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7 Best Amps for Electric Violin of 2021 – Violin Amplifier Reviews

Electric violins are still quite a specialist instrument, and it can be hard to find dedicated amps. However, many acoustic guitar amps are suitable for pairing with violins – and to help you choose, here are our top picks for best amp for electric violin.

Quick Glance: The Best Electric Violin Amplifier


The Best Amp for Electric Violin 2021

1. Fender Acoustasonic 90- 90 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

electric violin amp Fender

If you are looking for a small and compact amp for your violin that can pack some punch, this model from Fender should be of interest.

Despite its small size – it weighs a mere 18lbs – it can provide a highly respectable 90 watts, plenty for practicing at home and even performing in front of small audiences.

With two channels, it offers you plenty of flexibility – you can also add a mic if you need to. Furthermore, with the “aux in”, you can connect an mp3 player, allowing you to play along to backing music.

We like the way the sound is also warm and balanced. Even though this is designed for acoustic guitars, it will work well when paired with a violin too. It also boasts a smart feedback elimination capability, helping to eliminate those grating screams.

On the downside, this amp won’t be able to cope with larger venues, so if you need to play in front of bigger audiences, you’ll need to pair it with PA speakers – but that’s normal.

Also, there’s no headphone jack, which means you won’t be able to use this amp for “silent” practice with a pair of headphones.

However, despite these minor limitations, this is an excellent amp for electric violinists and acoustic guitar players alike. A recommended pick.


  • 2 channels and aux input – can plug in music to play along to
  • Smart feedback elimination – to avoid nasty screams
  • Compact and lightweight – only 18lbs
  • Good power for a small amp – 90 watts
  • Balanced sound – good for violins


  • Can’t handle bigger venues alone – needs to be run through a PA system
  • No headphone jack – can’t be used for “silent” practice

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2. Roland MOBILE-AC Portable Battery Powered Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

electric violin amp Roland

This amp from Roland is ideal for anyone who values mobility. You can use it as an amp for practicing at home, but since it’s lightweight and compact – and runs off batteries – you can also take it with you and perform wherever you want.

You will get a good amount of play time from each set of batteries, and when you need to change them, it’s quick and easy to do. This means you don’t need to worry about playing around with your amp to change the batteries when they die in the middle of a performance.

We like the way it is simple and intuitive to use, and the build quality means it should last a long time. It also gives you a decent level of volume for something of this diminutive kind of size.

That said, don’t expect anything amazing from it in terms of sound quality – it’s adequate, but nothing special. Also, the power switch is a little awkwardly located, making it difficult to find, especially in dark environments.

In sum, a great pick if you’re looking for something small and convenient that offers you maximum mobility. If that sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for, this could be a smart choice.


  • Battery-powered – up to 15 hours each time
  • 5-watt power – big sound for something this small
  • Extremely light and portable – allows you to play anywhere
  • Easy to operate – and also easy to change the batteries
  • Good build quality – made to last


  • Power switch awkward – can be hard to find
  • Not amazing sound quality – although good for something this small

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3. Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D 50 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

electric violin amp Marshall

For anyone looking for a larger amp that will provide enough power for performances in front of small to medium-sized audiences, this is a unit that should be of interest.

As well its 50 watts of power, the quality of sound is also excellent, even when you ramp it up to higher volumes.

We like the anti-feedback notch filter that will help you avoid those nasty screams during your performance, and this is also a highly reliable amp that you can trust not to let you down while you’re on stage. This is part of what you get when you pay for the Marshall name.

However, this also means the amp is a little more expensive than other options because you’re paying for the famous brand as well as for the quality of the amp.

Also, it’s on the heavy side, so if you want something light, compact and mobile, there might be better options to consider.

All in all, a top amp from a top brand. It will provide the kind of sound quality you need for playing an electric violin, and, although a little expensive, is still well worth the money. If you are looking for something in this kind of category, this is an amp that should be on your radar.


  • Plenty of power – 50 watts
  • Great sound quality – sounds good, even at higher volumes
  • Anti-feedback notch filter – to keep the sound clean
  • Suitable for live performances – up to medium-sized venues
  • Reliable amp – won’t let you down at an inopportune moment


  • A little pricey – you pay for the name as well as the quality
  • On the heavy side – harder to carry around

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4. Fishman PRO-LBT-500 Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Bluetooth Amplifier (Our Top Pick)

electric violin amp Fishman

Here’s an amp that offers you lots of power in a small package. It provides 60 watts of power while remaining relatively compact, lightweight and portable, making it ideal if you need something for carrying to small or medium-sized gigs.

With this amp, you also get a few welcome additional features that make it even more versatile. For example, it’s Bluetooth-compatible, so you can easily connect an external source to it and then play your violin over the backing music.

Also, it has reverb and chorus effects, allowing for extra levels of creativity over how you play.

