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20 Most Valuable Antique Brooches Worth Money

Hi, fellow antique lovers! Are you looking for the next stunning vintage brooch piece to add to your collection? Well, you’re at the right place!

We’ll discuss 20 most valuable antique brooches in this post that range from below $1000 to tens of thousands of dollars. We can guarantee that all these pieces are stunning to look at and will definitely move your collection aesthetic up a notch. Let’s begin!

Most Valuable Antique Brooches Worth Money

1.  1960s Seaman Schepps Brooch Pin – $77,999

1960s Seaman Schepps Brooch Pin

Seaman Schepps GIA aquamarine diamond brooch pin on 1stDibs is priced at $77,999. This antique brooch dates back to the 1960s and features a GIA-certified octagonal step-cut aquamarine. The measurement of the gem is 0.94 X 0.84 X 0.51 inches.

The design is flaunted in a gold frame and also features azure and diamonds. The label – Seaman Schepps is engraved on the back of the design on the rotating locks. This brooch still remains in excellent condition, and the dimensions of the pin are 1.57 X 1.18 inches.


2.  Van Cleef & Arpels Dancing Fairy Brooch Pair – $45,000

Van Cleef & Arpels Dancing Fairy Brooch Pair

This dancing fairy brooch pair by Van Cleef & Arpels is truly stunning. One brooch has an oval-cut moonstone face, while the other has a yellow-sapphire face. This pair is listed in the vintage brooches section of 1stDibs for $45,000.

The brooch is made using 18k yellow gold, and the fairies’ wands are adorned with small VVS1-VVS2 diamonds. This pair was manufactured approximately during the 1980s in France. The measurement of each brooch is 2.36 inches by 2.94 inches.

Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the most reputed jewelry houses. So, if you want to add these stunning brooches to your collection, visit 1stDibs.


3.  Vintage Tremblant Flower Brooch – $13,458.74

Vintage Tremblant Flower Brooch

Here’s a perfect collectible for vintage enthusiasts – a Napoleon III era Tremblant brooch featuring +/-155 rose-cut diamonds on the petals and +/-1.00 carat diamonds on the center. The brooch is 3.3 X 1.73 inches and weighs 31 gms.

This 19th-century piece is speculated to have been manufactured by the French and still remains in fantastic condition. The exact designer of this piece is unfortunately unknown.

Furthermore, as per Etsy, its value is $13,458.74, and the shop, AvriDeco, has requested all those who have queries to message them personally.


4.  Cat Mid Century Brooch – $8,600

Cat Mid Century Brooch

Vintage from the 1950s, this cat brooch is not only a vintage gem but also pretty stunning to look at! The brooch frame is made up of 18k yellow gold; the frame is embellished with rubies on the body, whereas the eye is set with a beautiful round-cut natural emerald.

The overall gem weight of this vintage piece is 7.85 carats, of which 7.6 carats are the rubies. The dimensions of this adorable cat brooch are 2 3/16 X 1 5/6 X 5/8 inches. The Etsy shop selling this antique brooch is SalonUber, and the current market value is $8,600.


5.  Chanel Miami Marlin Fish Brooch Pendant – $8,300.25

Chanel Miami Marlin Fish Brooch Pendant

While the exact year of origin of this 18k white gold fish brooch isn’t mentioned in the Etsy description, be assured that this item is from before the 2000s. ‘CHANEL 750’ is hallmarked on the reverse side of the brooch.

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The best part is that you can even flaunt this antique piece as a pendant. The body of the fish is adorned with 4 cabushon-cut amethyst, and a small blue sapphire makes the eye.

Moreover, small diamonds of 1.25 carats are used in embellishing the fish. The brooch is 1.89 inches long and 2.40 inches wide. The total weight of the piece is 25.8 gm.


6.  Herbert Rosenthal American Bald Eagle Brooch – $7,040

Herbert Rosenthal American Bald Eagle Brooch

Herbert Rosenthal designed and made it in celebration of the US Bicentennial, 1976, and gifted it to the President’s special assistant, Dr. Therodore C. Mars. As the name suggests, the brooch depicts the American Bald Eagle and is composed of 18k yellow gold.

