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5 Best Yamaha Violins of 2021 – Which Model Should You Buy

In the world of electric violins, Yamaha is one of the leading brands. The company produces a range of high-quality electric models, as well as specialist “silent” violins that are ideal for practicing on – and the company also makes excellent acoustic models too.

If you are thinking of purchasing a violin from Yamaha’s line, choosing the right one for you can be tough since there are so many great options to pick from. To help, here are our top picks for best Yamaha violin to ensure you find the perfect one for your needs.


The Yamaha Violin Reviews of 2021

1. Yamaha SV-200 Silent Violin Performance Model (Upgrade Pick)

yamaha violin SV-200

If you are looking for an exceptional silent violin, this model could be a winner. It is beautifully designed, with a neck that boasts a specially formulated finish that is intended to imitate an acoustic violin.

Most of the parts are of extremely high quality and workmanship too. The neck and bridge are made of maple, the body is spruce and the fingerboard and pegs are made of ebony, all of which have been carefully and precisely produced.

We love the features like the double-mode EQs. You can switch off the built-in EQ mode to enjoy the high-end equalization feature this violin includes. There is also a studio-quality preamp that provides an even higher quality of sound reproduction in your phones.

The main issue here is the price since this is an instrument that may be out of reach for many amateur violin enthusiasts – but if you want a high-end instrument, you need to be ready to pay high-end prices.

However, even though this violin isn’t cheap, you know you are buying a well-made and reliable instrument, so we believe it still represents great value for money.

Having said that, we might complain that there is a little too much plastic in the build of this violin. While it incorporates some high-quality wooden elements, some of the materials used seem a little cheap for something that costs this much.

Nevertheless, apart from this, there’s very little to dislike about this violin – and so much to love. If you are looking for something in this category and in this kind of price range, this is an option that should feature prominently on your list of possibilities.


  • Neck designed to mimic acoustic violin – includes specially formulated finish
  • High-quality parts – maple neck and bridge, spruce body, ebony fingerboard
  • EQ mode switch – to make the most of the high-end equalization
  • Studio-quality preamp – for better sound reproduction
  • Exceptional sound – everything you could ask for


  • Expensive instrument – this kind of quality doesn’t come cheap
  • Plastic parts a little disappointing – for something that costs this much

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2. Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV105NT-Natural-5 String (Our Top Pick)

Electric yamaha violin

For anyone in the market for a stylish and high-quality electric violin, this is a model that stands out from the crowd – in more ways than one.

The first thing you’ll notice is its distinctive look – this a violin that people are going to comment on. Although some people understandably prefer the aesthetics of a classical violin, this instrument is highly attractive in a more modern and contemporary way.

This means if you take to the stage with one of these – or pull it out to play in front of friends at home – your violin is sure to become a topic of conversation.

However, more than this, when you start playing it, you are more likely to receive attention for the quality of the sound since it’s exceptional. Of course, it won’t sound like an expensive acoustic violin, but the warm, clear and organic sound it produces is highly impressive.

This is mostly due to its construction, which incorporates six different types of wood. They have been carefully combined to produce an instrument that is capable of producing natural and resonant tones.

We like how simple it is to use, too. You just plug it into an amp and you’re ready to go. It’s also lightweight and comfortable, so you’ll have no trouble switching from your acoustic to electric if this is your first time playing a violin like this.

That said, it is quite a large instrument, so if you’re a smaller person, this might feel quite big at first. Also, we are a little disappointed that it doesn’t come with a case – for something that costs this much, having a case included with it would have been welcome.

All in all, a lovely instrument that most violinists will be happy to own and use. If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable electric violin that represents great value for money, you would do well to investigate this model further.


  • Beautiful instrument – looks stylish and attractive
  • Natural and organic sound – high-quality resonant tone
  • Easy to use – simply plug into an amp and start playing
  • Great value – expensive but worth it
  • Lightweight and comfortable – a pleasure to play


  • Large size – not ideal if you’re a smaller person
  • Doesn’t include a case – need to buy one separately

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3. Yamaha Model SV-130SBL ‘Concert Select’ Silent Violin

yamaha violin SV-130SBL

Here is another great option if you are on the lookout for a silent violin for practicing with at home without annoying your neighbors. You can use it with headphones, or if you want to play it without, you easily connect it to an amp to play out loud.

This violin is made from high-quality components, including a maple neck, a spruce body and a fingerboard made of ebony. We also love the way it looks – it has a striking visual appeal that is sure to get it noticed and that people are certain to comment on.