There’s not much to dislike here. Yes, it’s a little expensive, but we still think it represents great value for money. Also, some people might not appreciate the old-fashioned look – but that’s a question of personal preference.

In short, a solid pick if you want a combination of power, portability and bang for your buck. If those are the kind of qualities you value, this is an amp that could be worth considering.


  • Big power – provides a full 60 watts
  • Reverb and chorus effects – allows you to play with the sound
  • Portable option – ideal for carrying to gigs
  • Bluetooth compatible – for extra flexibility
  • Crisp and clear sound – even when turned right up


  • Not cheap – although good value for money
  • Old-fashioned look – some people might not like the style

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5. Stagg 20 AA R USA 20 Watt RMS Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with Spring Reverb

electric violin amp Stagg

If you’re looking for an amp that will work well for your electric violin and need good quality but don’t want to spend top-end bucks, this unit from Stagg could be the ideal compromise.

We like the way it includes a three-band EQ that allows you to customize the sound – this is even more important if you are planning to use it with a violin since it lets you choose a sound that suits your instrument.

Another feature we appreciate is the headphone jack, something you don’t find on every amp, even some more expensive ones. We also love the sound, which, at this kind of price point is exceptional, even at higher volumes.

There are no major negatives to speak of, and just a couple of minor niggles. With the effects, you can’t use the “chorus” mode on the guitar channel, and you can’t use the “reverb” on the mic. This limits your freedom a little.

Also, as with the Fishman we looked at above, it has quite a classic look – and some people might prefer something a little more modern-looking.

To summarize, another solid pick if you need good power and quality at an affordable price. A great sounding amp that we like a lot – a big thumbs-up from us!


  • 3-band EQ – to adjust the sound to just how you like it
  • Headphone jack – not found on all amps
  • Very reasonable price – if you don’t want to pay for a more expensive model
  • Impressive sound levels – loud and clear for something at this price point
  • Compact and portable – ideal for playing at home or taking to gigs


  • No “chorus” on guitar channel – and no “reverb” on mic
  • Not a modern look – although some people will like the classic design

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6. JOYO MA-10A Acoustic Guitar Amplifier (Budget Pick)

electric violin amp Joyo

At the lower end of the price range, this compact little amp from Joyo is a real bargain. It might come in a small package, but it still manages to put out a more than respectable level of sound.

One of the things we love about this amp is that is has been built for portability and convenience. It has dual operation, so you can plug it into the mains or run it off battery power. It also includes two hidden strap buckles that make it easy to carry.

Furthermore, we love how simple it is to set up and use – this amp doesn’t overcomplicate things unnecessarily.

However, you need to understand the limitations of an amp in this kind of category. It isn’t big or powerful enough for performing with – although it makes a great practice amp for the home.

Also, the battery life isn’t great. You’ll only get a couple of hours out of it before you need to change the batteries.

Yet, despite these minor reservations, this is an excellent amp for the price. If you understand and accept its limitations, this amp should be on your list of possibilities.


  • Budget-friendly option – inexpensive amp
  • Designed for portability – includes shoulder strap buckles
  • Dual power modes – battery or mains
  • Great sound for the size and price – highly impressive
  • Simple to use – uncomplicated design


  • Battery life not great – only a couple of hours’ play time
  • Not ideal for performing – but perfect for practice

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7. Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

electric violin amp Acoustic

For anyone who wants a versatile amp that can be used for a range of purposes, this one could be an obvious pick. With three channels, it can be used by more than one musician at the same time, and with the two-band EQ, you can adjust the sound for the best results with your violin.

At 40 watts, it offers a good amount of power for what it costs. We also like the way it is compatible with Bluetooth, USB and can be connected to a phone, giving you various options for adding your backing music.

In addition, it is a chargeable amp, and when fully charged, can give you up to eight or ten hours of play time, ideal for buskers or other mobile musicians.

A couple of minor negatives that we need to point out include the fact that it’s a little heavier than you might expect, although not excessively so. Also, don’t expect high-end sound quality – but for something in this category, it’s more than acceptable.

This is the kind of amp that would appeal to someone who needs something that can be used in a range of situations, for example practicing at home, playing solos or performing with a band.

If that sounds like it checks all the boxes for you, you’d do well to take this amp into your consideration.


  • Versatile amp – with Bluetooth compatibility, USB and more
  • 3 channels – can be used by more than one musician
  • Decent power – 40 watts
  • Chargeable – can play for 8-10hrs when fully charged
  • 2-band EQ – to adjust the quality of the sound


  • Sound quality not top-end – but still acceptable
  • A little heavy – not ideal if portability is a major consideration

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Many great options to choose from

As you can see, there are many great options to choose from at a range of prices that will suit any budget. If you’re looking for an amp for your electric violin but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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