Fifty-four brilliant round diamonds of 1.08 carats are used to enhance the aesthetics of the brooch around the eagle’s head and feathers. The eye features 0.03 carats of ruby. The brooch is 2 ¼ inches long and 2 ¼ inches wide and is priced at $7,040 on ERAGEM.


7.  Queen Anne Paste Portrait Brooch – $6,562.87

Queen Anne Paste Portrait Brooch

Brooch-cum-pendant Queen Anne Paste Portrait is speculated to be from the 18th century, circa 1710.

The portrait frame is made up of silver, and the piece is adorned with beautiful old-cut colorful stones. Interestingly, the portrait is hand-painted, and the brooch features a glass window to preserve the art.

This vintage gem weighs 13.8 gm and comes boxed. There’s no debate this item is rare. What’s more, the box is the authentic leatherette red box!


8.  Georgian Bird of Paradise Brooch – $6,500

Georgian Bird of Paradise Brooch

Georgian Bird of Paradise brooch listed on Etsy by RomanovRussiacom is museum-quality! Speculated to belong to the 18th century, this brooch is decorated using rose-cut diamonds and blue, green, and red enamel.

The width of this specimen is 1 7/8 inches and costs you around $6,500. While there are no hallmarks on the brooch, the store is trustworthy and rated 5-stars. Only one Bird of Paradise brooch remains in this Etsy store. So, act fast if you want to grab the deal!


9.  Belle Epoque Gold Brooch – $5,461.17

Belle Epoque Gold Brooch

Made in France circa 1900, the materials used in this medaillist revival-styled brooch are 18k yellow gold, 19k gold, platinum, diamonds, and pearls.

The center gold piece is circumscribed with twelve authentic orient seed pearls and twelve rose-cut natural diamonds, enhancing its aesthetics. This brooch has aged really well, and the platinum is touchstone tested.

This brooch has 1.23 inches diameter and is a rare find, says Etsy. Only one of these items is available for sale as of now.


10. Antique 1960s Crab Brooch – $4,850

Antique 1960s Crab Brooch

Total 2 carats of round G-H color and VS-SI clarity of diamonds are used to decorate the crab frame of this brooch. The frame is made using 14K yellow gold and platinum. The eys of this crab are made pop using two tiny rubies.

This unique crab brooch piece is speculated to date back to the 1960s. It weighs 14 gms and is 1.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

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If you’re looking for something special to gift your loved one, this crab brooch is a great gift, especially if the receiver is into vintage items. Know that the store Vedajewels also offer a gift wrapping option.


11. 1920s Horseshoe Diamond Brooch – $4,800

1920s Horseshoe Diamond Brooch

Stunningly embellished with 41 round old-cut European 1.55-carat diamonds is this 1920s horseshoe brooch. The accent material in this antique piece is 14k yellow gold, and the brooch is platinum-topped.

As per the store ERAGEM, the diamonds are of G-H color and SI-1/SI-2 clarity. The brooch is about 1.39 X 1.17 inches and is valued at $4,800. The store further mentions that only one of these rare collectibles are available on ERAGEM.


12. Vintage Luckenbooth Heart Crown and Circle Brooch – $4,600

Vintage Luckenbooth Heart Crown and Circle Brooch

Two intertwining hearts with a crown atop and a circle circumscribing the entire design – a perfect gift for your loved one!

Luckenbooth double witch’s heart brooch is vintage from the 1910s. One of the hearts is studded with Burma rubies, while the other is set with diamonds. The coronet has old-cut diamonds arranged in a row as a base and natural seed pearls as the tips.

The outer circle has rubies and diamonds set in an alternating manner. The weight of this brooch is 7.53 gm with dimensions 1.35 X 1.33 inches, and finally, the condition is age-appropriate.


13. Jean Vitau Yellow Gold Ladybug Brooch – $4,450

Jean Vitau Yellow Gold Ladybug Brooch

Get yours signed Jean Vitau ladybug brooch is listed for $4,450 on 1stDibs. The brooch has an 18k yellow gold frame adorned with yellow sapphires (2.56 carats) and blue sapphires (0.92 carats). The head of the ladybug is black onyx.

The French designer Jean Vitau is renowned for patenting the Gemlock setting. This brooch was manufactured in 1995, and the condition is still new. A great collectible indeed!


