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17 Most Valuable McDonald’s Glasses Worth Money

Are you a McDonald’s fan?

You probably like to collect their merchandise, including drinking glasses, plastic tumblers, googles, vintage McDonald’s dolls, puppets, wall clocks, Frisbees, etc.

Aside from their finger-licking food, this popular fast-food franchise knows how to engage its fans with fun, relevant, and nostalgic merchandise that is actually collectible and sometimes worth a lot.

McDonald’s glasses are some of the most popular items fans love to collect. It isn’t uncommon to see people selling and buying these glasses for hundreds of dollars, depending on the theme and nostalgic value.

As a fan myself, I outline below some of the most valuable McDonald’s glasses according to what collectors are selling and buying them.

So, let’s dive in!

Valuable Old McDonalds vintage glasse Worth Money

1.  McDonald’s McVote 86 Glasses

McDonald’s McVote 86 Glasses

The McDonald’s McVote glass set is extremely rare and a favorite among collectors.

One glass features a big mac in a blue vehicle as people all around cheer while others hold a sign that says, “Vote for me for burger of the year.”

The other glass shows a burger giving out a peace sign with the caption “He’s the big cheese in burgers.”

You would have landed a true gem if you could get the glasses as a set.

  • Year: 1986
  • Estimated market value: $95


2.  Mcdonald’s 1981 The Great Muppet Caper Glasses

Mcdonald's 1981 The Great Muppet Caper Glasses

Produced in 1981 to promote the Great Muppet Cape, these four glasses come in a set featuring Miss Piggy riding a motorcycle as she crashes into a glass window. Kermit is on a bicycle, the Muppets are riding the Happiness Hotel bus, and Gonzo, Kermit, and Fozzie are in a hot air balloon.

Daryl Cagle did these vibrant and colorful illustrations. Each glass is about 5¾ ” tall.

On the underside, the glass is marked “Henson Associates Inc. 1981.”

  • Year: 1981
  • Estimated market value: $90


3.  2008 Beijing Olympic McDonald’s Collectible Mascot Glassware

2008 Beijing Olympic McDonald's Collectible Mascot Glassware

The 2008 Beijing Olympics were truly memorable. And, in the usual fashion, McDonald’s produced glasses to commemorate the event.

These glasses showcase the Beijing Olympics mascots, i.e., Huanhuan(Red), Beibei (Blue), Yingying (Orange), Nini (Green), and JingJing (Grey).

The full set featuring all five mascots is extremely collectible and an attractive find if you collect Olympic or sports-based memorabilia.

  • Year: 2008
  • Estimated market value: $90


4.  McDonald’s 1992 Olympics Dream Team USA Basketball Cups Glasses

McDonald's 1992 Olympics Dream Team USA Basketball Cups Glasses

In 1992, the United States men’s basketball Olympic dream team boasted some of the best players in the country. To celebrate this star-studded team, McDonald’s released the Dream Team cups. Then, large drinks were served in a plastic Dream Team glass.

Each glass featured a picture of one of the team members, statistics about the player, and a facsimile autograph. McDonald’s encouraged patrons to collect all 12 cups featuring the 12 players.

These Olympic Dream Team 1992 cups are some of the most valuable McDonald’s glasses because they are extremely rare; most have been lost in the last 30 years since they were released, with some sellers asking for hundreds of dollars for these cups.

  • Year:1992
  • Estimated market value: $84
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5.  1993 McDonald’s All-Time Greatest Team Glasses

1993 McDonald's All-Time Greatest Team Glasses

McDonald’s produced the All-Time Greatest Team glasses in 1993 to celebrate the MLB team at the time.

The complete set comes with nine glasses, each with the words “1 of 9” all through to “9 of 9.” The glasses also feature each of the nine players in the defensive position.

There is a 10th glass featuring Carl Yastrzemski and has the words DH# 10. While all the other glasses featuring the nine players were distributed nationally, the glass with the 10th player was only distributed in Boston.

Another interesting feature on the glasses is a Topps original issue card representing each player at the front of the glass. On the back of each glass are career statistics of individual players and their facsimile signatures.

Lastly, the glasses also feature the MLB, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s logos opposite the All-Time Greatest Team caption.

  • Year: 1993
  • Estimated market value: $67


6.  Vintage Disney Snow White Coca Cola glasses

Vintage Disney Snow White Coca Cola glasses

These vintage Snow White Coca-Cola glasses are another collaboration between Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Disney.

