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7 Best Violin Cases of 2022 – Waterproof & Lightweight Violin Case Reviews

When it comes to keeping your beloved violin safe and secure, nothing is more important than its case. But with a multitude of options at every price point, how do you choose the right one?

We’re here to help! We’ve scoured the market for the seven best violin cases available right now. And we’ve reviewed their pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

So if you’re ready, read on, and narrow down your search for the perfect violin case!


The Best Violin Case on the Market 2022

1. ADM Hard Violin Case (Our Top Pick)

best violin case Hard

This attractive hard violin case from ADM is one of the least expensive on our list. But it’s got plenty of features to recommend it.

It’s a rounded triangular shape, with a smart black exterior. It’s covered in waterproof nylon Oxford fabric. That means you won’t need to worry about rain damaging your violin when you’re on the move. And there’s a zippered pocket to provide handy storage for sheet music.

There’s a strong yet lightweight plastic handle. Six straps on the outside allow you to carry it as a backpack, making it easily portable. If you need to travel with other bags, you’ll appreciate the hands-free design.

Each strap has an adjustable metal D-ring, so you can pull it tight for a secure fit. And the whole case weighs just 2.6 pounds. Even with your violin, bow, music and accessories inside, it will be light enough to carry in comfort. Black rubberized bumpers help protect it from knocks when you’re out and about.

Inside the lining is a plush midnight blue. There’s a cut-out section for your full-sized violin to sit snugly. A Velcro strap can be positioned over the neck for extra security. One minor issue is that the Velcro strap isn’t finished in the same blue fabric as the rest of the interior.

You will, however, get a matching blue blanket to place over your violin. That will protect it from dust and ensure that your bows don’t touch the instrument as you carry it around.

Speaking of bows, this case can hold two. There’s also a small compartment for your rosin, mute and other small accessories.

This is a compact case, measuring 31 inches long by 9.8 inches wide and 4.7 inches tall. It won’t take up a lot of room.

The bad news is that there’s no space for a second storage compartment for a shoulder rest. Some people have nevertheless managed to squeeze one in, presumably next to the neck, where there’s extra room.


  • Compact style won’t take up a lot of space
  • Smart midnight blue interior
  • Includes Velcro neck strap and protective blanket


  • There’s no dedicated compartment for your shoulder rest, though you may still be able to squeeze one in
  • It would be smarter if the Velcro strap were finished to match the interior lining.

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2. Crossrock CRA800SVFBL Violin Case

best violin case Crossrock

If you’re looking for something a little more robust, consider the CRA800SVFBL from Crossrock.

The case here has a much tougher shell. It’s made of rugged ABS plastic, and won’t scratch. If you’re going to need to entrust your violin case to the cargo hold of a coach, it’s reassuringly rigid.

The exterior is finished in a fetching deep blue with silver-colored fittings. And unlike the ADM case, this one comes in a range of sizes to fit ¼, ½, ¾ or full-size violins.

The shape here is the more traditional curved case. Think of the kind of thing gangsters use to hide their guns in the movies, and you’ll get the idea. And because of the ABS construction, it’s considerably heavier than the ADM offering. This one weighs 6.8 pounds when empty.

It can be carried like a suitcase. Alternatively, there are two detachable nylon straps which can be fitted so you can wear it like a backpack. There’s no padding, though, so it won’t be particularly comfortable if you have to carry it far. And because the straps simply clip into place, it doesn’t feel that secure.

The interior is cushioned with high-density foam with a black plush lining. There’s not much space around the outside of the violin, so it needs to absorb shocks effectively. Fortunately, it does just that. And it looks pretty smart too.

There’s only room for one storage compartment. That’s big enough for rosin, a mute, and a small pencil. Your shoulder rest will need to find another home. And there isn’t a compartment for sheet music either. There are, however, holders for two bows.

If you’re looking for a basic violin case that’s tough enough to cope with travel, this is a good option. Just don’t expect any bells or whistles.


  • Rugged ABS construction protects your violin when you’re traveling
  • Attractive deep blue and silver exterior
  • Holders for two bows


  • The shoulder straps aren’t the most secure or comfortable
  • There’s nowhere to put your shoulder rest or sheet music.

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3. SKY Professional Violin Case

best violin case SKY

SKY’s Professional case offers bags of features and a classy appearance for a very competitive price.

This one is oblong and the exterior is covered in waterproof black fabric. The design is unobtrusive but smart. There’s also a pocket running the full length of the case, sealed by a double zipper. It’s a great place to store sheet music.

There are carry handles on both the side and the top of the case. And if you prefer to use it like a backpack, you can. Two straps are provided which can be attached and adjusted with metal D-rings for a secure fit.

The case is made from plywood, so it’s lightweight but sturdy enough to protect your instrument from everyday knocks. You won’t, however, get the same degree of protection as with a carbon fiber or ABS case.

The interior is lined with a very attractive sage green velvet. Two matching satin ribbons provide backing for the bow holders.

Between them sits a brass-rimmed hygrometer to allow you to keep an eye on humidity levels inside the case. We have, however, heard of some instances where it hasn’t worked as it should.

