31 Best Online Piano Lessons That Help You Learning Faster

31 Best Online Piano Lessons That Help You Learning Faster

People have different suggestions on the best way to learn the piano. You could sign up for subsidized lessons at a community center, buy a piano with light-up keys and pre-recorded songs that you can easily follow along, or learn to play your favorite song by ear. It may also be useful to teach yourself … Read more

31 Best Beginner Piano Songs

31 Best Beginner Piano Songs

Some people believe the best way to learn piano is to start with the songs you like. These might be pop songs with recognizable piano riffs or a classical piece you heard in your favorite film. It helps if you can read music. So if you’re not familiar with staff notation, take a few tutorials. … Read more

31 Best Dueling Piano Bar Songs You May Love

31 Best Dueling Piano Bar Songs You May Love

After a long day at work, unwinding at the bar can be soothing. And if the bar happens to have a piano, that’s even better! Sometimes though – as a piano player – you could bring the party to you! By learning some of the most popular bar requests, you can entertain friends and family. … Read more

31 Best Piano Brands in the World

The brand of piano you buy will depend on your attitude towards musical instruments. Some pianists are pedants who swear by a handful of musical manufacturers. Others are content to get the most affordable model they can find. You might also consider the specialty of your piano maker. Some companies focus on acoustic pianos – … Read more

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31 Tips to Learn Piano Faster

What got you interested in the piano? Was it compulsory at your school, or did you grow up in a musical family where everyone plays an instrument? Or maybe you heard one of these famous Mozart pieces in a movie or cartoon and you just had to learn to play it. Also, ‘faster’ is relative. … Read more

Piano vs. Violin: Which Is Easier to Learn?

In most cases, the piano and violin are two first choices once someone decides to learn to play. Whatever choice you make, you will quickly find an adequate repertoire. Plus, both of them will teach you musicality and theory. Keep in mind that these instruments are challenging but in a different way. If you pick … Read more

How to Label Piano Keys?

If you look for information about labeling the piano, you probably plan to start playing this instrument by yourself or have a young, eager student at home whom you want to help as much as possible. Either way, you shouldn’t doubt the labeling system. It is practical, useful, and so far, it has helped most … Read more

Upright Piano vs. Grand Piano: What’s the Difference?

You may wonder if there are other differences and similarities between these two models except for the appearance. Most of us prefer having grand piano because it looks impressive, and the high-quality sound it produces is something all of the pianists want to get. On the other hand, it seems that upright piano design is … Read more

Digital vs. Acoustic Piano: What’s the Difference?

Bartolomeo Cristofori of Padua produced the first piano in the early 1700s. Since then, the design has been changed numerous times, but it is still one of the most elegant and expensive instruments. Thanks to American pragmatism, we have a wide choice of pianos on the market nowadays. Once you decide to learn to play … Read more

Playground Sessions vs. Piano Marvel Which Is Easier to Learn

Playground Sessions vs. Piano Marvel: Which Is Easier to Learn?

To those who have never played the piano, acquiring this skill seems complicated and arduous. However, modern technology offers several software programs that replace classic tutors and make learning easy, fast, and fun. Learning online allows you to practice when and how much you want, on your own schedule. Plus, piano learning software costs incomparably … Read more