7 Best 88 Key Weighted Keyboards of 2021

Looking for a keyboard with the feel of an acoustic piano? If so, there are two basic requirements for the keys. There need to be 88 of them, and they need to be properly weighted. To help in your search, we’re going to check out seven of the best 88 key weighted keyboards out there. … Read more

MIDI Keyboard

7 Best MIDI Keyboards of 2021 – Top Rated Midi Controller Reviews

For anyone looking to make and mix music using their computer, a MIDI keyboard is almost essential. But with a bewildering array of models available, choosing the best one to meet your needs can be confusing. That’s where our buying guide comes in! We’re going to take a look at seven of the best MIDI … Read more

Keyboard vs. Piano

Keyboard vs. Piano: What’s the Primary Differences?

Since prehistoric and ancient times, music is present in people’s lives, and it has evolved along with the development of instruments. First playing on the piano started in the 18th century, and from then on, it is one of the most popular musical instruments. With the invention of electrical music instruments, the music itself and … Read more

Best Cheap Keyboard Piano

15 Best Cheap Keyboard Pianos of 2021

Piano-playing means different things to different people. Some were forced to play as kids, so while they learned rhythm and discipline, they may still resent their lessons. Others picked the habit more consciously as adults. Some pianists prefer classical pieces or syncopated jazz. But others are more into pop arrangements and adaptations. It’s all a … Read more