Organ Vs Piano: What’s the Difference?

If you came across both instruments, you would probably wonder what is the difference between the organ vs piano? A lot of people cannot tell the difference and usually mistake an organ for a larger piano because after all, they both have keyboards. The two instruments have plenty of differences as well as similarities. In … Read more

What Are Piano Keys Made Of

What Are Piano Keys Made Of?

Most modern pianos come with 52 white keys and 36 black ones. Keys are such a regular part of the piano that the average pianist hardly stops to wonder what are piano keys made of. The keys on your handsome clavier actually have a rich history. Read on to find out more about the various … Read more

Is the Piano a Percussion or a Stringed Instrument

Is the Piano a Percussion or a Stringed Instrument?

Are you curious about what kind of musical instrument the piano is? You are not alone! Even among music aficionados, there is no agreement as to whether the piano is a percussion or a stringed instrument. While many instruments fall under a specific category, pianos are an enigma. Below, we explain why a piano might … Read more

6 Easy Steps to Move a Piano

6 Easy Steps to Move a Piano

Moving a piano is a tough job. If hiring professional movers is out of the question, you will need to assemble a strong and trusty team of helpers among your friends or family. Be prepared for a good amount of padding, heavy lifting, and maneuvering the instruments. The instructions below will help you move a … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano

How Long Does It Take to Learn Piano? (5 Facts)

The one and only Mozart was a prodigy child. He was practicing playing the piano for hours from an early age. To be honest, it will be pretty hard for anyone to play like him. Actually, it will take decades of learning how to play. Unless your standards are pretty high, then we can talk … Read more

How Much Does a Piano Cost

How Much Does a Piano Cost? (Different types, Different Prices)

The piano is a sophisticated and elegant instrument that beautifies your space, which price depends on the model and brand. Of course, buying a piano is a serious investment, and you should research all the factors well before deciding which one fits you the best. When you think about how much does a piano cost, … Read more

Baby Grand Piano Price

Baby Grand Piano Price: How Much Is a Baby Grand Piano?

A baby grand piano is not something you buy every day, so you need to think carefully before you make a purchase this big. Also, try to consider all the factors before deciding what you want, from the piano appearance to the sound quality. There are not many items whose price range is as wide … Read more

How Much Does a Piano Weigh

How Much Does a Piano Weigh?

Depending on a model, the weight of your piano can vary in a broad range. However, it is always a massive piece of furniture regardless of its type. The lightest pianos are keyboards, digital, spinet, console, and studio pianos, while the heaviest models are upright and grand pianos. Keep in mind that the average upright … Read more

Move a Piano cost

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Piano?

The piano is a tricky instrument. It is both highly expensive and difficult to move, which is not the best combination once you need to move it to another apartment. Therefore, one of the primary questions is how much does it cost to move a piano. That information will help you set the moving budget … Read more

Piano History

Piano History: When & Who Invented the Piano?

The oldest surviving piano resembles a harpsichord and is considerably different than the modern grand piano. It was placed in a wing-shaped case and had a single keyboard without pedals. It also had only 54 instead of 88 keys, while the strings were thinner and the hammers harder. Plus, its muted tone suited better for … Read more