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7 Best Roll Up Pianos of 2021 – Foldable Piano Keyboard Reviews

A roll up piano is a great way to introduce new players to music. They’re fun, educational – and they won’t take up much room!

But if you’re on the hunt for one, you may find the choice rather bewildering. That’s why we’re here to help! We’re going to take a look at seven of the best roll up pianos on the market right now. We’ll find out what makes them great, and help you choose the one that’s best for your needs.

Ready? Let’s go!

Quick Glance: The Best Foldable Piano Keyboard


The Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard on the Market 2021

1. Lujex 61 Keys Roll Up Piano (Our Top Pick)

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard Lujex

This mid-priced roll up piano from Lujex has 61 keys. If you’re looking for good range but without the length of an 88-key piano, it’s one for your shortlist.

The flexible roll-up keyboard means you can take it wherever you want. It has built-in speakers, but headphones can be plugged in too for private practice. And if you need more volume, there’s a socket for connecting to an external speaker.

There are plenty of features here. Pianists can choose from 128 different instrument sounds, plus 100 different rhythms. And to show you what the piano can do, there are 40 demo tracks to listen to.

But it does have some limitations when it comes to playing. Perhaps the main one is that you won’t be able to play a chord with more than three notes. This is aimed at beginners, though, and for them this will be fine. It’s also a great tool to practice fingering and improve intonation.

There are lots of options when it comes to connecting to other devices. There’s a midi output to allow you to connect up to a computer to edit your music. You’ll need to have your own cable to enable you to do that. But note that there’s nowhere to plug in a USB.

The keyboard is made of thickened food-grade silicone, so you can be confident it’s safe. It’s powered by four AA batteries which you’ll need to buy separately. Alternatively, there’s a 6-volt DC outlet, but you’ll need to buy your own cord.

The sound isn’t the highest quality, but it’s adequate for a piano at this price point. There are, however, a few things to note.

The black keys are the same level as the white ones, so you’ll need to watch where you’re putting your fingers. And if you’re playing at speed, some of the notes won’t sound. We’ve also heard of issues where one key will play both the right note and the one next to it.

Don’t expect great results if you’re playing at tempo, or compositions involving more than triads. But nevertheless, this is an inexpensive and portable option for a beginner or as an additional practice tool.


  • 128 instrument sounds and 100 rhythms
  • Midi connectivity
  • Thick silicone playing surface


  • The black keys are the same level as the white ones
  • May skip notes when playing up tempo.

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2. PicassoTiles PT49 Kid’s 49 Keys Flexible Roll-Up

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard Picassotiles

The PT49 from PicassoTiles is aimed squarely at the child’s market, for those from three years and upwards. The 49-key keyboard has all the colors of the rainbow for a fun look that will also help kids learn.

It comes with six different demo songs to inspire young players, and they’ll be able to choose between eight tones. Select from acoustic grand piano, church organ, harp, tubular bell, acoustic or electric guitar, violin and string ensemble.

There’s also an echo sustain feature, and children can record and play back their own music. That’s a great way to listen out for mistakes, or simply show off their performance!

The control panel is an attractive pale blue shade with all the buttons clearly labeled. There’s a choice of ways to listen to the music. There’s an in-built speaker, or the piano can be connected to your own external speaker for more volume.

Alternatively, parents may be relieved to know that there’s also a headphone socket. That’s a great feature for occasions when you can’t bear to listen to Für Elise one more time! A volume dial allows for sound levels to be fine-tuned.

There’s a port for a DC 6-volt cable, and the package includes the charger and USB cable. Alternatively, it can be powered by three AAA batteries for a portable solution.

The keyboard is made of good quality, decent weight silicone. The keys are slightly raised, and there’s a small amount of give as they’re pressed.

As with the Lujex option, you’ll be able to play chords, but it’s rather limited. Expect to be able to get a maximum of five notes at once. And again, you may find that keys occasionally stop working or sound more than one note at once.

There’s no dynamic control either. The note will come out at the same volume, no matter how hard the key is pressed.

But this is not surprising for an incredibly cost-effective roll up piano. This is the cheapest option on our list, costing about the same as five cups of artisan coffee. At that price, it offers really excellent value for young ones just starting out on their musical adventures.


  • Excellent value for money for younger players just starting to learn the piano
  • Built-in speaker plus jacks for headphones and an external speaker
  • Record and playback functionality


  • Keys occasionally stop working or sound two notes at once
  • Won’t play more than five notes at once.

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3. Mukikm Rock And Roll It Rainbow Piano 49 Keys

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard Mukikm

The Rock and Roll It piano from Mukikm looks very similar to the PicassoTiles version. It has a bright, colorful keyboard featuring 49 keys. One very obvious difference, though, is the price – this costs twice as much as the PicassoTiles piano. So what do you get for your money?

Well, the keyboard is made of heavyweight silicone with clearly defined and raised keys. The black keys are raised a little higher than the colored ones, helping young players develop their feel.

It comes with a choice of eight different instrument sounds, with six demo tracks to show what it can do. There’s also an echo/sustain function, and the ability to record and play back your music.

