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10 Best DJ Speakers of 2021 – DJ Speakers for The Money

A top DJ needs top gear, and one part of that is the speakers you use. However, buying speakers can be confusing since there are so many models to choose from, so to help, here are our top picks for best DJ speakers to ensure you find the right ones for you.

Quick Glance: The Best DJ Speaker on the Market


Buyer’s guide

If you need the best DJ speakers, you’re probably wondering how to choose. Let’s have a look at some of the most important features now.

What kind of “DJ speakers”?

To begin with, we need to be clear what we’re talking about when we say “DJ speakers” because this could refer to two things.

Firstly, it could mean PA speakers that DJs use for gigs. These are the main speakers the crowd hears the music from, and if you are a mobile DJ, you will need a decent set of PA speakers to take to any gigs you are booked to play.

On the other hand, “DJ speakers” could also refer to monitor speakers. When a DJ plays a gig, due to the speed at which soundwaves travel as well as any echo effect in the venue, the music you hear from the PA speakers will have a delay compared to the music in your phones.

This means you need to have a monitor speaker facing you as you play to allow you to hear the music clearly and accurately. Without this, it can be extremely difficult to mix since you won’t be able to hear the music the crowd is hearing through your main speakers.

Monitor speakers should deliver a “flat” sound rather than one that is colored in any way – this allows you to hear exactly what is going on in the track in great detail without any artificial distortion.

In our review, we have included both types – the first five products are PA speakers and the second five are monitor speakers.

Clarity of sound

The clarity of sound is an obvious key feature of any speakers you buy. If you are talking about PA speakers, you want your crowd to hear clear and high-quality music that is free of distortion.

Similarly, if you are using a monitor speaker, you need to be able to hear the music clearly and accurately to allow you to mix properly. For monitor speakers, you should look for a “flat” sound that doesn’t accentuate any parts of the music unnaturally.


Power is another point to look for. Speaker power is measured in watts, and you need to pay attention to RMS power and peak power.

Peak is the highest amount of power they can deliver for a very short moment like at the end of a build-up, while RMS is the amount of power they deliver consistently over a long period of time.

This is measured in watts.


If you need to take your speakers to gigs, whether they are PA speakers or monitor speakers, you need them to be mobile. If this is important to you, make sure they are not too heavy or bulky.


The Best DJ Speaker on the Market 2021

1. Rockville BPA10 10” Professional Powered Active 400w DJ Speaker w Bluetooth

best dj speakers Rockville

If you are looking for an inexpensive DJ-style speaker for a range of uses, this versatile model from Rockville could be the one you want.

The company specializes in producing solid equipment that retails at more affordable prices than the competition, so if you want a high-powered speaker that represents great value for money, this should be of interest – it is conservatively rated at 400W peak and 100W RMS.

We like how you can run it off Bluetooth, connect to it via USB, plug in an SD card – or plug in cables the old-fashioned way, meaning there are lots of ways you can use it.

However, this is also our main complaint since it’s clearly not designed as a professional DJ speaker – a pro wouldn’t be using Bluetooth at a gig! But if you want it for home or casual use, this is no problem.

Also, the sound quality is a little lacking – although, at this price, it’s still more than acceptable.

All in all, a good affordable pick for anyone who wants a big, loud speaker for their home. However, not a good choice for professional DJs.


  • Big power – 400W peak and 100RMS
  • Versatile unit – can be connected via Bluetooth, USB and more
  • Includes remote – for extra convenience
  • 2 band EQ – allows you to adjust the sound
  • Excellent value – great bang for your buck


  • Sound quality not perfect – but acceptable at this price point
  • Not professional quality – more suited to home use

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2. Mackie Thump15A – 1300W 15″ Powered Loudspeaker

best dj speakers Mackie

This powerful DJ speaker from Mackie is called the “thump”, and it’s a name that’s well-chosen – if you like pounding bass then this speaker could be the one for you. At 1300W, it also packs a hefty amount of sound power.

We like the way it can be set up in a range of ways – it can stand or lie on the floor or can be mounted on a tripod or pole, giving you plenty of flexibility. Furthermore, although it’s not a budget option, it still represents great value for money.

On the downside, it is designed for power and not sound quality, so if you prefer a clean and crisp sound, there are better options out there. Also, we find the build quality slightly lacking – some of the components feel a bit cheaper than you might like.

However, apart from these minor issues, this is still a great choice for anyone who likes to play their music loud. If you need a pumping speaker with big bass that gives you great bang for your buck, this could be just what you’re looking for.


  • Big power – rated at 1300W
  • Flexible mounting – suitable for floor, tripod or pole mounting
  • Big bass – ideal for DJs who play electronic music
  • Great value for money – even though it is not a budget option
  • Application-specific speaker modes – for quick and convenient setup


  • Sound quality not top-end – favors power over clarity
  • Build quality lacking slightly – not high-end construction

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3. Alphasonik 8″ Portable Rechargeable Battery Powered 800W Pro DJ Amplified Loud Speaker (Our Top Pick)

best dj speakers Alphasonik

For those who need a DJ-style speaker for parties in their home or at the beach, this one could be a great solution. It is compact and portable, and runs off battery power, making it convenient to take anywhere. It charges quickly, too, minimizing wait time.

