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15 Most Valuable Snowbabies Worth Money

Snowbabies are cute figurines depicting children and celebrating Christmas or winter sports. The oldest date all the way back to the 1890s, but they’re still being produced today. And some of them can be worth a lot of money.

So what makes a snowbaby valuable? And just how much might a rare example be worth?

That’s what we’re going to investigate! Read on to discover the 15 most valuable snowbabies to have come to the market in recent years. And be prepared to be amazed at the prices they’ve fetched …

Most Valuable Snowbabies Worth Money

1. Snowbaby on a Reindeer $89

Snowbaby on a Reindeer

This snowbaby is dressed in a snowsuit of spun cotton and sits on a reindeer. She has a porcelain head and a sweet expression with large eyes and a gentle smile. She holds onto a set of string reins looped around the neck and antlers of the reindeer.

She dates to around the 1920s, and she’s not in perfect condition. Her spun cotton snowsuit has darkened with age. And there are several patches where the color has worn off the reindeer.

But she’s nevertheless a charming example. She came up for auction in 2022, and was snapped up by the winning bidder for $89.

2. Snowbaby on Ice Skates $135

Snowbaby on Ice Skates

If you enjoy winter sports, you’ll love this cute little snowbaby! She wears ice skates and has one leg raised confidently in the air.

The face is simply yet expressively painted, with dark eyebrows and lashes and a rosebud mouth. She wears a white snowsuit and her skates are picked out in silver.

She’s made from porcelain and probably originated in Germany, although there are no maker’s marks. There are some minor signs of wear, but the overall condition is good, with no cracks or chips.

At the time of writing, this figure is for sale online for $135.

3. Snowbaby and Santa Claus $150

Snowbaby and Santa Claus

This delightful figurine shows Santa Claus visiting a baby in a cradle on Christmas eve. He carries a sack of toys in one hand, and in the other he holds out a doll to the enraptured infant.

The delightful tableau is difficult to date, and the online seller hasn’t attempted it. But it is stamped “Germany” to the base, and is certainly vintage, if not antique.

There are some signs of wear to the finish. Spots of paint are missing from Santa’s coat, and there are larger areas of wear to the doll’s and baby’s hair. Turn it over, and there’s a hairline crack to the base.

But this is still a charming display piece. At the time of writing, it was on sale for $150.

4. Snowbaby with Snowball $175

Snowbaby with Snowball

This sweet little snowbaby is poised to throw a snowball. He’s dressed in what would once have been a glittery white snowsuit together with black shoes. And his face is beautifully painted, with delicate features and rosy cheeks.

He is made from bisque porcelain, and has moveable arms and legs. He is thought to date from around 1920. And while the glitter from his snowsuit has gone after 100 years, he’s still in good condition. There are no chips or cracks to the porcelain.

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He stands about 3.8 inches tall, and was probably made in Germany. And at the time of writing, he’s available to purchase online for $175.

5. Snowbaby with Boot and Dove $195

Snowbaby with Boot and Dove

This lovely figurine features a snowbaby alongside a giant boot with doors and a window. Perched atop the boot-house is a graceful white bird, probably a dove.

It’s an uncommon design, with a wonderfully festive feel. The snowbaby is dressed in a cute textured snowsuit, complete with hood. It was probably made in Germany in around the 1950s, and is crafted in bisque porcelain.

The figurine is in good condition overall. There is a little wear to the snowbaby’s face, with a graze to the porcelain beneath the nose.

That damage affected the value – but it was nevertheless snapped up when it came up for sale online in 2022. The purchaser paid $195 to add it to their collection.

6. Pouting Snowbaby $210

Pouting Snowbaby

Not all snowbabies smile cutely! This pugnacious little prince positively pouts at the viewer. His cute snowsuit with pink ribbon, upturned nose and slightly cross-eyed expression are still hopelessly endearing. And his right hand offers a thumbs up that’s curiously at odds with his grumpy face!

He’s quite large for a snowbaby, standing around 4.5 inches high. And he’s older than many examples on the market too, dating to the end of the nineteenth century.

The porcelain is in good condition, without any chips or cracks to mar the finish. If you want him, he can be yours for $210.

7. Snowbaby and Polar Bear $225

Snowbaby and Polar Bear

This lovely ceramic depicts a snowbaby on a sled being pulled by a polar bear. The snowbaby wears a cheerful red snowsuit, while the bear keeps warm with a green scarf.

The miniature piece stands just 1.5 inches tall and is a little over 2 inches long. It’s thought to have been made by the German manufacturer Hertwig, the first producers of snowbabies. It’s unmarked, however, so buyers would be taking a gamble on this.

It could do with a gentle clean. And there are some areas where the figurine has suffered wear and tear. The paint on one of the snowbaby’s knees is rubbed, for example.

But there are no chips, cracks or repairs. And it’s available for one lucky buyer to take home for $225.

8. Disney Department 56 Snowbabies and Bambi $290

Disney Department 56 Snowbabies and Bambi

What could be cuter than snowbabies? How about snowbabies and Bambi!

This gorgeous figurine is made by Department 56, a Chinese manufacturer, in collaboration with Disney.

It features an adult doe and fawn surrounded by three snowbabies. One of the snowbabies is embracing the doe, while the second offers her a bunch of pink flowers. The third is on hands and knees, gazing at the fawn. It’s a scene that’s chock-full of cuteness!