The cut-out for the violin is surrounded by suspension cushions to prevent it moving around in transit. There’s a Velcro strap to go over the neck for extra security. And the strap here is finished in the same sage green velvet as the lining, making it look particularly smart.

Also included is a protective blanket in matching sage green velvet.

This is another case that’s only available to fit a full-size violin. It’s 30 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 5.5 inches tall.

Because it’s oblong, there’s extra room at the base for a large accessory compartment. This is big enough to fit a shoulder rest. Together with the music pocket on the front, this means you won’t need a separate music bag.

There’s also a second, smaller accessory compartment. For some reason, however, this doesn’t have a lid, which limits its usefulness.


  • Lightweight yet pretty sturdy
  • Attractive sage green interior with matching protective blanket
  • Room for sheet music and a shoulder rest


  • The smaller accessory compartment doesn’t have a lid
  • The hygrometer isn’t always reliable.

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4. Aileen Hard Violin Case

best violin case Aileen

This violin case from Aileen is the most expensive on our list, costing twice as much as some other options. So what will you get if you choose to splash your cash?

Well, the exterior is certainly striking. It has a triangular hard plastic shell in a choice of four colors. You can choose between glossy white or purple, or black or silver with a softer sheen. It’s just over 31 inches long and just under 10 inches wide.

A handle on top sits between two black catches. There’s also a single detachable nylon strap which allows you to carry it over your shoulder. The case is lightweight too, so that won’t be difficult. And the strap is adjustable, so the case won’t swing wildly as you walk.

Note, however, that the solid exterior means there’s no pocket for sheet music. You’ll need to carry a separate bag for that.

Inside, there’s an attractive padded velvet interior in midnight blue. A hygrometer sits in the base at the front to monitor humidity levels. It’s trimmed with gloss black, rather than the brass that’s more commonly found.

There’s a broad Velcro band to hold the neck of the violin in place. It’s embossed with the Aileen logo and looks very smart.

There’s a large interior compartment for accessories. Helpfully, it’s big enough to hold a shoulder rest as long as it’s not too bulky. There’s also room for rosin, a mute and so on.

You’ll also get a protective blanket. The fabric isn’t velvet, but it is the same midnight blue as the case lining. And it has the Aileen logo on top. It provides helpful extra protection to avoid your bows coming into contact with your violin.


  • Choice of attractive colors
  • Lightweight but strong hard shell
  • Soft blanket provides extra protection for your violin


  • There’s no pocket for sheet music
  • The storage compartment won’t be large enough for bigger shoulder rests.

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5. FINO Professional Violin Case

best violin case FINO

FINO’s Professional model violin case is the least expensive on our list – but you’d never guess to look at it.

It’s oblong with a simple yet smart black exterior in water-resistant fabric. The body of the case is plywood, so it’s not heavy. A full-length zippered pocket on the outside gives you somewhere to keep your sheet music and a pencil.

It comes with two adjustable shoulder straps to allow it to be carried backpack-style if required. Or if you prefer, you can remove the straps and use the plastic handle instead. It’s light enough to be carried either way with ease, weighing in at less than three pounds.

Open it up, and you’re greeted by a plush red velveteen interior. There are holders for two bows, each backed with contrasting cream satin ribbons. A hygrometer positioned between the bow holders allows you to monitor the humidity to which your violin is exposed.

The cut-out for the violin is surrounded by suspension cushions to prevent it moving around. There’s also a plain black Velcro band to help secure the neck. It’s a shame it isn’t finished in the same red as the lining.

A crescent shaped open compartment near the scroll provides a space to stuff a cleaning cloth. A larger compartment at the base of the violin has a lid, making it more useful for rosin.

It’s also big enough to fit in a shoulder rest, as long as it’s not too big. Shoulder rests with collapsible legs will be fine. Bulkier models like the Bon Musica won’t fit.

The protection here comes from the plywood case and Styrofoam suspension cushions. It’s lightweight, but it’s not as heavy-duty as some. If you’re looking for a case to protect your violin in more challenging conditions, it won’t be the best choice.

But for an attractive and portable case for everyday use, you won’t go far wrong with this one.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Space for sheet music and a smaller shoulder rest
  • Includes hygrometer for monitoring humidity


  • Not the most robust
  • Bulkier shoulder rests won’t fit in the storage compartment.

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6. Paititi PTVNQF28 Violin Case (Higher-end Pick)

best violin case Paititi

Paititi’s PTVNQF28 is one of the most expensive cases we’ve reviewed, but we think it’s well worth its price tag.

It’s an oblong case constructed of plywood so it’s lightweight but sturdy. The exterior is covered in water-resistant black fabric with a neat brown trim. A flap with pop studs folds down over the zipper to the main compartment, giving extra protection from moisture.

A large zippered pocket on the top of the case provides a roomy compartment for music and pencils. Gold toned bumpers offer extra protection from knocks and bumps when you’re on the go.

If you want to carry this like a suitcase, there’s a robust plastic handle. If you prefer, attach the straps and wear it like a backpack. The straps are better quality than many we’ve seen, made of tough nylon with brass catches.

