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7 Best Cremona Violins of 2021 – Which Model Should You Buy?

Cremona is a well-known brand that specializes in inexpensive violins that are ideal for beginners. For anyone interested in choosing an instrument from the company’s range, here are our top picks for best Cremona violin to help you find the right one for you.


The Best Cremona Violin Reviews 2021

1. Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin Outfit (Our Top Pick)

cremona violin Reviews

Of all Cremona’s violins, this model has long been among the most popular with beginners – and for good reason. When you take up the violin, you want something that’s good enough quality to allow you to grow while not costing too much money.

That makes this violin a great option since it gives you the perfect balance of quality and reasonable price. It isn’t the cheapest one you’ll find, but it isn’t the most expensive either, and for the price, the quality is excellent and the sound is perhaps a little better than expected.

On the downside, you may find you need to have some adjustments made, so a trip to your local music shop might be required – but even so, this violin would still be worth buying at this price.

Also, it will need regular tuning, especially at the beginning, although this improves over time.

All in all, an excellent choice for a first violin, perhaps for young children – or even adults – who are just starting but don’t know if they are likely to stick with it. If that sounds like the kind of thing you need, this could be an excellent option.


  • Includes USA-made Prelude strings – perfect for learners
  • Excellent value for money – a bargain at this price
  • Great option for beginners – good combination of price and quality
  • Effective fine tuners – allows for accurate tuning
  • Good-quality case – solid and well-lined


  • Needs regular tuning – although this improves with time
  • Will probably need adjustments when new – bridge etc.

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2. Cremona SV-75 Premier Novice Violin Outfit (Budget Pick)

cremona violin SV-75

If you are more interested in the most budget-friendly Cremona violin, this could be the one to go for. It would be ideal for small children who maybe can’t be trusted to care for a more expensive instrument properly – or perhaps an adult who doesn’t want to spend too much.

We like the way the components are all well made for the price. You might need to play with the bridge or other parts to get it perfect, but at this price, we don’t mind that so much. It will also withstand a little rough treatment, so again, perfect for young kids.

It also comes with a sturdy case that will help keep it safe.

Something that many people will be surprised about is how good it sounds. Of course, we are not talking about anything like professional-level quality, but for something at this price for a beginner to try, it’s more than acceptable.

On the downside, the bow is of rather inferior quality, and if you get anywhere with learning to play, this will be the first thing you’ll want to change. Also, the pegs don’t hold their position perfectly, but for the price, this is something most people will be able to work with.

In sum, this is a great option if you are looking for a decent violin at the lowest price – without going so cheap that you end up buying a toy.

It’s great value for the money it costs and would be ideal for someone who wants to have a go at learning without committing to a more expensive instrument.


  • Budget-friendly violin – if you don’t want to spend more than necessary
  • Well-made components – all more than acceptable for the price
  • Sounds good for the price – a more than acceptable tone
  • Durable violin – a good pick for younger children
  • Decent case – lightweight but strong enough to protect it


  • Bow not great quality – may need to upgrade fairly quickly
  • Pegs don’t hold position well – but you can work with it

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3. Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Outfit

cremona violin SV-175

For anyone looking for a beginner’s violin but who is willing to invest a little more for a higher-quality instrument, this model should be of interest.

The build quality is visibly higher – this is an instrument that has been put together with some care and attention rather than just knocked together in a factory.

The tone it produces is also superior to what you can expect from less expensive models, and this makes it well worth the extra money if you can afford it.

The bow that comes with it is also more than acceptable for a beginner, although as with many of these violins, this may be among the first things you decide to upgrade as the player progresses.

The case is also solid – although quite light – and will do a good job of protecting the instrument from any knocks.

However, you must also expect that a violin such as this will need a few tweaks before it can perform at its very best. For example, the addition of peg drops may be warranted, but this is not a huge job to get done.

Also, the bridge may be a little high for some players – especially since many of the learners using this violin may be children with smaller hands.

However, these minor issues aside, this is a well-crafted violin that is a step up from those at the lowest end of the price scale. This means it could be a smart investment since it will last longer as the owner’s skill improves, making this an option worth considering.

  • Good for beginners and intermediates – will last longer
  • Excellent tone for the price – worth the money
  • Very good case – strong and sturdy to protect your instrument
  • Well-constructed – obviously put together with care and attention
  • Bow is reasonable quality – although you may end up replacing it


  • May need work out of the box – e.g. may need peg drops
  • Bridge may be too high – especially for younger players with smaller hands

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4. Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit

cremona violin SV-500

Moving up the price scale, this violin is beautifully hand-carved, featuring a solid spruce and maple body – there’s no denying it’s a lovely instrument to look at.

Along with the looks, it boasts superior sound quality compared to less expensive models – which means that you’ll be able to keep using it, even as you become a more accomplished violinist.

