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16 Most Valuable Antique Uranium Glass Worth Money

Also known as Vaseline and canary glass, uranium glass is collected by people the world over. Its bright colors and fascinating manufacturing process make it stand out from the glassware crowd. And while you can pick up inexpensive pieces, some uranium glass is very valuable indeed.

So what makes uranium glass worth the big bucks?

That’s what we’re here to find out! We’re going to look at sixteen of the most valuable uranium glass objects to have come to the market. And we’ll explore just what it is that makes them so special.

Ready? Let’s find out more!

Most Valuable Uranium Glass Worth Money

1. Webb Corbett Paperweight $270

Webb Corbett Paperweight

This unusual paperweight is by the English glassmaker Webb Corbett. It dates from the 1960s and is made from acid yellow uranium glass.

The bottom of the paperweight is engraved with a striking image of a spider in a web. Circles of glass sliced from the outside magnify the image from all angles.

It measures about an inch and a half high, and just over 3 inches at its widest point. And as with all uranium glass, the yellow glows beautifully under a blacklight.

This small but beautiful piece of uranium glass is currently for sale online from a UK antiques trader. If you want to own it, it will cost you $270.

2. Stölzle Decanter and Moser Glasses $345

Stölzle Decanter and Moser Glasses

This striking decanter and glasses would look wonderful on any side table.

The decanter is made from pressed uranium glass. It dates from the 1930s and is made by the Austrian manufacturer Stölzle. It’s in good condition, though it shows some signs of age and wear. There’s a hairline crack to the neck, and a few small chips out of the bottom of the stopper.

The glasses are a little earlier, dating from the 1920s, but they’re in excellent condition. They are made by the Bohemian glassmaker Moser. Founded in 1857, it is still in business making luxury glassware today. Moser glass is highly collectable, making these art deco shot glasses very desirable.

While the decanter and glasses didn’t start life together, they make a lovely set. And at the time of writing, they’re on sale online for $345.

3. Art Deco Moser Vase $370

Art Deco Moser Vase

This lovely little vase is another example from the Moser factory in Karlsbad, in what is now Czechia. It dates from the 1920s and glows the typical green-yellow of uranium glass when viewed under a blacklight. It’s signed to the base with “Made in Czechoslovakia, Moser, Karlsbad”.

It’s small enough to fit in anywhere, measuring just 4 inches high and 3 inches across. And it’s decorated with a lovely frieze near the rim, depicting warriors carrying spears and shields.

It’s an unusual example, and it’s in excellent condition. Both those characteristics affect the price! If you want to own this beautiful vase, it will cost you $370.

4. Dual Pistols Sculpture $455

Dual Pistols Sculpture

Often, uranium glass from well-known manufacturers makes the highest prices. But sometimes a piece is so unusual that it excites collectors, even if there’s no information on its history.

That’s the case with the unusual uranium glass sculpture in the form of two revolvers. The grips of the guns rise from a circular base, creating a striking focal point for any display.

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There’s no signature, or anything else to identify the maker. But the sculpture was in excellent condition when it came up for auction in 2022. It attracted 30 bids, eventually selling for $455.

5. Fenton Epergne $455

Fenton Epergne

Epergnes – centerpieces designed to hold flowers – look particularly beautiful when made of uranium glass. This example was crafted by the famous glassmakers Fenton, who first set up shop in Ohio in 1905.

It has striking crenelated rims, with three trumpet shaped vases to hold the blooms. A conical base contains the water. It’s in lovely condition, and the uranium glass glows bright green under a blacklight.

It was offered for sale on an online auction site in 2022. The winning bidder secured it for $455.

6. Turkish Style Lemonade Set $480

Turkish Style Lemonade Set

This striking lemonade set with its clean lines looks very modern. But it actually dates back to the nineteenth century!

It’s made in the style of the Ottoman empire, with a gracefully curving pitcher and six matching glasses. The glass is semi-opaline, giving it a beautiful translucent quality.

The pontil marks – where the glass maker removed the items from his rod – have been polished smooth. And both the pitcher and the glasses are in top notch condition, with no chips or cracks.

The pitcher measures just under 14 inches to the top of its lid. And the glasses each stand just under 6 inches high. They are for sale online at the time of writing, with a price tag of $480.

7. 1950s Epergne $565

1950s Epergne

This lovely epergne dates from the 1950s and features brass embellishment to set off the glass.

It was probably made in France, and is still in excellent condition. The fluted rims of both the base and the top of the vase haven’t suffered any nibbles. It would look just as good on a table today as it did 60 years ago.

It’s for sale through a UK antiques dealer. And it can be yours for $565.

8. Persian Hookah Pipe Base Vase $565

Persian Hookah Pipe Base Vase

This lovely vase is styled as the base of a hookah, the traditional Persian way of smoking flavored tobacco. It dates back to around 1860. And it would have been made by a Bohemian glassmaker for export to the Persian or Islamic markets.

The sides are beautifully cut and molded, and the rim is embellished with gold.

When it came to the market in 2022, the vase was showing some signs of wear. There was a hairline crack and some fleabites in the rim, and some chips to the base. And the glass had become a little cloudy at the neck.

But none of that put off the buyers. It attracted plenty of interest when it came up for sale, attracting a winning bid of $565.