Open up the case and you’ll see a distinctive interior. The lining is mainly chocolate brown velvet, with the interior of the cut-out lined in shiny lilac and gold paisley. It’s an unusual and very attractive combination.

The same lilac fabric lines the backs of the bow holders. In this case, you’ll get four of them. If you try and use them all at once, however, you may find they’re too close together for comfort. Two bows will be an easier fit.

A smart brass-rimmed hygrometer with brass dial sits inside the lid. There are two storage compartments, both with lids and neat brass knobs. They’re a good size, with the biggest large enough to accommodate most shoulder rests.

The violin cut-out is surrounded by suspension cushions to keep it secure. There’s also a Velcro strap in matching chocolate brown which sits over the neck of your violin. And there’s a protective blanket, made of chocolate brown velvet and lined and edged with lilac.

The only thing that’s lacking in the interior is a little more support around the scroll. The cut-out section for this is rather large. While the Velcro strap will stop too much movement, you may want to add a duster to provide extra cushioning.


  • Well made water-resistant cover and brass bumpers for extra protection
  • Attractive and distinctive interior
  • Two good-sized storage compartments


  • You’ll get a more comfortable fit if you use only two of the four bow holders
  • Could do with a little more cushioning around the scroll.

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7. Aileen Professional Violin Case

best violin case Professional

Last but not least is Aileen’s Professional model violin case. The design here is very similar to the ADM case reviewed earlier, and it comes in at the same price.

The shape is triangular, with a plywood body and water-resistant cover made from Oxford cloth. It’s 32 inches long by 12 inches at its widest point, and it’s 7 inches tall. It’s designed for full-sized violins only.

There’s a useful zippered pocket on the outside for sheet music and a pencil. Note, however, that the triangular shape means there’s not quite as much room as oblong cases. Take care when you fasten the pocket to avoid getting pages caught in the zipper.

The backpack straps here are fastened to the case, so there’s no danger of them coming off and being lost. But they’re not the longest. If you’re tall, or carrying the case over a bulky coat, they may be a little awkward. If you wish, however, you can carry the case by the central handle instead.

This is a little heavier than the ADM version, weighing it at 3.74 pounds. But it’s still light enough to be carried easily from place to place.

The interior is lined in an attractive midnight blue velveteen fabric. There are holders for two bows and a small accessories compartment. A little extra length has been built into the case, allowing a good-sized space for a shoulder rest at the bottom. It’s a clever design that will hold it snugly.

The Velcro strap for the neck is covered in matching blue fabric, giving it a touch of class. There’s also a protective blanket made from the same fabric to keep your instrument free from dust. The violin is surrounded on all sides by durable suspension cushions, so it won’t move in transit.


  • Clever design provides an accessory compartment plus dedicated space for a shoulder rest
  • Attractive midnight blue interior with matching neck strap and protective blanket
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The fitted backpack straps are a bit short
  • The pocket for music is rather small – take care not to trap pages in the zipper.

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Buying guide

Not sure which is the best case for your needs? Here are some pointers to help you in your search.

Check the size

It might sound obvious, but check that your case will fit your violin! Some cases are designed only for full-size instruments, while others offer a range of options.

Don’t be tempted to buy a case for a larger instrument than you own. You want your violin to fit snugly so that it doesn’t move and get damaged as you’re carrying it.

Also think about what else you want your violin to be able to hold. Do you plan to use a separate music bag? Or would you like a case that also has space for sheet music and a shoulder rest?

If you do want your shoulder rest to fit inside, check the measurements of the internal compartments. Some won’t fit a shoulder rest at all. Others will work only for shoulder rests with collapsible legs.

Think about the materials

When it comes to the exterior of the case, the main choice is between plywood and plastic. Plywood cases are lightweight but not quite as robust.

ABS plastic, on the other hand, will be much more rugged. You will, however, have to compromise with a heavier weight.

Check too what the suspension cushions are made of. Look for cases with high density foam that will absorb shocks and protect your instrument. Some cases also come with a blanket. That’s a useful extra to protect your violin from dust and accidental knocks with the bow.

How will you carry it?

Last but not least, consider how you’d prefer to carry your violin case.

If you’d like to carry it as you would a suitcase, look for a strong handle with a comfortable grip. If you prefer a backpack design, check that the straps are strong and long enough for comfort. Adjustable straps will be very helpful in creating the right fit.

Last but not least, it’s worth considering the environment in which you’ll be carrying your case. Metal or rubber bumpers on the exterior are very useful in protecting fabric covers from wear and tear.

And look for waterproof cases or water-resistant covers to protect your violin from moisture. Extendable flaps that cover zippers are another good feature to reduce the risk of the interior getting damp.

Ready to go shopping?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to seven of the best violin cases out there! Whatever your budget, there are some great options to choose from.

Our favorite is the ADM hard case. We love the way it marries compact dimensions with great storage and portability.

Or if you prefer something higher end, why not consider Paititi’s PTVNQF28. This distinctive case offers great quality, bags of style and generous storage for music and a shoulder rest.

We hope you find the perfect violin case, whatever your needs. Happy shopping!

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