We like the way you can use it with Bluetooth, an SD card or USB, giving you a range of ways to connect your music. It also has built-in voice effects and even a strobe light, so it would be great fun to use for karaoke parties.

However, this speaker is not big or powerful enough for larger gigs – rather, it is designed for smaller family gatherings. Also, the included instructions are limited, so you will have to work out how to use it by yourself.

In sum, a great option for small-scale private parties in the garden, in the countryside or on the beach. Its portability and battery power make it highly convenient for these uses – but if you are looking for a pro-level DJ speaker, this one is probably not for you.


  • Portable speaker – easy to transport anywhere
  • Battery power – long life and quick charging
  • Compatible with Bluetooth, SD and USB – a versatile speaker
  • Includes 2 wireless microphones – with holders to keep them safe
  • Includes effects for voices – and a built-in strobe light


  • Instructions included are limited – need to know how to work it yourself
  • Not big enough for large gigs – but ideal for small family gatherings

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4. Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS Powered 15″ Bluetooth LED Light Display Speaker

best dj speakers Acoustic

If you want your house party to go with a bang, here’s another affordable option, this time from Goldwood. We love the LED that gives you plenty of lighting effects to enhance the party atmosphere, and at 1000W, it gives you plenty of power too.

This is a highly versatile speaker that can be connected to Bluetooth devices as well as using USB or an SD card. It comes with a microphone, and it also includes an adjustable stand, so it’s easy to set up in your home, garden or anywhere you want it.

On the downside, the microphone is not wireless, so you won’t have as much mobility when using it. Also, the remote doesn’t work well from the front – you need to be behind it to get it to work properly.

Overall, another great option for anyone looking for a relatively inexpensive speaker to play music at a decent volume for house parties and more. The lights make it a fun speaker to own, and at this price, you can hardly go wrong. A recommended pick.


  • Powerful speaker – rated up to 1000W
  • Great lighting effects – enhances the party atmosphere
  • Versatile speaker – connects to Bluetooth, SD, USB or cables
  • Great value for money – a real bargain at this price
  • Includes adjustable stand – makes it easy to set up


  • Remote doesn’t work from the front – need to be behind the speaker
  • Mic not wireless – gives you less mobility when using the microphone

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5. Alto Professional PA System

best dj speakers Alto

This is a professional-level speaker that would be ideal for a mobile DJ who needs to carry their own equipment to gigs. It’s small and compact enough to be easy to transport, but at 2000W, it delivers enough power for small or medium-sized crowds.

We like the way it’s easy to set up – and it can also be used standing, lying or on a pole, giving you plenty of flexibility over how you configure your equipment. Furthermore, at this price, it represents real value for money for the level of performance it offers.

One negative is that the bass is a little lacking, although, with a smaller speaker like this, that’s not a surprise. Also, the finish scuffs easily, so it won’t stay looking brand new for any length of time.

In short, a reliable compact pro-level speaker that represents great value for money and is ideal if you value power combined with mobility. If that sounds like the kind of thing you need, then this unit could be well worth a look.


  • Professional quality – suitable for pro DJs
  • Compact and portable – easy to carry to gigs
  • Big power – up to 2000 watts
  • Easy setup – and suitable for different configurations
  • Excellent value – not expensive for what it is


  • Scuffs easily – need to take care not to scratch it
  • Bass not as powerful as you’d hope – although this is not a large speaker

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6. JBL Professional 306P MkII Next-Generation 6-Inch 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor

best dj speakers JBL

If you need a professional monitor speaker for DJing or studio work and are more interested in models from the more affordable end of the price range, this unit from JLB should be of interest.

Like most JLB speakers, it offers good power at a reasonable price, making it a smart pick if you like to get good value for money – and at this kind of price point, the sound clarity is excellent, providing well-balanced sound right across the board.

One issue is that when no music is playing, you may be able to detect a slight hiss, although you won’t notice it when you are using the speaker. Also, the sleek finish is a bit easy to scratch, which is a shame because this speaker looks so good.

This is the kind of speaker that will appeal to someone who wants a speaker that will allow them to hear the music they are playing while they DJ but that won’t cost a fortune. Great value for money at this price and recommended if you need a reliable DJ monitor speaker.


  • Great clarity at the price – excellent value for money
  • Balanced sound – good right across the board
  • Good volume – provides enough power for you to hear what you need
  • Surprising bass for the size – good for certain genres of electronic music
  • Attractive design – looks great


  • Slight hiss when no music playing – but inaudible when in use
  • A little easy to scratch – and very noticeable

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7. Presonus Eris E3.5-3.5″ Near Field Studio Monitor

best dj speakers Presonus

This is a pair of near-field monitors that are ideal for DJs or home studio work. One of the best features is the acoustic tuning that allows you to adapt the sound to the environment, something that is unusual in speakers at this kind of price point.