Perhaps one of the best things about this violin is that it feels so natural to play. You won’t feel too strange switching from your acoustic – and just as importantly, you won’t pick up any bad habits for when you switch back.

It’s also easy to tune, and it holds its tune well, which also makes it even easier to use. Once you have been playing it for a while, you will find its performance in this area comparable to that of any other similar violin.

We have just a few negatives to mention, however. Some people might find it a little uncomfortable – and if you do, there is little you can do about it since there’s not much scope for adjustment.

Also, the batteries seem to shake or rattle a little when you hit certain notes, which is something of a design flaw that should have been taken care of before the manufacturing stage.

That said, aside from these minor gripes, there’s still a lot to love about this instrument, and if you’re looking for a versatile silent violin, this could be the one for you. A lovely instrument and a recommended product for anyone looking for something in this category.


  • High-quality wooden components – maple neck, spruce body and ebony fingerboard
  • Beautiful sound – clear and precise when attached to an amp
  • Looks great – attractive in a super-modern and contemporary way
  • Easy to tune – and holds its tune well
  • Feels natural to play – won’t feel too strange when switching from acoustic


  • A little uncomfortable – and not many options to adjust it
  • Batteries can shake with certain notes – a slight design flaw

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4. Yamaha V3 Series Student Violin Outfit 4/4 Size (Budget Pick)

yamaha violin V3

Many people make the understandable decision of choosing an inexpensive violin for a beginner to learn on, but you get what you pay for, and if you are willing to spend a bit more, this is an instrument that will take you much further.

If you’re a learner, you want a violin that will give you room to grow and develop, and this model has the quality and class required. It produces a lovely sound that is loud, clear and melodious, and it has clearly been put together with lots of care and attention.

Another point to note is that this is simply a gorgeous violin. Although the aesthetics of an instrument are less important than its performance, it’s nonetheless something to consider, and this is a violin most people will be proud to own.

Also, note that this is a full set, so it includes the case and the bow – so everything you need to get started is in the box. This is great since there’s nothing worse than having your instrument arrive and then not be able to play it until you buy everything else you need to get it set up.

Having said that, the bow is not great quality – although this is common with bows that come as part of sets, and as you develop as a violinist, you can easily upgrade to a superior bow.

Another point to mention is that it doesn’t hold its tune for long at first, but this is normal, and with time, this problem will disappear.

In sum, a beautiful acoustic violin that will allow learners to master the basics and move onto more advanced playing. If you are willing to pay more than just budget-friendly prices, this is a violin that will serve you for a long time.


  • High-quality students’ violin – an excellent choice for learners
  • Full set – also includes bow and protective case
  • Good sound – loud and clear
  • Exceptional craftsmanship – extremely well-constructed at this price point
  • Looks great – a highly attractive instrument


  • Bow not top quality – but this is common with bows included in sets
  • Doesn’t hold tune at first – but this is normal and improves with time

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5. Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV104BL-Black-4 String

yamaha violin YEV104BL

This is a four-string electric violin that is ideal for all levels, from beginner to advanced. It has a particularly striking look that most people will love, and it’s something that people are sure to want to comment on.

One advantage with this instrument is that it’s super-easy to set up and start playing. Out of the box, it won’t take you long to have it ready to go.

When you start playing it, the first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the sound it produces. It is capable of playing warm and natural notes that you might only expect to hear from electric instruments that cost a lot more than this one.

This is in part due to the high-quality components used in its construction. It incorporates six different types of wood that all combine to produce the clear tones of this violin.

This all means that this violin is great value for money. It is by no means cheap, but when you consider the quality you get for the price, this instrument is a real bargain.

There’s so much we like about this violin and not much we dislike. We might complain that it doesn’t come with a case and that you’ll have to invest in one yourself if you want to transport it anywhere.

Also, some people who are used to classical acoustic violins might find it a little bulky at first, although this is something that most people will be able to adjust to.

In short, a wonderful option if you are looking for a high-quality but reasonably priced electric violin that will serve you for many years to come. If that sounds like what you need, this is an option that is well worth checking out.


  • Striking look – highly attractive model
  • Exceptional sound quality – compares well with electric violins that cost a lot more
  • Easy to set up – you can be playing it in no time
  • Great value – not cheap, but well worth the money
  • High-quality components – including 6 types of wood


  • No case – you need to buy something to carry it in
  • A little bulky – will be noticeable when switching from acoustic

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Many great options to choose from

As you can see, Yamaha produces a range of violins in several different styles and at a range of price points to suit the needs of many a demanding musician.

If you have decided that Yamaha is the brand you want to trust but are having trouble deciding which violin from the company’s line to go for, any of the instruments in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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