So far, so similar to the PicassoTiles version. But this one comes with a songbook with color-coded music. Alongside the notes, the colors show new players which keys to press. It’s a great way of getting them playing music quickly, building motivation to learn more.

It can be powered by four AAA batteries, allowing musicians to make music on the move. Alternatively, there’s a port and USB cable included in the package. You’ll just need to buy your own adapter if plugging it into the mains.

There’s a volume control on the panel, but it isn’t possible to control sound levels by velocity. However hard a key is pressed, the sound will be the same.

Choose to transmit through the built-in speaker, or connect it up to an external speaker for more volume. There’s a headphones jack too, enabling quiet practice and avoiding disturbing the neighbors!

We have heard of some quality control issues here. Some people have tried to use their piano for the first time, only to find it won’t work at all. Make sure you check yours as soon as you get it home to avoid missing any returns window.

And the keys do have a tendency to produce an echo every so often.

Overall, though, this is a fun instrument, and the songbook is great for beginners keen to start making music fast.


  • Good quality silicone keyboard with black keys raised above the white ones
  • Record, playback and echo/sustain features
  • Color-coded songbook to get new players making music quickly


  • The keys sometimes produce an echo
  • We’ve heard of issues with keyboards not working on arrival, or breaking after a few months.

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4. iLearnMusic Roll Up Piano 88 Keys

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard IlearnMusic

If you’re looking for an 88-key roll up piano, check out this one from iLearnMusic.

The keyboard here is black and white. If you prefer a classic look to bright colors, it’s a good choice. The black keys are also raised slightly higher than the white, so it’s easier to feel them as you play. And unlike many roll up pianos which have smaller keys, here they’re the same size as an acoustic piano.

This is one of the more expensive roll up pianos on our list, but it offers a lot of functionality. There’s a choice of no fewer than 128 different instrument sounds to keep things interesting. And there are 15 demo songs to inspire you.

It’s possible to play chords with this too, although the keys will take a little getting used to. And there’s the option of plugging in a sustain pedal.

There’s a record and playback function, allowing you to replay performances. That’s a great way of identifying any passages where further practice is needed. And you’ll be able to capture that perfect performance forever!

There’s also a student/teaching mode that will help players improve their skills. And the multi-function interface allows it to be connected to a midi cable and computer for online tuition. It’s also compatible with an MP3 player, so you can play along with your favorite music.

It’s Bluetooth enabled too, and you’ll be able to transpose the keys. There’s a built-in speaker, but it can also be connected to headphones or an external speaker.

Perhaps surprisingly for a piano that has so many other features, though, there’s no songbook with this one.

This is another roll up piano where you may find you get an occasional echo on individual notes. Pressing harder will help, as will making sure the keyboard is laid out as flat as possible.

This one comes with the reassurance of a 90-day warranty against defects, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 88 full-sized keys, with black keys raised slightly higher than the white
  • Wide range of functions, including ability to transpose the keyboard and student/teacher mode
  • Midi and Bluetooth connectivity


  • Prone to producing a double note
  • Takes practice to play chords.

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5. ATopDream 49 Keys Roll up Piano

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard AtopDream

The rainbow-hued 49 key piano from ATopDream is slightly more expensive than the version from PicassoTiles. But it’s considerably less expensive than Mukikm’s offering.

The non-toxic silicone keyboard is a nice weight. It’s soft and rolls up easily. And it’s waterproof – so any spills won’t be the end of the world.

The black keys are clearly differentiated from the white ones, and raised slightly higher. They’re smaller than those of an acoustic piano and will suit smaller fingers.

The rainbow colors will particularly appeal to younger players. The same shade is used for the same note in each octave, helping them learn.

The control panel looks almost exactly the same as the one on the PicassoTiles piano. There’s a sustain function, as well as the ability to record and play back performances.

There’s a choice of eight different instrument sounds, with six demo tracks to inspire new pianists.

There’s a built-in speaker, although the volume isn’t particularly loud. If you want it to go louder, it’s possible to plug in an external speaker. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer your young musician to practice quietly, the piano can be used with headphones.

It can be powered in two ways. A USB cord is included, although you’ll need your own adapter if you want to plug it into the mains. And note that the cord is rather short.

Alternatively, for complete portability, you can use battery power. You’ll need four AAA batteries, which will need to be purchased separately.


  • Good quality silicone keyboard with well-differentiated black and white keys
  • Eight different tones and six demo tracks
  • Record, playback and sustain functions


  • The volume of the in-built speaker isn’t very loud
  • The USB cord that comes with the piano is rather short.

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6. Jaezziy 88 Keys Roll Up Piano

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard Jaezziy

This piano from Jaezziy offers a full 88 key playing experience. It’s the most expensive option on our list, but it also offers the most functionality.

It comes with an impressive range of tones, 140 in all, together with 128 standard rhythms. And to put the piano through its paces, there are 80 different demo tracks.

The processor here is three times faster than standard, so it won’t miss out notes when played at speed. And it will cope with multiple notes being played at the same time.