14. Victorian Pin Brooch – $3,400

Victorian Pin Brooch

Despite belonging to the 1870s era, this Victorian pin brooch is surprisingly in good condition. The brooch is 18.9 gm in weight and is made up of 12k yellow gold. The design has a cross motif featuring jasper, gold on quartz matrix, and agate slabs.

The brooch measures approximately 2.8 inches X 1 inch and is priced at $3,400 on ERAGEM. Moreover, each of the 9 slabs is about 0.45-0.85 X 0.09-0.54 inches.


15. Christian Lacroix Dangling Crystal Silver Tone Brooch – $1,625

Christian Lacroix Dangling Crystal Silver Tone Brooch

The next vintage brooch that you definitely want to keep an eye on is this crystal silver tone brooch by Christian Lacroix. This brooch will cost you $1,625 on 1stDibs.

The design features colorful stones – amber, red, and purple being the three primary stones, surrounded by smaller crystals in green, pink, and clear tones. The branches are faux silver and turquoise-toned.

As per the dimensions, the brooch is about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. The place of origin of this vintage brooch dates back to 1990 in France.


16. Channel Island Pink Ceramic Fleur-de-lis Brooch – $1,1365.79

Channel Island Pink Ceramic Fleur-de-lis Brooch

Listed by the star seller on Etsy, VintageSerendipityKH, this Chanel Island Fleur-de-lis brooch is speculated to be a vintage item from the 1970s. ‘CHANEL ISLAND JEWELLERY’ is signed on the back.

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This Art nouveau-styled brooch is a perfect gift for your loved one who is drawn to the vintage aesthetic. Despite being an antique piece, the brooch, as per the seller, is still in good condition and, therefore, is priced at $1,1365.75.


17. Los Castillos Taxco Silver Brooch – $850

Los Castillos Taxco Silver Brooch

Vintage from around 1942-1948, this Los Castillos Taxco signed silver brooch is studded with a vibrant purple amethyst stone on a sterling silver frame.

You’ll notice some minor signs of wear and oxidation on the brooch. However, the brooch is still in good condition and will probably be a perfect next addition to your vintage miniatures.

Please find the sign and sterling silver hallmark on the back of the brooch. The brooch is 1.5 inches long and 3 inches wide and is priced at $850 on Etsy.


18. Chalcedony & Pearl Spider Brooch/Tie Tack – $790

Chalcedony & Pearl Spider BroochTie Tack

If you’re into collecting exotic vinted miniatures, this spider brooch or tie-tack from ERAGEM

is the perfect next investment piece for you!

The spider’s body is a big cabochon green chalcedony, and its head is of pearl. 2 round-cut red stones make its eyes, and the body is composed of 14k yellow gold. However, the backing of this vintage brooch piece is made up of yellow metal.

This antique piece comes with a price tag of $790 and a total weight of 2.88 gm. The approximate measurement of the spider brooch is 0.19 X 0.17 inches.


19. 1915 Aquinas Academy General Proficiency Brooch – $770

1915 Aquinas Academy General Proficiency Brooch

‘General Proficiency’ is engraved on the front of this brilliant antique piece, whereas the reverse side says ‘Aquinas Academy Tacoma, Wash June 18, 1915’. The hanging medal of this vintage 10k yellow gold brooch/pendant is truly aesthetic.

The brooch weighs 3.99 gm and is 1.69 long and 1.11 inches wide. The price is $770, and the store offers free overnight shipping as well as a lifetime warranty for their customers.


20. Antique Victorian Paste Dragonfly Brooch – $528.68

Antique Victorian Paste Dragonfly Brooch

While this stunning dragonfly brooch is not signed, it is estimated to be manufactured around the 1900s, during the late Victorian era.

The brooch has a silver dragonfly frame studded with white stones. The eyes are adorned with red stones, and the thorax has a green stone.

Luckily, this item makes a great collectible as the condition is good for a vintage piece. This dragonfly brooch is priced at $528.58 on eBay.



So, which of these 20 vintage beauties caught your eyes the most? If you’d ask us, Luckenbooth double witch’s heart brooch totally has our heart! We’d love to know which of these you add to your collection next.

Also, if you’d like to share details regarding some of your favorite brooch collectibles with your fellow antique aficionados, we’re all ears!

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