations. Unfortunately, Nana retired rather quickly because TY renamed it Bongo the Monkey.

  • Special Features

Nana has a brown body with a cream-colored face, hands, feet, and tail. You’ll want to look carefully into the eyes of this sweet plush Beanie. You may have a fake if you notice that the eyes are set into the monkey’s muzzle. So, be sure that Nana’s eyes are centered on this cute little monkey’s face.

  • Value

Provided your Beanie Babies tush tag reads Nana, it is in mint condition; this remarkable little monkey is valued between $3,000 and $4,000.

7. Snort the Red Bull

Snort the Red Bull
Image Credit: thestandingrabbit

There is nothing to snort at about collecting Beanie Babies – and that’s no Bull. But, all kidding aside, Snort the Red Bull came into being after a name change from Tabasco. The hot sauce company said that TY illegally copied its brand name, and the toy company didn’t want any legal trouble.

  • Special Features

The main difference between Tabasco and Snort is its coloration. Tabasco was solid red except for some facial features, whereas, Snort had white markings on his hooves. During its production change, one significant tag error was the incorrect name being printed on its tag. Remember, though, that mistakes are good if you are selling.

  • Value

If you a have a Snort or Tabasco the Red Bull, in pristine condition, you could cash in around $6,000.

8. Gobbles Turkey

Gobbles Turkey
Image Credit: etsy

This brown, red, yellow, and white plush had a relatively long production time compared to other Beanie Babies. Across the different versions of this plush toy, you may notice that Gobbles’ tail feathers have been attached at different heights or that it has one versus two waddles.

  • Special Features

There are quite a lot of variations and errors that can make your Gobbles go up in value. For instance, he may be actually missing an entire leg. And if this turkey’s tush tag is dotty, it could be even rarer.

  • Value

This Thanksgiving Day favorite is worth about $7,000 if it wasn’t thrown around the family dinner table around all mamma’s delicious dressing and mashed potatoes.

9. Millennium Bear

Millennium Bear
Image Credit: etsy

All five versions of the Millennium Bear have this elegant and vibrant fuchsia coloration. The first three versions featured a gold ribbon; however, its fourth edition switched to a copper-colored neck adornment. A limited number of miniature Millenniums were also produced for McDonald’s Happy Meals.

  • Special Features
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Frequently the historical providence of specific Beanie Babies could send its value through the roof. However, in the case of Millennium Bear, its worth comes from its celebration of the new millennium, which was released in 1999. Look out for those mistakes, though, because a tush tag with the bear’s name spelled with only one ‘n’ is a collector’s dream.

  • Value

But the main reason for Millennium Bear being worth hundreds of dollars is actually because of the multiple spelling mistakes that can be found on its tush tag. People list Millennium Bear on eBay for upwards of $30,000; however, one of the last sold for $740.

10. Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant

Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant
Image Credit: simbolics

This cuddly little elephant might have been the big push that instigated the whole Beanie Babies craze amongst the collector’s community. Although several different color variations exist, the royal blue version is the most sought out, even if it was the product of a factory miscalculation in dye amounts.

  • Special Features

Again, the striking aspect of this particular Beanie is its color. Not sure if TY wasn’t happy with the dye accident or if customer surveys reflected a preference for the lighter powder blue, but this happy-go-lucky elephant had a colorful past.

  • Value

So if you have a mint condition royal blue Peanut the Elephant, you could be sitting on approximately $7,500. Several have sold for between $1,500 and $2,500 in the last few years.

11. Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant

Lefty the Donkey and Righty the Elephant
Image Credit: worthpoint

These political Beanies were not necessarily a rare or limited edition; however, often, Beanie Babies are worth more to collectors when sold in pairs or sets. That is the case with this flashy red, white, and blue Donkey and Elephant set.

  • Special Features

Only one set of the Lefty and Righty duo is rightly valued higher than the rest because one aviation technician summoned former First Lady of the United States and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for a signature.

  • Value

Right now, the rare 2000 autographed version of Lefty the Donkey is listed for $50,000 on eBay and comes with both a Certificate of Authenticity and the newspaper shot of Hillary Clinton signing the plush in 2006. If you are a true Clinton fan and have the cash to make the deal, at least a portion of the proceeds will benefit charity.

12. Princess Bear

Princess Bear
Image Credit: vintage

This commemorative bear was released almost immediately after the tragic death of Princess Diana. Princess Bear is a special edition, and TY limited production by only sending 12 units to specialty retailers simultaneously.

  • Special Features

Princess Bear is a beautiful combination of a deep purple body with the signature white rose that became a symbol for the late Princess of Wales. These Beanie Babies were constructed in two versions: one with PE pellets and one with PVC pellets.

  • Value

As part of world history, this special edition bear is listed for $500,000 on eBay. Princess Diana supporters felt compelled to purchase this beautiful bear at the time as TY sent proceeds to the princesses memorial fund.

13. Patti the Platypus

Patti the Platypus
Image Credit: ebay

Most consider Patti a rare Beanie, and its original magenta color is the most coveted version by collectors. I mean, who doesn’t love a platypus? Patti’s bright purple body with yellow beak and feet is nothing but cuteness stuffed in a plush.