We like the flat quality of the sound that’s perfect for monitoring the music you’re playing, and we’re impressed by how clear the sound is too. Another plus is the fact that the volume control, headphone jack and other features are located on the front for extra convenience.

While these are designed as monitor speakers, they could also be used to gaming or other similar uses. Click here for more info about using monitor speakers for applications like this.

There’s a lot to like about these speakers, and at this price point, there’s very little to complain about. We might point out that the supplied cables are not great quality, and the overall build quality is a little lacking too – although, for the price, we still find everything very reasonable.

To summarize, these speakers would be a great option for someone who needs something for their home studio that performs well but doesn’t cost top-end prices. For anyone who needs something in that category, this could be a smart pick.


  • Acoustic tuning – allows you to adapt the sound to the environment
  • Neutral sound – ideal for DJs or studio work
  • Headphone jack, volume and others on front – for extra convenience
  • Versatile speakers – could also be used for gaming, movies and more
  • Look great – highly attractive design


  • Included cables poor quality – not a high-end accessory
  • Slightly inferior build quality – but good for the price

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8. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers – 2.0 Stereo Active Near Field Monitors

best dj speakers Edifier

If you liked the sound of the monitors we just looked at and you want something similar to compare them with, this model from Edifier could also be worth a look.

Selling at a similar price point, this option is also great value for money and can give you excellent sound quality without breaking the bank.

We like the way the speakers have bass and treble controls, giving you more control over the way the music sounds. We also appreciate the fact that they come with a remote, allowing you to control the volume without the need to leave your seat.

However, you can’t use the remote to adjust the treble and bass or to turn them off – you have to do this manually. Also, the manual volume knob doesn’t have any markings on it, so you can’t see how high or low it is.

These are only minor issues, though, and shouldn’t put anyone off these speakers. Other than these small drawbacks, these are excellent speakers that sell for a very reasonable price and punch well above their weight in terms of performance. Another recommended option.


  • Great value – a real bargain for how much they cost
  • Include remote control – for extra convenience
  • Bass and treble controls – allows you to adjust the sound
  • Stylish retro look – sleek and professional
  • 2-year warranty – for extra peace of mind


  • Volume knob has no markings – you can’t see how far up or down it is
  • No power switch on remote – have to do it on the speakers

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9. Pioneer Pro DJ DM40-W

best dj speakers Pioneer

When it comes to DJ equipment, Pioneer is the market leader, and this pair of monitor speakers is another great addition to the company’s range.

For something this small, the sound quality is exceptional, and they are also extremely well made – this is a reliable piece of kit. We also like the way the volume control and headphone jack are placed on the front, making it easier to access them.

However, you need to understand what these speakers are for. They are too small to use as monitors in a club environment or other pro gig, and they also aren’t suitable for music production – but they are ideal for home DJs or for house parties.

Also, they are a little lacking in bass – but for a pair of 4” speakers, that’s perfectly understandable.

This is a beautiful pair of great-sounding monitor speakers that any home DJs will love owning. However, if you need something for playing out in noisier environments, better options are available.


  • Excellent sound quality – very clear and precise
  • Well-made speakers – good construction
  • Volume and headphone jack on front – convenient design
  • Look great – one of the most aesthetically-pleasing options around
  • Excellent value – great bang for your buck


  • Too small for club or productions use – but ideal for home DJs
  • Lacking in bass – although understandable in a pair of 4” speakers

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10. Rockville 1000 Watt 2-Way Powered Active Stage Floor Monitor Speaker

best dj speakers two way

This monitor speaker from Rockville would work well installed in a club and could also work well for use by live bands.

We like the quality of sound it produces. It’s very clear and, rated at 1000W peak, it is also extremely loud – you won’t have any problem hearing what you’re playing with this monitor.

Another big plus is the hi/mid/lo EQs that let you adjust the sound, and we also approve of the build quality – this speaker will survive a few knocks.

On the downside, it is an extremely bulky unit, and many people will find it impractical to carry around, making it less than ideal if you value mobility.

Also, another minor issue is that the controls are awkwardly placed on the side. This means you have to bend right down to reach them, and they are also prone to getting damaged since they stick out a bit.

Otherwise, this is a well-built and reliable monitor that represents great value for money. If you need something big and don’t mind something slightly awkward to transport, this could be a solid pick.


  • Big power – with 1000W peak
  • Hi/mid/lo EQs – allows you to adjust the sound
  • Excellent value – plenty of power and performance at a low price
  • Good build quality – will survive a few knocks
  • Great sound – loud and very clear


  • Too big to be mobile – better as fixed-installation speakers
  • Controls awkwardly located – and protrude, making them prone to damage

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Many great options to pick from

As you can see, whether you need PA speakers or monitors, there are many great options to pick from. If you need to find the best DJ speakers but are having trouble making up your mind, any of the options from our review would make a great place to start.

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