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25 Best Vintage Bedroom Ideas

In recent years, the vintage decor has become extremely popular. The retro esthetic adds a touch of individuality and nostalgia to various places.

The bedroom is one of the perfect areas to decorate in this way. Unlike other areas of the house that are shared with other family members or visitors.

Bedrooms are the most private and intimate spaces in the house and allow you to stamp a style that’s very unique and defined.

That’s why they’re ideal for this style because here you can break with the style of the house and show your most intimate side.

For those who love old and vintage things, it’s a great opportunity to use their personal space to implement the style they like the most.

If you’ve been wanting a vintage bedroom design, you’ve come to the right place. In the following list of 25 vintage bedroom ideas, we’ll show you how to easily make it happen.

It’s also important to know that you can save money with this style. You can find vintage products at flea markets, thrift stores, or auctions at extremely low prices – cheaper than buying the same thing in a modern store.

This style is ideal for someone who likes to restore things because there are so many vintage-inspired options, and you can also use it as a personal project to work on in your spare time.

Curious about our recommendations? Read on to learn more about the many opportunities available to you when you feel like working in vintage style.

25 Best Vintage Bedroom Ideas

1. Choose the main piece

the main piece of vintage bedroom
Image Credit: Designed Simple

Start by deciding on a focal point that dominates the rest of the items in your bedroom.

Keep in mind that mixing the various styles that have been evolving at various times is conceivable while decorating in a vintage design.

Therefore, it’s not an issue if you have a Victorian trunk and floral wallpaper on your walls. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that among all the accessories, there needs to be a focal point that stands out and offers your room a lot of individuality.

It can be anything from an antique chandelier in the center of your room, to an antique chest of drawers or a wrought iron bed.

2. Curate one of the walls

Vintage wall paintings
Image Credit: AliExpress

If you have a variety of frames in different styles on hand, a gallery wall is a terrific idea. Wall paintings are typically inexpensive goods that are simple to locate at extremely low prices in antique and second-hand shops.

Just make sure that the various aesthetics complement one another, and don’t be afraid to experiment with the elements. It is not required to hang the paintings in the same manner as you would in a typical room or certain order.

Allow your imagination to go wild as you arrange them, constantly balancing the visual weight and even adding other components to the paintings themselves, like a rococo mirror with gold-leafed edges.

3. A New Purpose

vintage phone
Image Credit: Vintage Industrial Style

Many outdated components have entirely lost their functionality and are no longer usable in the same way.

The telephone, for instance, is a good illustration of this concept. Since cell phones have replaced their use, modern homes even no longer have the ancient telephone wiring.

A phone, however, is still the ideal item to bring personality to your space. It is just that—an accessory—and serves no other purpose.

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When you can incorporate a vintage feature while also using it in the room, the effect is considerably stronger.

For example, you can transform an old filing cabinet from your office into your new wardrobe. Or you could use used glass jars as your new candlestand holders.

The room design will become more distinctive the more reusable components there are.

4. Include a Mirror

vintage mirror
Image Credit: Nestasia

Antique mirrors are recognizable items that you should include in your design. The main benefit of mirrors is that they have been widely used for many centuries and come in a wide range of designs and varieties.

They might be a wall mirror, a standing mirror, or a vanity mirror. Additionally, you can select from the Victorian, Gothic, Art Nouveau, or Art Deco styles.

Never undervalue the influence of a mirror as a crucial component of your décor. It is advised that you put it somewhere bright, which will make the space feel bigger.

5. Wrought Iron Bed

Wrought Iron Bed
Image Credit: Amazon

Hospital beds, often known as wrought iron beds, are a fantastic alternative for your retro design.

A metal bed is inexpensive and simple to obtain. Many of these bed backs are extremely reasonably priced and can be found at junkyards or thrift shops.

For you to sand it down and refinish it, all you need is a weekend off. Trust me, it will be a treasure that provides a distinctive touch to your space.

6. Change Bed Linen

vintage bed linen
Image Credit: Selling Antiques

To print a particular style, use your bed’s linens and comforter. If it is difficult for you to find an antique item or restore an old piece of furniture, you can always choose a more practical and simple option because patterns are a very distinct aspect of the vintage design.

There are a ton of patterns for bedspreads available today in various retro looks. from floral arrangements to Art Deco patterns in solid colors and geometric shapes.

7. Include a Rug

vintage rug
Image Credit: Overstock

Vintage rugs have a variety of super ornate patterns and add a great presence and personality to the decor. If you like a vintage look then a patterned rug is perfect for you.

8. Include a Trunk

vintage trunk
Image Credit: Amish Handcrafted

Trunks were abandoned for a long time. These magnificent items were supplanted by suitcases, which are now frequently just used for adornment.

The trunk might be used in a new way, turned into a decorative item, or both. When it comes to a trunk, any of these solutions can be useful.

Keep in mind that they were pieces constructed with high-quality materials and exquisite finishes to endure a lifetime. Because of this, hardware found in a trunk is frequently salvageable and useful again. They will undoubtedly give your room individuality.

9. The choice of color

Vintage wall
Image Credit: DecorPad

Old furnished rooms are characterized by bright, neutrals and pastel color combinations.

On a white background, pastel shades look fantastic. If you paint the walls in different ways, keeping a general balance, you can mix two or three tones in the color palette.

There are other color options, but they depend on the aesthetic you want to give your space. If you’re going for a gothic look, darker hues are advisable. You can also create wild combinations by using really old, rusted pieces with bright, bold colors.

