Best Piano Books

10 Best Piano Books for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Players of 2021

These days, we use apps for everything. From ordering toilet paper to playing musical instruments. So yes, piano learning apps are increasingly common. Especially those interactive ones. But a lot of us prefer old-school piano books, whether they’re hard or soft copies. The best piano books let you easily toggle the real world with the … Read more

Piano vs. Guitar: Which Is Easier to Learn?

There are various reasons to decide if you want to play the piano or guitar. It can be a hobby or your dream of becoming a professional musician. In either case, it all starts with deciding which instrument you want to learn to play. The piano and guitar are among the most popular instruments. You … Read more

Casio vs. Yamaha Digital Piano Which Is Better

Casio vs. Yamaha Digital Piano: Which Is Better?

The general advantage of playing the digital piano versus the classic one is that modern technology has brought innovative features to the instrument. They will help you to enrich and diversify your playing abilities. Whether you are a beginner in the music world and play for your soul or a professional, you have probably heard … Read more

How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost (8 Facts)

How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost? (8 Facts)

Picking out the best piano model shouldn’t be a quick decision. Keep in mind that high-quality pianos can last over 80 years if maintained well, but can also become trash when treated inadequately. Therefore, you should look for a respectable dealer to avoid undesired surprises. If you don’t know much about this instrument, you should … Read more

best upright piano

7 Best Upright Pianos of 2021 – Upright Piano Brands for Beginners

Not all pianos are equal. Some sound deep and resonant. Others produce tinny synthetic melodies. Upright pianos have a vertical chamber so they generally have better acoustics than a portable keyboard. This applies whether the upright piano is acoustic or digital. But once you’ve decided you have the space and temperament for an upright piano, … Read more

How to Unstick Piano Keys

How to Unstick Piano Keys?

The piano is one of the most prominent instruments that reached its pinnacle during the Industrial revolution. In that time, it gained new modern features thanks to the Broadwood firm owned by John Broadwood. Since then, it has inspired many virtuoso composers and performers who have dedicated their time and patience to master playing. However, … Read more

Best Headphones for Digital Piano

7 Best Headphones for Digital Piano of 2021 – Keyboard Headphone Reviews

If you want to practice your music without distractions – and without disturbing your neighbors – good headphones are essential. So how do you choose a pair that will accurately transmit the sound of your instrument? That’s where we come in. We’re going to take you through seven of the best headphones for digital pianos. … Read more

Best Piano VST Plugin

7 Best Piano VST of 2021 – Piano Plugin Reviews

If you love playing the piano, you’d probably love to have one in your home. But acoustic (analog) pianos can cost thousands of dollars. Even digital pianos can clock in the hundreds. Plus, what happens if you don’t have space for a physical keyboard, even a portable one? Or maybe you’re a sound professional – … Read more