Playground Sessions vs. Piano Marvel: Which Is Easier to Learn?

To those who have never played the piano, acquiring this skill seems complicated and arduous. However, modern technology offers several software programs that replace classic tutors and make learning easy, fast, and fun. Learning online allows you to practice when and how much you want, on your own schedule.

Plus, piano learning software costs incomparably less than the private, one on one lessons. If you pick out this method, you will probably choose between the two most popular programs. So, the question is – Playground Sessions vs. Play Marvel: Which is easier to learn?

Playground Sessions

Playground Session is one of the leaders among the contemporary piano training software. The co-founder of this program is Quincy Jones, one of the most influential jazz artists of the 20th century.

Plus, you can expect a Grammy and Emmy winner Harry Connick Jr to teach you many lessons. That means you will learn from some of the greatest names in modern music history. The program is made to be fun and to provide training with popular songs that are top hits on YouTube and Spotify.

There are many examples that you can master playing the piano in a few months, even if you are an absolute beginner. This software offers a bunch of video tutorials, music theory lessons, and an interactive dashboard. The site has three primary sections – Bootcamp, Courses, and Songs Store.

You can find everything about hand positions, pivoting, practice techniques, and pedaling in Bootcamp tutorials. The second part teaches you about scales, chords, but also how to read sheet music.

You can find songs listed in the Store depending on the difficulty of playing, as well. Be prepared that you will get five new songs each month, and there is also an option to buy additional tracks.

Piano Marvel

This program is ideal for those who want to take the piano seriously. It mimics classic, traditional tutor practice and provides a solid foundation for further advancement. The most important labels on the site are Methods and Techniques.

From entry-level to virtuosity, Piano Marvel training has six levels. Each of them contains as many as 30 sections, which further have 20 lessons. That is 600 lessons per level!

Their music library contains several thousand tracks. If you enjoy classical music privately, this is the software for you because most tunes fall into this category. However, you can still find jazz, holiday, and rock ‘n’ roll songs.

Plus, Piano Marvel has a unique feature that the other software programs in this field don’t offer. It is the SASR, an official sight-reading test that checks your ability to play an aria after seeing the sheets. The test contains levels for beginners, intermediate, and advanced tracks.

Even though Piano Marvel is a serious and useful workout, it still recommends exercising in real life with a tutor. There is a section on the site where you can find piano teachers in your area. Moreover, Piano Marvel occasionally holds useful teacher conferences and webinars.

Features Common for Both Software

Although Playground Sessions is designed for more fun and informal learning, and Piano Marvel is more academic and classic, they have a few things in common:

  • Both have great technical support and work on iPad, Windows PC, and Mac. Therefore, you don’t need any particular device to use them.
  • To use the interactive dashboard, you need a digital piano. Luckily, you can find even famous brands under $500.
  • When you play the instrument, you can see the green notes if you are correct, or a red note if your timing was off, or hit the wrong note.
  • Both offer plenty of PDF materials you can print, including theoretical books and written exercises.
  • Whatever you choose, you will learn to name the keys on your keyboard, play by ear, and use different approaches to playing chords.

Playing Sessions vs. Piano Marvel Differences

Playing Sessions vs. Piano Marvel Differences
Image: Noname Music

Piano Marvel advantages

Unlike its competition, Piano Marvel teaches in-depth sheet music, including terms and symbols. When you play, it warns you about changes in dynamics, variations, and differences in style.

Plus, this program offers you original, sophisticated sheet music on advanced levels, as the composer wrote it. Most of the alternative software provides you only with an arrangement of the piece.

As a complete beginner, who starts from scratch and without prior knowledge, you can easily get lost in a bunch of rules, characters on sheet music, and marks on the keyboard.

Fortunately, the Piano Marvel lessons are thoroughly divided. By learning through this software, you will gain knowledge piece by piece. You will also find out when to slow down the rhythm and play piano notes at a tempo that suits you. Once downloading the track that you practice, you can repeat it as many times as you want.

Despite its studiousness, Piano Marvel only provides lessons on harmonic minor while its alternative offers both natural minor and melodic minor studying. It lacks hand position and posture tutorials, as well.

Playing Sessions advantages

Playing Sessions has some advantages that Piano Marvel doesn’t. The first one is the community. It provides a forum where you can chat with other learners and exchange advice, thoughts, and practice. That way, the members support each other and progress together.

Unlike Piano Marvel, which offers a shortlist of holiday and theme songs, you won’t be bored with a wide choice in genres and styles of the songs that Playing Sessions provide. It is a crucial advantage, especially if you are not a fan of classical music.

Lastly, although both types of software cost less than in-live lessons, the Playground Sessions method is cheaper. Plus, you can pay a monthly or annual subscription. The price of both programs is equal only if you decide to make an optional purchase, like ordering new songs. However, you can always wait for the free songs you get monthly.


Both Playground Sessions and Piano Marvel provide basic piano lessons for all ages and entry levels. They offer video tutorials, PDF materials, and an interactive dashboard.

However, Piano Marvel offers a rigorous, classic type of learning while Playground Sessions lessons are more fun, motivating, and less demanding to learn. As always, the final choice is yours.

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