9. Moser Trojan Horse $570

Moser Trojan Horse

This unusual sculpture shows the famous Trojan horse. According to legend, it was used by the Greek army to smuggle soldiers into the city of Troy.

The real Trojan horse was made of wood, but this model looks wonderful in uranium glass! The sculpture stands just under 11.5 inches tall and is 5.75 inches long. It weighs over 3 pounds.

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It’s another example made by the Bohemian glassmaker Moser, making it very desirable to collectors. It sold online in 2022 for $570.

10. Rosary $580


Of all the items made in uranium glass, to find a set of rosary beads is very unusual. These lovely examples are in great condition, with no chips or cracks.

The metal chain and crucifix are complete and in good order. The whole thing measures over 28 inches long and weighs more than 42 grams.

It was probably made in France. And the uranium glass glows bright lime green when lit with a blacklight.

The rarity of this item saw it excite considerable interest when it went on sale online in 2022. One lucky collector snapped it up for $580.

11. Duncan & Sons Parasol Match Holder $595

Duncan & Sons Parasol Match Holder

This lovely item is a classic piece of Victorian whimsy. It’s designed to hold matches. But rather than being a common-or-garden box, it’s shaped as a lady’s parasol.

The shade is made of uranium glass, faceted in a daisy and button pattern to sparkle in the lamplight. The tip of the parasol and its handle are made from brass. That handle would have been used to hang the parasol from the tip of an oil chandelier, keeping the matches handy.

It was made by George Duncan & Sons, one of the US’s most celebrated glassmakers. And it is in perfect condition, with no cracks, chips or fleabites.

It came up for sale in 2022, and achieved a price of $595.

12. Pair of Lamps $600

Pair of Lamps

These lovely lamps combine fluted uranium glass with brass fittings. They stand 9 inches tall, and the square bases measure about 4 inches across.

They don’t have shades, so anyone buying them would need to find some suitable examples separately. But the lamps were in good condition when they came up for sale. There were only a few tiny scratches and a small stain on one lamp.

Having a pair made them doubly exciting for collectors. They sold online in 2022, and fetched a price of $600.

13. Pair of 1960s Table Lamps $810

Pair of 1960s Table Lamps

This wonderful pair of table lamps have a funky design that works brilliantly with uranium glass. Light them up with a blacklight, and they’ll look even better.

The lamp bases are formed of a series of flattened glass ovals, one on top of the other. They stand on polished brass plinths. And the shades are made from black mesh, complete with a fringe of uranium glass beads.

The design is unmistakably 1960s – these would look wonderful in any fortune-teller’s boudoir! The glass is in fantastic condition, with no chips or cracks. The pull cords work perfectly too. But the mesh shades have suffered a few tears over the years.

The distinctive design meant that this didn’t put off collectors when the lamps came up for sale. There was hot competition at the online auction in 2022. After no fewer than 60 bids, the winning buyer carried them off for $810.

14. Geisha Statuette $1,000

Geisha Statuette

This elegant statuette of a geisha stands in a small bowl, perfect for floating flowers. And despite her oriental looks, she was made in the USA by the Cambridge Glass Company.

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She would have been made some time in the 1930s, an example of Depression era glass. Her hair is styled with a bun on either side of her head. In her hand, she holds a flower. The bowl in which she stands is shaped like a lotus flower, in keeping with the eastern theme.

She stands around 11 inches tall, with a metal base that keeps her steady. Perhaps it’s for that reason that she has survived in such good condition. There are no chips, fleabites or cracks in the glass.

She came up for auction online in 2022, selling for just over $1,000.

15. Vintage Ring $1,400

Vintage Ring

You might be used to thinking of uranium glass as being used for vases, glasses or ornaments. But it can also feature in jewelry, as demonstrated by this unusual and attractive ring.

Here, the glass has been cut as if it were a precious stone. The faceted design catches the light and creates a wonderful sparkle. It is set into 14-karat gold, creating a beautiful ring that will also glow bright green under blacklight. That makes it a fantastic accessory for nights out clubbing!

This particular ring is size 7.25 and weighs an impressive 16 grams. It was in great condition when it was sold online in 2022, with only minor scuffs on the glass. The price? $1,400.

16. Jack in the Pulpit Vase $2,050

Jack in the Pulpit Vase

This elegant vase is designed in the form of a Jack in the Pulpit flower. The body of the vase is made of uranium glass, with the edges of the flower dipped in contrasting ox-blood glass.

It is artfully crafted, with a quilted design on the body of the vase. The edges of the flower have a delicate ruffled effect. And the glassmaker has added a clever twist to the lower edge of the petals.

This is an exceptional example of a relatively rare design. And it was in wonderful condition when it was offered for sale in 2022. There were no chips or cracks, and only a couple of rougher patches along the edge. Those are reassuring signs of authenticity, reflecting wear over time.

Competition at the online auction was fierce, with the vase attracting no fewer than 83 bids. The price when the virtual hammer fell was an impressive $2,050.

Ready to Glow?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at 16 of the most valuable uranium glass objects out there. From vases to pitchers, statuettes to rings, they all have a distinctive beauty.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on uranium glass. But as these objects demonstrate, rare and high quality items can fetch large prices.

So next time you’re at a flea market, why not see if you can find some uranium glass? You might just get your hands on something special!

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