How to Move a Baby Grand Piano?

Moving the piano is a complex task to do. This task takes organizational skills, enough time, and patience. If you bought your favorite instrument a long time ago and this is the first time to make a new organization in the room, you probably wonder how to move a baby grand piano.

Since the piano is a weighty and expensive instrument, you probably know that handling it requires caution and skill. The crucial thing is to prevent damaging it because the repair may cost you more than paying the professional to do that job for you.

The Size of the Baby Grand Piano

This piano model is prevalent in many homes because it is smaller than a grand piano but still produces rich and beautiful tones. All baby grand pianos have the same width of 5 feet (1.5 m), but their length may vary from 59 inches (1.5 m) to 71 inches (1.8 m).

Most baby grand pianos weigh 300 to 350 pounds (136 – 150kg), but you can find up to 500 pounds (227 kg) heavy models. If you have decided to move the piano on your own, having the information about its dimensions and weight is valuable. They will determine the place for the instrument in your new home and the number of people you need to move it.

Necessary Equipment for Moving a Baby Grand Piano

Besides at least two physically strong family members or friends, you will need specific equipment to move your baby grand piano, such as:

  • Tool – Different types of screwdrivers.
  • Moving blankets – Their thickness will protect any furniture from damages.
  • Straps – They are useful and will ensure firm attachment between the board and the piano.
  • Shoulder harness or belt – It is a necessary piece that allows heavy lifting.
  • Skid board – This specific, sturdy, and padded board is an excellent option when you need to move your instrument up or down the stairs.
  • Dolly – This device with wheels is useful for carrying the piano over the flat terrain.

It will be beneficial if your helpers have some experience in moving heavy objects and have protective equipment. Feet and back protection are precious since the slightest error may cause injury.

Prepare the Baby Grand Piano for Moving

Before you successfully place your piano to the moving truck, it is recommended to disassemble some removable parts. You should do all the steps with care and caution to prevent any damages. Taking enough time for this task will make you efficient.

Prepare the piano

Prepare the piano
Image: Noname Music

Your first step should be to unscrew the lid with a screwdriver. As soon as you finish this part, it is good to pack the screws into a plastic bag and mark them appropriately for a case they get lost. Then, you should wrap the lid with moving blankets. Never save on the duct tape and a foil to ensure that blankets stay tight.

The second step is to remove the lyre. You will find its screws underneath the piano, unscrew them and take care not to mix with others. Then, wrap the lyre as well. It is possible to leave it for the end and use it as support before leg removal. It’s up to you to choose the technique.

It is time to separate the pedals and wrap them appropriately. After covering the piano while it stands, you should remove the front leg. Ask your friends to lift the front and hold it while you unscrew the leg. You can use a lyre as a support if you haven’t removed it yet.

Straight after, it is time to place the flat side of piano onto the piano skid board. The skid board has a strap, and a rope attached. They will be beneficial if you need to go up or down the stairs. Then, remove the other two legs, and wrap them separately as well.

Place the piano into the truck

Place the piano into the truck
Image: Noname Music

You can push and pull the piano a bit to check if the belts are tight enough, and the instrument lays on the skid board perfectly. Now, it is time to place a piano on the dolly.

Once you reach the moving truck, make sure to protect the piano additionally. That means you will need to place more support to prevent it from sliding and moving around. Also, don’t forget to pack all the parts together with the piano.

Hire a Professional to Move Your Baby Grand Piano

Hire a Professional to Move Your Baby Grand Piano
Image: Noname Music

The piano is a magnificent but also a bulky instrument. Therefore, it requires much effort to move it. Since it is highly expensive and delicate, it is always better to choose a team of professionals to help you with this task.

Keep in mind that most of the moving companies provide insurance from damages. They will come and record your baby piano condition before the transportation to provide evidence that there is no damage to the instrument while driving. Also, they will offer you the price and the time needed for the job.

The fact that some of the companies have specialized only in piano moving will tell you enough about how seriously they take this task. Even though most of the moving companies are familiar with the laws, don’t forget to check the local weight regulations if you plan to move your instrument to another state, just in case.

The moving prices can vary from $250 to $2000, depending on the model you have. It is quite a costly job, which is the primary reason why many of the piano owners consider moving them on their own. The question is if it is worth trying to save and risk losing the instrument.

Tuning the Piano

Once you have placed your piano into the new home, you should tune it, as the last step before you start playing. The fact is that the movement won’t harm your instrument in most cases, but the change in climate can be a big problem. So, call the professional to check if everything is fine.


If you decide to move your baby grand piano on your own, take care of your friends and your own safety. After the job is successfully done, enjoy the sound of your favorite music in your new home.

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