  • Special Features

Patti belongs to that particular group of Beanie Babies known as the ‘Original Nine.’ In addition to being one of TY’s earliest creations, her fur’s initial color scheme gives her a place in most lists of most valuable Beanies circulating the internet.

  • Value

Provided you have the magenta-colored Patti, and it’s in mint condition (including tags), its value could be as high as $6,000.

14. Claude, the Crab

Claude, the Crab
Image Credit: invaluable

Claude sure makes our oceans’ crusty little friends extremely cozy and cuddly. Claude, the Crab, is incredibly realistic looking and just oozes with cuteness.

  • Special Features

Claude was initially released with a beautiful combination of browns, blues, and greens. So if you are happy to come across a tie-dye edition, you are sitting on a high-value Beanie. But perhaps the most prominent feature making Claude a cash crab is its tag errors.

  • Value

This earth-toned crustacean is extremely valuable, ringing in at $9,000. It’s even listed on eBay for as much as $100,000 – now that’s salty.

15. Halo the Angel Bear

Halo the Angel Bear
Image Credit: bbtoystore

This 1998 TY rarity did not stay in production for long. Halo’s soft white fur is exceptionally appealing to kids. It additionally fits with both an incandescent halo and angel wings. This famous Beanie was to represent a guardian angel who would help watch over the kids who kept them snuggled.

  • Special Features
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This all-white bear, complete with a white star, is one of the rare beanie babies collectors hope to get their hands on. Unfortunately, this bear had numerous tush tag errors; some may even show eye and nose coloration and placement variations.

  • Value

Get your hands on a mint condition Halo; its value could range from $1,000 on a quick sale up to $7,500 on the high end.

16. Hippity, Hoppity, and Floppity the Bunnies

Hippity, Hoppity, and Floppity the Bunnies
Image Credit: etsy

There is something special about bunnies; these short-tailed, long-eared animals make a kid’s childhood whimsical. TY’s Beanie bunnies had that same effect on the consumer market.

  • Special Features

Each of these long-eared plush toys has been privy to multiple tag errors that can earn you a mini-fortune if they have been well-cared for. Additionally, various colorations were released, so to have the most valuable set, you must collect the light green Hippity, the all-pink Hoppity, and the lavender Floppity.

  • Value

This unique trio could quickly sell together for $30,000, provided you have the correct versions.

17. Iggy the Iguana

Iggy the Iguana
Image Credit: bbtoystorev

Boys are fascinated with catching lizards, but Iggy made these reptiles snuggle even for little girls. The friendly iguana was released in several different colors, even rainbow-colored. Unfortunately, the rainbow color was a factory mistake that made Iggy look similar to Rainbow the Chameleon.

  • Special Features

The Iguana variations include varying tag locations, colors, a protruding tongue, or even a Quacker’s tush tag.

  • Value

If you score an Iggy the Iguana with a blank tush tag, it’s worth at least $15,000 in prime condition. But because of Iggy’s popularity, any bright-colored reptile plushes could easily be appraised at $2,000 or more.

18. Valentino, the Bear

Valentino, the Bear
Image Credit: walmart

Valentino is a lover’s delight that commemorates Valentine’s Day. Its simplistic appeal lies in its clean white fur accented by a bright red ribbon around its neck and a large heart stamped on its chest.

  • Special Features

As the brother to the previously released Valentina, this plush has seen plenty of tag errors throughout its different generations to watch out for. In addition, its nose and eyes can sometimes be brown instead of the traditional black color. If you have one of these rarer editions, you’re sitting on a money pot.

  • Value

Collectors have already paid as much as $20,000 for this plush.

19. Squealer the Pig

Squealer the Pig
Image Credit: etsy

This cute little pig was a catch, even though many people didn’t initially think the pig was the cutest Beanie that TY could have come out with. Nevertheless, Squealer is still an essential member of any good Beanie collection.

  • Special Features

Most notable about Squealer is that it was one of the longest-running Beanie Babies in production and was eventually retired in 1998.

  • Value

Cute little Squealer may not sell for as much as some of the other ‘Original Nine’ members; however, anything that’s pink and squeaks is priceless to me. The highest listed price on eBay is $14,444, but several are listed at the $1,000 to $4,500 mark.

20. November the Birthday Bear

November the Birthday Bear
Image Credit: poshmark

Sweet little November is a happy little bear representing all the kids who have November birthdays.

  • Special Features

November Bear has yellow fur that wears a tie-dyed jumpsuit with a collar. She has a black nose and eyes and a colorful birthday cake embroidered on her chest with the word November inscribed.

This bear is part of the first release of birthday bears, making her special within that specific category.

  • Value

Definitely, the least valuable Beanie on this list ($20) unless your birthday is in November, then this plush might have some sort of sentimental value for you.


Beanie Babies are probably part of every ’90s baby’s childhood memory. Nowadays, these plush toys can be worth some big bucks if you are a collector.

Suppose you think you have rare or unique edition Beanie Babies (like the one listed above). In that case, I suggest you visit a reputable appraiser who can guarantee its authenticity and provide you with a current market value.

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