10. Include portraits

vintage portraits
Image Credit: Pinterest

Portraits add a vintage vibe to any room. You can incorporate modern photos framed in vintage wooden or metal frames.

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11. A Country Style

Vintage canopy
Image Credit: Prophaven Ghana

Elements that portray country life are among the favorite options of decorators when they have to opt for a retro and conservative wave. A traditional canopy bed is a good option that will immediately convey this vibe. You can also include quilts with flower and nature designs.

12. Dark Vintage

Dark vintage
Image Credit: Pinterest

For spaces that want to keep a very masculine appearance, the use of dark colors and vintage-inspired accents is highly advised. You may add wallpaper with dark tones, or paint the doors black or military green.

Always keep everything in balance to prevent the room’s decor from being too weighty. To get the ideal balance, you can mix this design in areas with abundant natural light.

13. Eclectic Vintage

Eclectic vintage
Image Credit: Etsy

If the bedroom is for a young person who wants to preserve a casual and youthful vibe while also having those vintage aspects that compliment it, the vintage eclectic style is quite helpful.

One of its trademarks is bright colors and contrasts with bohemian and vintage pieces, which can be paired with very youthful modern aspects. Ideal if you have a teenager living with you.

14. Wooden Furniture

vintage wooden furniture
Image Credit: Pinterest

Add wooden vintage furniture if you need to include a piece of furniture for the space and you want to give it a rustic touch.

Wooden furniture always adds a more vintage feel to the design and works well with other accessories like carpets and paintings.

15. Dress in your furniture’s color

vintage furniture
Image Credit: Residence Style

Making your furniture look old is a fantastic alternative if you don’t have a lot of money to spend and want to solely remodel using things you already have in the space.

You can lightly sand the furniture’s edge. By doing this, you will give it a touch of aging that works well with other items or vintage colors that you wish to use in the space.

16. Feminine Textiles and Furniture

vintage Georgian-style
Image Credit: Etons of Bath

If you want to give the room a feminine feel, the Georgian design is ideal. The bedspread and curtain floral patterns are unusual.

Additionally, the walls were painted with white and pastel hues. Although wooden furniture is frequently used, it is best to choose white to add a touch of color harmony and create a feminine atmosphere.

17. Add Stools

Vintage stool
Image Credit: Farmhouse Decor

To give your area an antique feel, adding stools is always a smart idea. When used as décor, they transport you back around 50 years to a time when they were widely used.

We advise purchasing some antiques from thrift shops or auctions. You can easily include them in your room after restoring them.

Try to make the stool serve a purpose if you don’t have a lot of room. It can serve as your nightstand, or you can place a rug under it and utilize it in a more comfortable setting for dining and watching TV.

18. Incorporate silver elements

Vintage silver chandelier
Image Credit: Clark Vintage Lighting

You can include modest silver accents in the design to give your home a more glitzy and refined look.

To add silver to the air of sophistication you wish to create with this look, use chandeliers or mirror frames.

19. Chalk Paint Patina

Chalk paint furniture
Image Credit: Real Homes

Decorators who want to adopt a retro look have embraced and loved its paint and finish.

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Even contemporary furniture that has just been painstakingly antiqued to mimic antiquity exhibits it.

Frames for wall mirrors or wooden images with carved frames are ideal candidates for this type of painting and finishing.

20. Semi-transparent Drapes

Semi-transparent Drapes
Image Credit: West Elm

One of the staples of retro design has always been semi-transparent drapes.

They don’t have to be used as curtains, necessarily. They might be added to other elements of your room. You can use them to divide an area in your home or place them on top of your bed to act as a mosquito net.

21. Turn a suitcase into a dresser

Vintage suitcase
Image Credit: The Spruce

You may transform old luggage into a fantastic wardrobe if you want to display it or utilize it more decoratively and the bag serves no purpose in the space.

You merely need to measure the distance you want for your new wardrobe and put four legs on one side of the luggage.

If you know how to set it up correctly, you may even use it as a work desk depending on the length of the legs.

22. Recycling Doors

vintage door
Image Credit: Columbus Architectural Salvage

You should include old doors in your retro interior design.

Old doors are often constructed of solid, high-quality wood. Because of this, it is simple to restore them and use them in the space so that they serve a purpose.

A few of them can serve as the doors of a corner cabinet. You won’t require all of the support that is often used for a cabinet, and it is quite simple to execute.

Additionally, you will make use of the nooks and crannies—areas that we frequently waste because we don’t know what to do with them.

23. Change the Doorknob

Vintage doorknob
Image Credit: Fine Art America

Sometimes a small detail can make a big contribution to the design. Replace your doorknob or handle with an older one.

In antique stores, they are very easy to find and do not cost much.

24. Window Frames

vintage window frames
Image Credit: Country Living Magazine

Don’t wait to get a window frame whenever you have the chance. They are fantastic components to include. They may be utilized to adorn walls.

They can also be used to focus attention on a certain area. Keep in mind that frames have the effect of centering the view.

It is frequently used on walls, usually with floral arrangements in the middle. It is a fantastic element to include.

25. Use Wallpaper

vintage wallpaper
Image Credit: TenStickers

Wallpaper is a simple and inexpensive alternative that can easily give your bedroom a vintage feel.

Home decor shops offer a broad variety of vintage-style wallpaper for various eras as a result of the retro style’s recent surge in popularity.

If you want to add a vintage feel to your space, this is one of the easiest and most useful solutions.

Final Words

We hope that these 25 Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas are a source of inspiration for you so that you can start the project of redecorating your room in an old style.

Remember that creativity is one of the most important elements and can recycle and reinterpret vintage elements in your modern room.

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