17 Tips to Tune a Violin

When you begin learning the violin, there is a range of playing techniques you’ll need to master – but another important skill you’ll also need to pick up is tuning your instrument. Just like playing, this is something you’ll get better at with time and practice – and to help, here are our top 17 … Read more

21 Homemade Violin Plans You Can DIY Easily

21 Homemade Violin Plans You Can DIY Easily

Violins can be expensive, and not everyone can afford a beautifully-crafted high-end instrument – but no problem, because you can easily make your own for a fraction of the cost. For anyone who wants to try, we’ve scoured the internet to see what other people are doing – and here are our top 21 homemade … Read more

31 Most Famous Violin Solos You May Love

31 Most Famous Violin Solos You May Love

Thanks to its rich and distinctive sound, the violin is an excellent choice for playing most classical melodies. However, it is a highly appreciate instrument, and many jazz and blues musicians have included it in their repertoire. Whether you opt for symphony music great composers made or popular melodies you can play on the fiddle, … Read more

31 Best Violin Songs You May Love

31 Best Violin Songs You May Love

I can’t explain how hard it is to separate just 31 best violin songs among hundreds of phenomenal compositions. However, here are some of the best pieces the world has ever heard. Whether you are a romantic, classical-tune lover, or you enjoy a rock music style, you will find something for yourself. There is no … Read more

13 Tips to Learn Violin Faster

The key to the success of learning any new skill includes practice, practice, and practice more. Learning how to play the violin is not different. Putting a lot of time, effort, and patience will help to progress the level you want to achieve. I will list you 13 tips for learning the violin faster that … Read more

Violin History

Violin History: When & Who Invented the Violin

The violin is considered a queen among bowed stringed instruments. Even no one can determine exactly its real origin, the rabab and rebec, which came to Spain from the Arabian Peninsula, are considered the forerunner of the violin. However, one thing is clear. Unlike other instruments, there were no gradual improvements of the violin over … Read more

Fiddle vs. Violin What's the Difference

Fiddle vs. Violin: What’s the Difference?

There is an old joke among musicians saying – What is the difference between a fiddle and a violin? The answer is – You don’t spill the beer on the violin. The truth is it is hard to tell these two instruments apart at first glance. In fact, you will hardly spot any difference if … Read more

Cello vs. Violin: What’s the Difference?

Before even considering facing these two instruments, maybe you should listen to famous cellist Jacqueline du Pré or pioneered violinist in jazz music Joe Venuti. Both of them are virtuosos on their instruments and belong to modern musicians of the 20th century. They will show you and enchant you with the melodic sounds and unbelievable … Read more

How Many Strings Does a Violin Have? (Traditional & Electric)

A violin is a small wooden, hourglass-shape bowed string instrument. It contains the soundboard, bridge, back, neck, maple ribs, two end blocks, soundpost, and strings. Optionally, it can also feature chinrest. The number of strings is not strict, especially if you want to purchase a contemporary instrument. Keep in mind that you need a traditional … Read more

8 Tips to Choose Violin Strings

The choice of violin strings can significantly improve or deteriorate the sound your instrument produces. That is why you need to carefully choose the strings when the time comes to replace the old ones. Nowadays, various brands have overwhelmed the market with offers, so you can even find strings plated in platinum, gold, and silver. … Read more