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10 Best Old Coin Value Lookup Websites

Looking up the value of old coins can be a difficult task without the right resources. There are many websites available that provide coin values, but sifting through all the options to find the most reliable and user-friendly sites can be a challenge. This article will countdown the 10 best old coin value lookup websites based on accuracy, ease-of-use, and depth of information provided.

Best Old Coin Value Lookup Websites

1. PCGS CoinFacts

PCGS CoinFacts is considered an industry leader in coin information and valuations. Some key features that make it one of the best old coin value lookup sites include:

Detailed value listings for over 36,000 U.S. coins dating back to the late 1700s; Values grounded in real-world coin transaction data; High-quality images to aid in properly identifying coins; Information on coin specifications like mintage, composition, and designer history.

Whether you’re researching early American coins, Indian Head pennies, Buffalo nickels, Mercury dimes, Standing Liberty quarters, or others, PCGS CoinFacts is sure to have the details you need.

2. Coin Value Lookup

Coin Value Lookup stands out as an easy to navigate old coin price guide with valuations to aid even novice collectors. You’ll find conveniently categorized listings of U.S. coins paired with images and descriptions for simple identifying of pieces you may own.

Historical value data and price trends empower tracking a coin’s appreciation over decades. Robust sorting tools allow isolating coins by type, grade, mint location and more variables critical to accurate appraising.

While focused exclusively on American coins, the valuations provided leverage multiple expert resources for reliability. If needing reputable valuations for U.S. coins in your collection, has you covered through their combination of valuation transparency and ease-of-use.

3. NGC Coin Explorer

As another heavyweight in the coin collecting community, NGC Coin Explorer gives PCGS CoinFacts a run as a top online coin price guide. Some advantages you’ll find with NGC include:

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Values, images and specs for over 400,000 U.S. and world coins; “Trend Values”, showing a coin’s appreciation or depreciation over time; Numerous sorting tools to easily locate coins of interest; Information on coin grading considerations from the industry leader in independent coin certification.

For coin enthusiasts investing significant money into older, rare coins, the NGC Coin Explorer provides unparalleled resources. But even casual collectors can benefit from learning more about their finds.

4. USA Coin Book

USA Coin Book positions itself as “an easy-to-use and comprehensive reference on U.S. coins for hobbyists of all ages and interests.” True to their word, you’ll find an immense catalog of American coins spanning the 1790s to today.

Benefits include: Updated U.S. coin values based on multiple expert sources; Images, descriptions and technical data for easy identification; Historical value charts and graphs for valuable coins; Feature to manage your personal coin collection and track values over time.

For U.S. coins specifically, USA Coin Book is a can’t-miss resource both for up-to-date values and expanding your knowledge as a collector.

5. Coin Value Checker

Coin Value Checker is a user-friendly old coin value lookup site providing accurate valuations for U.S. and world coins. By aggregating price data from major coin grading companies and auction houses, they offer reliable real-time values for thousands of coin types.

With convenient sorting tools, images aiding identification, melt value calculators, and articles on properly assessing coins, succeeds as a “one-stop shop” for both novice and experienced collectors. While the interface feels a bit dated, the comprehensive coin valuations are unparalleled. For efficient and dependable coin appraisals, delivers.

6. The Spruce Crafts Rare Coin Price Guide

Moving away from sites more tailored to dedicated coin collectors, The Spruce Crafts Rare Coin Price Guide provides a more digestible introduction. As part of the popular The Spruce DIY craft community, their coin value lookup table is aimed at the average person looking to quickly identify common U.S. coins they may own.

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Benefits include: Easy table format with coin photos, descriptions and approximate values; Covers most circulated U.S. coins from the 20th century; Additional guidance on buying/selling and properly handling coins.

For those with little prior knowledge of numismatics, The Spruce Crafts strikes an excellent balance of summarizing need-to-know details without being overwhelming.

7. The Old Currency Exchange

Shifting focus to monetary history in Britain and Ireland, The Old Currency Exchange is an outstanding resource for coins from those regions.

You’ll find: Current market values for British and Irish coins dating back centuries; Historical background providing context around various coin series; Articles documenting money archaeological finds; Image galleries to visually identify coins.

Whether trying to date old British pennies found in a box from your grandparents or researching rare Irish coins from the early 1900’s, this website will prove an invaluable tool.

8. Numista Coin Catalogue & Encyclopedia

Numista differentiates itself as more of an informational coin hub vs. strictly a valuation resource. But with information on over 100,000 coins spanning hundreds of countries, it still provides tremendous value in identifying old coins and understanding their history.

Unique benefits include: Huge global catalog covering many obscure coin issues; Numerous sorting tools to isolate coins fitting your criteria; Background on symbols, mottos and images used on coinage; Reference articles on identifying counterfeits, coin grading considerations, and more.

For delving deeper into understanding all aspects of old coins from around the world, Numista is likely the most far-reaching public database available.

9. Coinflation – Melt Values of Coins

In a slightly different utility from most coin value websites, Coinflation provides melt values – or the intrinsic bullion value – of U.S. circulating coins. This comes in handy for assessing whether coins are worth more melted down based on the current spot prices of copper, nickel, silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

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Benefits include: Quick US coin melt valuations based on live precious metal spot prices; Calculator to total melt values for multiple coins; Historical metal prices to identify melt value trends; Details on coin specifications like weights, diameters and mintages.

Understanding melt values provides a baseline for certain coins’ worth and is key to profitability for metal bullion investors.

10. Coin Study – Identification and Price Guide

Coin Study focuses specifically on U.S. coins from the modern era – 1934 onwards. It differentiates itself by incorporating leading coin grading company values directly within the website experience vs. needing to search archives of old auction records or reports.

You’ll find: Values from PCGS, NGC and ANACS all in one spot; Specification details like mintage counts critical for assessing value; Coin images charting the aging process; Interactive calculators showing appreciation rates.

For identifying and valuing U.S. coins from the past 80+ years accurately and efficiently, Coin Study puts the desired information at your fingertips.


Identifying the accurate value of old coins requires using trusted valuation resources tailored to your specific collecting needs. While listing services like eBay realized prices can provide some guidance on current market rates, reputable coin value websites that aggregate input from multiple experts offer enhanced reliability. Hopefully this guide of the top 10 old coin value lookup websites provides a great starting point to better understand the worth of pieces in your collection!

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