What does a DJ actually do 9 Things You Need to Know

What does a DJ actually do? 9 Things You Need to Know

Most people would agree that being a DJ is an inherently cool job. You spend your nights in nightclubs playing music and controlling the dancefloor while you’re worshipped by your adoring fans. But have you ever wondered what a DJ really does? It’s got to be about more than just putting on one song after … Read more

How to Scratch DJ The Unlimited Guide to Learn Scratching

How to Scratch DJ? The Unlimited Guide to Learn Scratching

It doesn’t matter how well you can beat mix, you ain’t a DJ until you can scratch – at least according to Koop in the 1999 British cult classic, Human Traffic. Well, that depends on the type of music you play and your style, but a DJ who can scratch earns instant respect. Like beatmatching … Read more

How to Become a Radio DJ (Tips for Success)

How to Become a Radio DJ? (Tips for Success)

They’re the people we listen to as we drink our coffee in the morning and they keep us company in the car during our commute to and from work each day, but beyond this, most of us probably don’t give radio DJs much thought. It’s not exactly a mainstream career choice, but most radio DJs … Read more

13 Tips to Get DJ Gigs

So you’ve bought all your DJ equipment, you’ve built your record collection, you’ve developed your skills and now you’re ready to play out. You know how good you are and you’re itching to start rocking the dancefloor – but the problem is, the gigs don’t seem to be coming. This is a familiar situation that … Read more

7 Easy Steps to Make a DJ Mix

For bedroom DJs, one of the most fun things to do, even if you can’t get gigs, is to record your mixes and share them with your friends. If you know how to make a DJ mix, it’s a great way to practice, to learn and to get feedback on how well you did. Recording … Read more

4 Easy Steps to DJ Your Own Wedding

Almost everything about weddings is expensive, and if you don’t want to start married life in insurmountable debt, you’ll probably be looking for ways to lower the cost of your big day. Often, one of the first things people organize for their wedding is the music, either a live band or a DJ, but the … Read more

10 Steps to Become a DJ

Perhaps you were blown away by a particularly talented DJ in a club recently or maybe you saw someone playing in front of thousands on the mainstage at Ultra or Tomorrowland and you thought to yourself…I want some of that. Every DJ treads their own path, and if you want to become one, you will … Read more

What is a DJ Set

What is a DJ Set?

Anyone with even a passing interest in electronic music or DJ culture will have heard the words “DJ set”, and at first glance, it seems easy enough to understand. But then when you really start to think about it, you realize it’s quite a slippery term that can be tricky to define. So what is … Read more