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A Journey Through the Past: Discovering Vintage Family-Friendly Destinations

In today’s busy world, parents and students don’t get to spend that much time together, with all the work and responsibilities. So planning a good trip that would entertain every family member is a great way to enjoy a few days together. More and more people are choosing to put a spin on their regular vacation and go for a vintage one. But what is a vintage family vacation? And why do you have to go for one? Keep reading below as we give you all you need to know about this type of travel, plus the top destinations you have to visit with your family.

What Makes a Family Trip Vintage
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What Makes a Family Trip Vintage

Many people today want to take a break from the digital scene and just enjoy nature—dive into a world before phones and computers became a necessity. That is where vintage comes in. Used to describe something old, a feeling woven in the years between the 20s and the 90s, vintage has spread throughout every field, and now we’re seeing it in trips, too.

Students of all academic degrees choose a vintage trip as a topic for their research paper simply because these travels are not only about relaxation but also offer plenty of knowledge. But to be able to fully enjoy the trip, many students opt for a writing service. For example, if you need assistance when writing, ask StudyMoose, write my research paper please to get started. This way, they get to unwind on their vacation and get a top-notch, plagiarism-free piece done by professional writers.

But it’s not just students who pick these voyages. More and more families go on vintage trips. The main reason is that these trips provide a mix of two things: relaxation and the chance to learn something new about the history of the destination.

Why Take Your Family on a Vintage Trip

All vacation trips have one thing in common—leisure. But vintage trips go beyond that and offer families the chance to bond and learn new things.

Have you ever wanted to (re)live some moments of the past? Where do you travel in an RV, packed with various things in the trunk, road-tripping around new places and making stops in areas where the locals are eager to share their history, cuisine, and more? That is what a vintage trip offers. On this type of journey, you choose to go completely off the grid and just enjoy some quiet time with your family.

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Younger kids may also get a glimpse of what the world was like before digitalization took over. They have the chance to learn about new cultures, experience new places, see some ancient, authentic things, etc.

But a vintage trip doesn’t need to include an RV. You can also pack your suitcase and fly together with your family to a destination that provides that vintage feeling—a bit of a history lesson and a glance into the past.

Vintage Family-Friendly Destinations in the UK

International tourism in the UK is booming, coming to 31.2 million visits in 2022. Around the United Kingdom, there are plenty of family-friendly vintage destinations. These are perfect for all members and provide different ways of entertainment. We separated the following as the best places to enjoy a vintage trip with your family.

The Lake District

If your family loves spending time in the fresh air, around vast verdant fields and mountains and sky-blue lakes, then the Lake District is the place for you. Here, you can hike the mountains, go on cruisers, or take your family out on one of the four steam railway attractions.

The last one is proven to offer a fun-filled time for the family, especially if you’re going with younger kids. The rides pass along picturesque scenes and stop at different places where you might choose to go and have a picnic.

What’s more, there are plenty of historical areas to visit and add that vintage dash to the trip. Go to the Castlerigg Stone Circle or to one of the castles, like the Sizergh Castle, and learn some secrets of this district.

The Yorkshire Dales

When you want to experience a bit of old England, go to the Yorkshire Dales. With stonewalled lanes to go on a bike tour and hands-on dairy farms and hay mazes to explore, families really get a glimpse of what this part of England used to be.

But there are also waterfall hikes and hills to climb to enjoy a simple picnic at the top. Plus, many castles with old tales await visitors to unravel their mysteries about knights and battles.

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Vintage Family-Friendly Destinations in the US

When RV trips are on the table, the US is the perfect country to explore. Many destinations are of significant historical importance, made to provide plenty of recreational activities for families today. We chose the following few.

Lake Arrowhead
Image Credit: freepik

Lake Arrowhead

Do you want to give your family a glimpse of the glamorous 50s and 60s vacations? Then, show them where some of the most popular stars of this period, like Marilyn Monroe, used to go to relax and unwind. At Lake Arrowhead, you have the option to go for a cruise and see how the most famous people of the 50s used to design their “escape the big city” vacation homes.

But there is not only vintage in this place—go for ATV off-road rides, zip-lining, mountain bike riding, etc., and see some breathtaking views up from the hills. A fishing day with the family is also an option, where locals share some tips on how to bring in the biggest catch.

Catskill Mountains

Give your family a bit of 80s movie culture by bringing them to the Catskill Mountains. Did you know that the Catskills Resort helped inspire the scenes for the iconic movie “Dirty Dancing?” The place is filled with many significant moments from the past (plenty of movies were filmed around the region) that you need to explore with your whole family.

The vintage vibe is also accompanied by many vintage shops where you’re able to buy antiques or look at vintage pieces like old radios, cameras, and even vintage furniture. And when you want a bit of thrill, do some outdoor activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, or kayaking and spend a day filled with fun.

Vintage Family-Friendly Destinations in Asia

If Europe and the USA are not enough, then the exotic mysteries of Asia are sure to provide an excellent family trip. Many places around the continent emphasize their historical heritage and have found interesting ways to bring it into the modern world.

Vintage may be a bit different here, but be sure that your entire family will have an unforgettable experience learning about a different culture and plenty of new things. So pack your bags and explore the following family-friendly destinations.

Bali in Indonesia

Yes, Bali is the dream destination of many students and writers, but have you ever thought about it being the perfect place for family trips, too? Such a magical part of Indonesia offers visitors an endless list of activities—from riding elephants to swimming with dolphins and a chance to visit the famous Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Many resorts also have swimming pools and clubs specifically designed for kids.

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But what makes the place vintage? The never-ending historical pieces are hidden around every corner. Most of them date way back (way before vintage was a thing), but some still provide antiques from periods of the 1930s or 1950s. Take your whole family on a stroll through several vintage shops and buy some vintage memorabilia to remember the trip.

Chiang Mai in Thailand

The first place people think of when Thailand is mentioned is Bangkok. But there are plenty of other places that are much more family-friendly. And if you want to add a bit of vintage to the journey, then the top of the list is Chiang Mai.

This less crowded and quiet destination is perfect if you have small kids but still want to enjoy a fun-packed trip. From plenty of temples with interesting tales about the past to elephant rides, no moment will be passed without pleasure. Another great option is to check out the Art in Paradise Museum and enjoy the magnificent designs and illusions of Thai artists.

And, of course, the vintage vibe is hidden in the many vintage clothing stores. Love 70s is the store if you’re looking to add a bit of Asian vintage to your or your family’s wardrobe. There are also plenty of night bazaars and markets where you may see what real Thai vintage is all about.

Final Words: Best Destinations for a Vintage Family-Trip

Whether you’re writing a paper or blog or simply looking for the next family-friendly destination that has a bit of vintage style to it, you won’t go wrong with any of these options. From the UK to Asia, the world has a ton of places to offer that can be made vintage if you are looking for such an experience. So pack your bags, prepare your family, and get ready to explore the mix of old and new.

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