The bow is very reasonable, too, incorporating genuine horsehair, and the case is also very good quality.

One small complaint is that you may have some issues with slipping pegs, although this is a relatively simple problem to fix if you take it to a professional.

As your skills develop, you may also decide to replace the strings that come with it – they are adequate for learners, but they aren’t exceptional.

To summarize, this is a lovely violin to own that, while far from top end, is of high enough quality for most learners to make plenty of progress with.

If you need something relatively affordable but are also willing to pay a little extra for higher quality, this could be the violin you are looking for.


  • Superior tone – sounds more expensive than it is
  • Great for more advanced students – will last a long time
  • Solid spruce and maple body – beautifully hand-carved and looks lovely
  • Genuine horsehair bow – for superior performance
  • Excellent value for money – even though it costs a little more


  • Slipping pegs a slight issue – but easy to have it taken care of
  • May want to replace the strings – although they are adequate to begin with

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5. Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin Outfit

cremona violin SV-150

Here’s another great choice for a beginner, this time for someone who wants a violin they will still be able to use, even after they progress beyond the basics.

For the price, the sound is exceptional. Of course, it’s no concert violin, but for what you pay, you could hardly hope for more.

We like the way it is well constructed, featuring select tonewoods that help to improve the sound, and the bow it comes with is also surprisingly good – often, the bows supplied in sets like this are inferior to the instrument itself.

We could complain that at the beginning, it needs to be tuned often, although this improves with time as the strings settle. Also, if you want to get the very best out of it, you might need to be ready to make some minor modifications, although nothing major.

In short, a great option for a beginner who is sure they are going to stick with learning and who needs something a little better than the most inexpensive options. For anyone looking for something along those lines, this could be an ideal pick.


  • Decent quality construction – made of select tonewoods
  • Excellent sound at this price point – as good as you could hope for
  • Includes Prelude strings – although you may want to upgrade as you progress
  • Good bow included – ideal for a beginner to get started
  • Attractive instrument – a handsome violin to own


  • Doesn’t hold tone well – but improves with time
  • May need some modifications – not optimal out of the box

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6. Cremona SV-225 Premier Student Violin Outfit

cremona violin SV-225

Another learners’ violin from Cremona’s range, this one has a particularly striking antique-style look that makes it especially attractive. This is a violin that many people will be proud to own.

As well as looking good, it also produces an excellent quality of sound for something in its category – it is warm and tuneful, and more than acceptable for what you pay.

Furthermore, since this violin is higher quality than some of the very cheapest models aimed at beginners, it could be a great investment since it will allow you to keep using the same instrument until you reach a higher level and require something a bit more advanced.

There’s not much to dislike, but we should mention that the strings are not wonderful, although this is something you will probably choose to upgrade as you become a more experienced violinist. Also, the pegs can slip, but this is easy to remedy.

Overall, another solid pick for a beginner’s instrument. If you are looking for a violin that works for anyone up to intermediate level and beyond, this could be the one for you.


  • Lovely look – antique-style design
  • Nice warm sound – very good for this kind of category
  • Should last a long time – won’t need to be replaced until you reach a high level
  • Decent case included – will help keep it safe and protected
  • Fine-tuners work well – help tune it easily and accurately


  • Strings not the best – probably the first thing you’ll want to upgrade
  • Pegs can be slippery – but you can work around this

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7. Cremona SV-1260 Maestro First Violin Outfit

cremona violin SV-1260

Although Cremona is a company best known for making affordable violins that are ideal for beginners, the company also produces higher quality instruments suitable for more advanced players that still represent extremely good value – and this one is an example.

It is a beautiful instrument with a high level of attention to detail. Everything has been crafted with much care and attention, and almost anyone will love owning this handsome instrument.

The sound is of high quality, as you would expect, and the included strings are much better than the regular strings that come with less expensive models. It also comes with a sturdy case to keep it safe.

We have few complaints about this violin. Obviously, it is a more expensive instrument, so beginners might baulk at the price – but you get what you pay for, and this violin is worth the money it costs.

Also, it requires some setting up and tinkering out of the box for the best results, but advanced players will probably know how to do this.

This is a violin that will appeal to players of all levels, and although it’s not cheap, if you can afford it, you are likely to consider it money well spent.


  • High level of attention to detail – everything has been crafted with care
  • Quality construction – with a maple neck and boxwood fittings
  • Exceptional sound – an instrument you will love playing
  • Higher-quality strings – better than the ones supplied with less expensive Cremonas
  • Includes tough and sturdy case – to keep your instrument safe


  • Expensive for a beginner – but great value if you can stretch this far
  • Needs some setting up for best results – but most advanced players will know this

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Many great options to choose from

As you can see, Cremona produces a range of excellent violins, and there are so many great options to choose from.

If you have decided Cremona is the brand for you but are having trouble deciding which model to go for, any of the violins in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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