The sound quality is pretty good too, not least because of the built-in dual speakers and subwoofer. It also offers transposition, recording and play back, and an on-board metronome.

There are ports for a microphone, headphones, an MP3 player, a sustain pedal and a MIDI USB cable. It can also be connected up to other devices via Bluetooth. That gives you plenty of options for online tuition or playing music. And a sustain pedal is included in the package too.

For all the features, this remains a roll up piano. The silicone keyboard won’t give you the same feel as an acoustic piano, or even a synthesizer. But to practice intonation or fingering, it’s a great option. And it won’t take up a lot of room.

The silicone is soft enough to roll up easily for storage. But note that if it’s stored that way for long, you may find indentations develop between the keys. That can give rise to the dreaded echo. Try to keep it flat if you can. If you can’t, flatten it as much as possible and place it on a firm surface before use.

The power comes from a 5 mAh polymer lithium battery that’s built into the piano. It’s rechargeable using the USB interface and comes with a USB cable and US standard plug.


  • Includes ports for a microphone, headphones, MP3 player or tablet, and USB midi connection
  • Can play multiple notes at once
  • Sustain pedal included in the package


  • The keys may echo, particularly if it’s been rolled up for a while before use
  • It doesn’t have the feel of an acoustic piano – but as a roll up version, that’s hardly surprising.

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7. Sunny & Fun 61 Keys Roll Up Piano

Best Roll Up Piano Keyboard Sunny & Fun

This keyboard from Sunny & Fun offers 61 keys and plenty of features for a reasonable price.

The keys are black and white, contrasting with a bright red glossy control panel. It’s powered by four AA batteries. Fully charged batteries will give you between 10 and 12 hours of playing time.

If you prefer, you can plug it into a power source using the USB cable included in the pack. You’ll need your own adapter, though, if you want to plug it into the mains.

The silicone design means it’s easy to roll and simple to carry around. And with this one, you’ll get a mesh carry case included too. It’s a handy addition to make life easier if you’re going to be moving from place to place.

There are 128 different tones, and the same number of rhythm accompaniments. 30 demo tracks are pre-loaded, allowing you to play along. Music includes classic pieces from Schubert, Mozart and Chopin.

The control panel has an LED display and a numerical keypad. The numbers are used to select the tones and beats. Other buttons allow you to set sustain and vibrato effects, to record and play back music, and to build chords.

There’s a built-in speaker, and the sound quality here is pretty good. You can also connect it up to headphones, an external speaker or midi system. There’s no Bluetooth connectivity or microphone port here though.

And, as with most other roll up versions, you’ll need to press down on the keys fairly hard. If you’re going to be using this as a practice instrument, it’s a good option that doesn’t take up a lot of space. But bear in mind that the feel will be quite different to an acoustic piano.


  • 128 tones and 128 rhythm accompaniments
  • Sustain and vibrato effects, plus record and playback functionality
  • Ability to build and play chords


  • You’ll need to press on the keys quite hard for the best results
  • There’s no microphone port or Bluetooth connectivity.

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Buying guide

If you’re feeling bemused by all the different features out there – never fear! We’re going to look at some questions that will help you narrow down your search.

How many keys?

To begin with, decide how many keys you want your roll up piano to have.

88 key keyboards will let you play any piece of music (setting to one side the question of chords, on which more later). But they will, of course, require more space to roll out.

61 key pianos are a good compromise between musicality and space. Or if you’re looking for a basic starter instrument, 49 keys will be fine – particularly for the youngest players.

Black and white or color?

One of the most obvious features that distinguish roll up pianos from one another is the color of the keys.

Black and white is, of course, the classic option. But colored keyboards can be a great way to help learn music for players of any age. The options on our list all use the same colors for the same notes in each octave. If you’re looking for a starter instrument, why not give yourself a helping hand?

And note that most, but not all, the pianos we’ve reviewed have the black keys raised above the white ones. This can be a very helpful way of building your feel for a keyboard. And if you’re going to be playing an acoustic piano in future, it will make the experience slightly more familiar.

What features do you need?

Finally, consider what features you’d like your roll up piano to offer.

Check how many notes can be played at once. Not all roll up pianos will be able to handle chords. And some that can, will only cope with dyads or triads.

If you need to be able to use your piano on the go, look for models that can run on batteries. If you’d like unlimited playing time, opt for those that can be connected to a permanent power supply.

Do you want to be able to connect your instrument to headphones, a computer, microphone or other devices? Check what ports your piano offers before you buy.

And check out options that can make learning fun. Demo tracks are great to play along with, and some pianos also feature student and teacher modes. Different tones, beats and effects will add versatility to your music. And record and playback features can help support learning and monitor progress.

Ready to choose?

We hope our reviews and guide have helped you in the quest for the perfect roll-up piano. These portable and inexpensive instruments are a great option for beginners. And in some cases, they’ll work as a space-saving option for intermediate players too.

Our top pick is the 61 key piano from Lujex. It offers a good compromise between range and physical size. And the three-note chord limit won’t be an issue for beginners.

But whichever roll up piano is right for you, we hope it brings you many hours of enjoyment. Happy playing!

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