Fans of Snow White will find this collection invaluable. McDonald’s also produced glasses featuring Mickey Mouse Fantasia and Peter Pan for this same collection.

On their own, any of these glasses is a gem, but the entire collection is much more desirable and valuable.

  • Year: 1990s
  • Estimated market value: $60


7.  Vintage McDonalds Disney Glasses, 25th Anniversary-Set of 4

Vintage McDonalds Disney Glasses, 25th Anniversary-Set of 4

Disney World celebrated its 25th anniversary on October 1, 1996. To commemorate this, McDonald’s released the Donald Duck, Beauty and the Beast, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse glasses

The glasses are more valuable when they come as a complete original set released. What makes these glasses collectible is the characterization of the popular Disney attractions and the creative use of colorful imagery on the glasses.

  • Year: 1978
  • Estimated market value: $49


8.  McDonald’s Embossed Glasses, McDonald’s 1992 Glasses

McDonald's Embossed Glasses, McDonald's 1992 Glasses

In 1992, McDonald’s produced a set of 2 collectible retro vintage glasses featuring the iconic Golden Arches.

The brand name ‘’McDonald’s’’ and the year of manufacture are also inscribed on the glass with raised lettering.

In addition to this, the Golden Arches are embossed on the bottom side of each glass. The glasses measure 6-1/2” tall and have a capacity of 16oz.

  • Year:1992
  • Estimated market value: $40


9.  Pyrex Corning Glass Mcdonalds Coffee Cups 1982

Pyrex Corning Glass Mcdonalds Coffee Cups 1982

McDonald’s released these Pyrex glass cups in 1982, making them some of the rarest merchandise and equally among the most valuable.

The glasses originally came in a set of four and were made by the Pyrex Corning company for the McDonald’s franchise. The glasses are nested in a detachable mustard yellow plastic holder, making it easy to hold the glass whether you are drinking a cold or hot beverage.

On the outer part of the holder, you will find the archetypical golden arch etched into the plastic. At the bottom of the yellow plastic holder, the words Pyrex Ware by Corning Made Exclusively for McDonald’s 1982 are inscribed. And inside each cup are four golden arches.

  • Year: 1982
  • Estimated market value: $30
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10.  1982 World’s Fair Knoxville TN McDonald’s Coca-Cola

1982 World’s Fair Knoxville TN McDonald’s Coca-Cola

The World’s Fair event held between May and October 1982 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, celebrated how energy powers the world’s industries and brings people together.

The event attracted people from all backgrounds and cultures and entailed international and national industrial exhibits.

In collaboration with the Coca-Cola Company, McDonald’s produced this commemorative glass. It features a family of four in celebration, with the event’s venue used as a backdrop.

The glasses are captioned with the words: ”The 1982 World’s Fair TM ” and “May-October, 1982 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

  • Year: 1982
  • Estimated market value: $25


11.  Vintage 1950-1968 Charlie Brown Camp Snoopy Collection Drinking Glass

Vintage 1950-1968 Charlie Brown Camp Snoopy Collection Drinking Glass

As the Camp Snoopy theme park was getting ready to open for the first time, McDonald’s celebrated by releasing a set of Charlie Brown Camp Snoopy drinking glasses.

McDonald’s released two kinds of these glasses: the plastic and glass versions, but both have similar designs. The glasses feature the Peanuts Gang out camping.

Throughout the Camp Snoopy park launch commemoration, McDonald’s released a glass over five weeks. A lucky customer would ‘win’ a glass each week upon purchasing a drink.

The designs on the glass include Linus ‘’Struggle for Security,’’ Charles Brown ‘’Hard Work,’’ Lucy ‘’Properly Prepared,’’ Snoopy ‘’Morning People’’ and Snoopy ‘’Civilization.’’

  • Year: 1950-1968
  • Estimated market value: $25


12.  Set Of 4 McDonald’s “Through the Years” Collector Drinking Glasses

Set Of 4 McDonald's Through the Years Collector Drinking Glasses

This Through the Years set of 4 Mcdonald’s glasses is a collector’s favorite and a rare find.

The glasses reference the changing colors of the tall drinking glasses McDonald’s has produced over the years.

The collection of glasses ranges from a 1961 clear glass through to a 1992 dark blue glass. Over the years, the glasses changed colors from clear, blue, light blue, to dark blue.

This collector’s glasses are dated from 1961, 1955, and 1992, making them truly vintage.

