Classical vs. Acoustic Guitar: Which Is Better for Beginners?

Once you decide to learn to play guitar, picking the right one can be a challenge. Most people have trouble distinguishing classical vs. acoustic guitar. They will look similar if you are a beginner, and you can hear them in the same music genres. Still, these two instruments have many differences. If you pay attention … Read more

Mandolin vs. Guitar What's the Difference 1

Mandolin vs. Guitar: What’s the Difference?

When you decide to learn a new string instrument, it is natural to hesitate between mandolin vs. guitar. Even though they look a bit similar, every experienced musician will tell you that they are entirely different and you should think twice before making a final decision. In fact, there are three separate primary groups of … Read more

Acoustic vs. Electric Guitar: What’s the Difference?

If you think about playing the guitar, you will need to decide what instrument type you want. Acoustic and electric guitars are similar at first glance since both possess identical basic features. Typically, both instruments have six strings. Learning any of them will allow you to play another without much adjustment because the chords, tunings, … Read more

Ukulele vs. Guitar What's the Difference

Ukulele vs. Guitar: What’s the Difference?

The ancient lute was the forerunner of both the guitar and ukulele. These string instruments’ appearance and use have diverged over time, and they are two entirely different types these days. Therefore, you can see numerous similarities between these two. Essential differences result in various sounds, ways of playing, and purpose. Sometimes it is not … Read more

9 Types of Acoustic Guitars – Different Body Shapes & Sizes

Nowadays, you can find many acoustic guitar types available on the market that differ in appearance and sound. I know that visual attractiveness is the first thing you will notice when looking for the perfect instrument you need. Still, you should also consider some other crucial elements before purchasing. For instance, various types of acoustic … Read more

Lead vs. Rhythm Guitar What's the Difference

Lead vs. Rhythm Guitar: What’s the Difference?

One must be in a temptation when choosing between rhythm masters such as Dave Grohl, James Hatfield, Chuck Berry, or Bo Diddle and solo guitars masters like Carlos Santana, Slash, B.B. King, or Jimmy Hendrix. It is not fair play at all! All of them are perfect, no matter what guitar they have chosen to … Read more

Banjo vs. Guitar What's the Difference 1

Banjo vs. Guitar: What’s the Difference?

Both banjo and guitar are versatile instruments you can hear in different music opuses. A banjo is a cylindrical stringed instrument with four or five strings. Except for a bass guitar containing four of them, a typical guitar has six or more strings. Musicians have different styles of playing these instruments. Therefore, if you decide … Read more

Bass vs. Guitar: What’s the Difference?

If you are an amateur musician or think of learning bass or guitar, you should know the differences between them. They are both string instruments, you can hear them in various music genres, and they can look pretty similar to a novice. Still, bass guitar and guitar are not the same instruments. There are many … Read more

best Acoustic Electric Guitar

7 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars of 2022 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

Many musicians (and music fans) love the soulful sound of acoustic guitars. They’re raw, organic, and real. But while they can get loud, their strums and melodies don’t always carry across concert halls and outdoor venues. For that, you need amps and other electronics. You might also want to make a recording of your acoustic … Read more

Acoustic Guitar Pickup

7 Best Acoustic Guitar Pickups of 2022 – Reviews & Buyer Guides

We love acoustic guitars for their raw, natural sound. That unplugged quality is tough for electric instruments to match. But while acoustic guitars have built-in … acoustics … you might still need to amplify them every once in a while. Like a stage gig that needs extra oomph. Or maybe you’re playing outdoors and the … Read more