How Much Does a Piano Cost? (Different types, Different Prices)

The piano is a sophisticated and elegant instrument that beautifies your space, which price depends on the model and brand. Of course, buying a piano is a serious investment, and you should research all the factors well before deciding which one fits you the best.

When you think about how much does a piano cost, bear in mind that you will have other expenses, such as necessary accessories and regular maintenance. Also, you need to calculate the transportation cost whenever you need to move your instrument. Unfortunately, moving the piano is not a cheap service.


The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is the price you will most likely find when you do your online research. However, the final piano price will depend on the dealer, which means that the given prices in this text can vary in a certain percentage. Some stores certainly offer a discount or other advantages that will determine the final price.

When you decide to buy a new piano, you should be thorough with your research. It is wise to go and try out the pianos you consider to buy if there is such a possibility. Also, keep in mind that some of the dealers provide free delivery to your home.

Grand Pianos Costs

You can find the grand piano in many different sizes, which will affect the prices. Be aware that the size of the acoustic box will determine the volume of the sound. Hence, it is not recommended to place the grand concert piano in a small space.

Grand piano Prices Chart


Lowest price model Highest price model
Model Price Model


Baby grand

Cristofori G410L  $8,990 Fazioli F156 $120,000
Medium grand Cristofori G57L $12,000 Bösendorfer 170



Cristofori G62L $14,000 Bösendorfer 185VC $134,000
Extra-large Heintzman 203 $25,000 Steingraeber C212



Pearl River GP212 $31,000 C. Bechstein C234 $200,000
Concert grand Pearl River GP275 $80,000 Ravenscroft 275


Baby grand piano

Baby grand piano is a smaller version of a concert piano. Its length is from 57 to 64 inches (1.5 – 1.6 m). Since not every home has enough space to accommodate the grand piano, most people choose its baby variation.

The good news is that you won’t lose on the quality if you decide to purchase this model. However, its price is still higher than the upright piano’s cost, plus it is more complicated to move and maintain this instrument.

The sound of this piano is luxurious and refined and is of excellent quality because the acoustic boxes of the grand pianos don’t have obstacles so that sound can flow freely. In contrast, the upright piano usually leans to the wall, which diminishes the quality of sound.

Medium grand piano

The medium grand piano is 68 inches (1.7 m) long and is present in many homes. It gives a deep, rich tone.

Large grand piano

Many restaurants, schools, theatres, churches use this, 72 inches (1.8 m) long model.

Extra-large grand piano

The size of this model varies from 77 to 83 inches (1.95 – 2.1 m). Many professionals use this size piano in smaller stages and halls. With this size, the price of the grand pianos starts to rise. Thus, this model is not affordable for everybody.

Semi-concert grand piano

It is present in most medium to large size venues, and recording studios usually have this model. The size varies from 84 to 102 inches (2.1 – 2.6 m).

Concert grand piano

The size of this piano ranges from 9 to 10 feet (2.7 – 3 m). It has the most excellent dynamic range and most extended bass strings. Plus, this instrument produces magnificent sound, and digital pianos usually have the sound recorded from the piano of this particular size.

Upright Pianos Costs

Upright Piano cost
Image: Noname Music

There are many differences between the upright and grand pianos, but the most significant advantage of the upright model is its construction. It is suitable if you don’t have much space in your home.

Upright piano prices chart


Lowest price model Highest price model
Model Price Model



Wyman WV108 $4,500 Grotrian Cristal $22,000
Studio Cristofori V450 $4,000 Bluther C



Gerhard Heintzman G118 $5,000 Steigraeber 122 $47,950
Large Pro Wyman WV132 $7,250 C. Bechstein Concert 8


Also, most vertical pianos are easy to maintain and less expensive than other models, such as grand or baby grand piano. Here are some prices to make your research easier:

Digital Pianos Costs

Digital Piano cost
Image: Noname Music

Digital pianos and keyboards won’t provide the same sound quality as the acoustic ones, but they can be convenient for use when you are just at the beginning of your practice. The price makes a significant difference, so you can find an instrument for $500 up to $7,000 if you decide to choose this instrument as a start point.

Many pianists will advise you to switch to an acoustic piano over time since the feeling while playing is not the same. If you want to play occasionally, for fun, this model is an excellent solution. However, any professional aspiration will eventually lead you to the upright and grand piano.

Used Pianos Costs

Used Pianos Costs
Image: Noname Music

In case you don’t want or can’t pay a lot of money for a new piano, there is always an option to find a used, but well-restored piano, which will cost less. Depends on the condition, you might find a decent instrument for less than $2,000. Many dealers offer used pianos, and you can find the adequate one after thorough research.

Free Pianos

Believe it or not, there is a possibility of finding a free piano. Sometimes the owner wants to get rid of it for different reasons. However, there is a catch! Although you won’t need to pay for the instrument itself, transporting it to your home and making it functional will cost you a significant amount of money.


Although the price is an essential factor that makes an influence when buying, let your passion and love towards playing the piano lead you to make the best decision.

Unless you are a piano connoisseur, who can estimate its condition, it is recommended to purchase a used or repaired instrument only after expert assessment.

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  1. My most important clue to anyone buying a piano…. You are Not buying a piece of designer furniture.!! You are buying a Music Instrument.!!
    Pay attention to the action, sound, and durability of the instrument.. not the design or finish.
    I have sat down to many fine looking “pieces of furniture” pianos, and it would have been just as easy or sounded just as well if I had been beating on a diesel truck.
    Buy for Ease and Sound.. Not Furniture looks. 🙂


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