  • Year: 1961-1992
  • Estimated market value: $28


13.  Vintage McDonalds Daisy juice glasses

Vintage McDonalds Daisy juice glasses

The Daisy juice glasses are some of the most iconic McDonald’s merchandise. These vintage glasses feature a pattern of the McDonald’s golden arches all around the surface.

In addition to the bright yellow or white Golden Arches pattern, white or yellow daisies decorate the glass.

The 1970s glasses make a wonderful addition to your vintage glass collection or as a gift to another McDonald’s fan.

  • Year: 1970s
  • Estimated market value: $20


14.  1995 Batman Forever Mugs Limited Edition Embossed Glasses McDonald’s

1995 Batman Forever Mugs Limited Edition Embossed Glasses McDonald's

As part of the Batman Forever movie promotion, McDonald’s sold sculpted glasses featuring the various Batman characters represented by Jim Carrey, Chris O’Donnell, Val Kilmer, and Tommy Lee.

What makes these glasses so valuable is the intricate embossment, as each character is carved out in a magnificent 3D style, so they are literary popping out from the sides of the glass.

These 1995 McDonald’s glasses were made for the French and USA audiences. Glasses have the country of origin inscribed at the bottom.

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The glasses are often sold in a set of four, featuring the four characters in the Batman Movie.

  • Year: 1995
  • Estimated market value: $18


15.  2000 McDonald’s Walt Disney Commemorative Glasses

2000 McDonald’s Walt Disney Commemorative Glasses

These McDonald’s glasses were produced as Walt Disney commemorated the start of the new millennium, marking 100 years of Disney Magic.

Each square glass features a character from the Walt Disney Theme Parks. The complete collection comes with a set of four glasses.

In addition to a Disney character, the glasses feature the Walt Disney Theme Parks, including Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney studios embossed on the side.

  • Year: 2000
  • Estimated market value: $16


16.  1978 vintage 1978 Garfield McDonalds cartoon mug

1978 vintage 1978 Garfield McDonalds cartoon mug

If you are a fan of the Garfield comic strip by Jim Davis, then you will love this Garfield and Odie mug. The glass mug features a brightly colored cartoon where Garfield lounges comfortably on a hammock as his friend Odie rocks the hammock and ensures that Garfield stays cool while acting as his drink holder.

The words “It is not a pretty life, but somebody has to live it” appear on Garfield’s thought bubble. Inside the glass is a copyright symbol with the words ”Garfield Characters 1978 United Features Syndicate, Inc., Jim Davis.” The McDonald’s logo is inscribed on the mug and is the Anchor Hocking logo and the initials ”USA.”

  • Year: 1978
  • Estimated market value: $14


17.  The Flintstones Glass Vintage TreeMendous Mug from McDonald’s

The Flintstones Glass Vintage TreeMendous Mug from McDonald's

The Flintstones franchise was a force on its own in the 1990s, and McDonald’s did not hesitate to jump on the bandwagon to impress fans.

The fast-food franchise came up with the Flintstones TreeMendous Mug to mark the release of the 1994 movie depiction of The Flintstones, in which John Goodman starred. As part of the promotion, McDonald’s offered a set of four mugs, each with a creative design.

The TreeMendous mug, with its wild design, remains the most popular of the four glass mugs. What makes this glass collectible is that it is designed like a tree stump with interesting details such as branches, leaves, and a bark.

The glass is heavy and textured, so it really mimics a tree. The Flintstones/McDonald’s logo, RocDonalds, complete with golden arches, is embossed on one side of the glass. The phrase, TreeMendous, is also inscribed at the bottom of the mug

  • Year: 1990s
  • Estimated market price: $11


Summary: 17 Most Valuable McDonald’s

Whether you are a sports fan, a Disney enthusiast, or love yourself a good old Coca-Cola glass, a look at the range of McDonald’s vintage glasses will reveal a host of excellent options. Many of these glasses come as a set and are more valuable this way.

I hope this list of the most valuable McDonald’s glasses helps you spot some exciting finds to add to your collection.

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  1. I just recently came across an item I have never seen before. It is a heavy glass/crystal beer mug with a pewter emblem of Speedee on the front.
    The emblem says “I’m Speedee” and the mug looks like new.
    I have searched to find another for comparison with no results. This may be a special (McDonalds) owner/franchisee item.
    Does anyone have any information on this?

  2. I had won the 60 year commemorative Mc Donald’s Glass at Las Vegas, back in 2015 with Spedee in the front, but unfortunately I broke it while drinking few years ago! Never saw it again!


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