The figurine dates from pre-2000, and it’s in excellent condition, in its original packaging. At the time of writing, it’s on sale at $290.

9. Snowbaby Doll $295

Snowbaby Doll

This snowbaby doll has articulated arms and legs and a sweet painted face with red cupid’s bow lips. It’s made of bisque porcelain and was probably manufactured in the region of Thuringia in Germany.

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The doll doesn’t bear any maker’s marks, which means it’s likely to be an early example. And it is relatively large by the standards of most snowbabies – around 4.75 inches tall.

The baby’s snowsuit would once have glittered, but the glitter has now worn away. Other than that, though, the doll is in great condition. There are no chips or cracks in the porcelain, and the limbs still move freely.

It’s currently for sale online from a German trader. If you want it, you’ll need to stump up $295.

10. Large Santa on Reindeer $295

Large Santa on Reindeer

This lovely figurine depicting a large Santa Claus on a reindeer is made of bisque porcelain. “Bisque” is French for “biscuit” and describes the delicate quality and matte finish of the construction.

This figurine is marked with a model number, 6142, and the word Germany to the base.

The same marking system was used by the German manufacturer Hertwig, the first firm ever to make snowbabies. It’s possible that this example was made by that company, and it probably dates to around 1910.

It measures 3.25 inches tall and 3 inches across. And it was in good condition when it came up for sale in 2022. There were no chips or cracks, and no signs of any repairs. It was still on offer at the time of writing, looking for buyers with $295 burning a hole in their pockets.

11. Holt Howard Pixies in Igloos $300

Holt Howard Pixies in Igloos

These cute pixies sitting inside igloos have a practical function. They hold tealights to add some festive sparkle to your Christmas display.

They were made in the 1960s by Holt Howard. The firm was set up in New York in 1949, producing Christmas themed ceramics. Sales really took off in the 1950s, however, when they began producing ceramics featuring pixies and cats.

These examples stand 2.5 inches tall and are 2.75 inches wide. The pixies wear white snowsuits and red gloves, and peek coyly out of the sides of their igloos.

Their festive charm means they’d be a hit with any snowbaby collector. And they’re currently on sale online for $300.

12. Bisque Snowbaby on Bench $300

Bisque Snowbaby on Bench

This rare doll has a bisque head , lass eyes and articulated limbs. The latter allow him to be posed seated on a wooden bench. His diminutive size – he stands about 5 inches tall – means he was most likely intended as a Christmas tree decoration.

His head is stamped with the number 11 at the back, signifying its design number. He is dressed in a padded white all-in-one cotton suit and matching hat. And he carries a long, pointed staff in his right hand – perhaps a spear for fishing.

He was offered for sale online in 2022. While there were a couple of marks on his suit and hat, he was otherwise in good condition. And he was snapped up for a shade under $300.

13. Hertwig Elf and Witch $495

Hertwig Elf and Witch

Hertwig and Company were the original manufacturers of snowbabies. They began producing them in the 1890s, and soon other porcelain companies followed suit.

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This figurine depicting an elf and a witch was made somewhere between 1900 and 1920. The elf is dressed in festive red, and appears to be hiding from the witch. He’s posed crouched down on the other side of a house. A pine tree and snow-capped roof add a Christmas flavor.

This is a rare design, and it features in the collector’s bible, Big Book of Snow Babies by Mary Morrison. It is stamped to the base with the model number 8398 and Germany.

All this makes it a great find for collectors. If you want to own it, it’s available online at the time of writing for the princely sum of $495.

14. Pink Harold Gale Snowbaby $1,075

Pink Harold Gale Snowbaby

Harold Gale is a well-known name in the world of snowbabies.

He began his association with all things Christmas in 1946, when he started to make Santas for display in stores. He and his wife Viola set up their business from home. But they went on to become the biggest suppliers of Santa display figures in the US.

So this pink snowbaby has quite some pedigree! She would have been used in a shop window display, and stands 10 inches high. She’s dressed in a pink jacket, bonnet and felt boots, and wears a green and white striped scarf.

She came up for auction online in 2022, and was in good condition. The only flaws were some yellowing on her cheeks, and some missing holly from her bonnet.

Snowbaby collectors went wild for her, with over 30 bids flying in. The virtual hammer eventually fell at a price of $1,075.

15. Hertwig Santa and Reindeer $1,850

Hertwig Santa and Reindeer

This Santa and reindeer set was manufactured by Hertwig, the first ever makers of snowbabies. It’s place in snowbaby history makes it interesting enough to be a museum piece. And it’s highly desirable for collectors too.

The Santa sits in his sleigh, which is pulled by seven reindeer. All the figures are made of bisque porcelain.

The Santa stands 1.75 inches tall and the sleigh is 2.5 inches long. Everything is in good condition for its age, with the exception of one reindeer who has a broken antler.

At the time of writing, the set is still on sale. If you want to add it to your collection, it will cost you $1,850.

Snowbaby Fever!

That brings us to the end of our look at 15 of the most valuable snowbabies. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about these charming characters.

Some of the most highly collectable examples originate in Germany. And models from the manufacturer Hertwig are particularly sought after.

So if you find one of those, handle it with care – it could be worth a lot of money!

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