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15 Most Valuable Vintage Perfume Bottles Worth Money

In the many past years, perfume bottles have come from a work of pure art. But which ones do you think have the highest value in today’s market?

Well, keep reading to get some answers. Today, the bottles are incredible collectibles you can add to your list.

Every legit perfume comes from pure art. Thus, you should place them in a showpiece bottle. These words came from a great designer in the House of Nina Ricci, Robert Ricci.

People love the items because they are rare. So, when you sell the bottles, you’ll earn a great fortune. Now let’s look at the 15 most valuable vintage perfume bottles.

Most Valuable antique Perfume Bottles Worth Money

1. Gale French Cameo Perfume Bottle

Gale French Cameo Perfume Bottle

This fantastic bottle is an art by Émile Gallé, a French designer. Émile is among the best French glassmakers to ever live in the 19th century.

So, expect the bottle’s looks to appeal to your eyes. The glass is an art of cool and pale colors.

Mr. Émile carved a beautiful black and white butterfly. Also, the art’s background is ash and white.

Besides the bottle’s age, the cameo style makes this item valuable. Expect this bottle’s art to have a banjo style, a round body, and a small cylindrical neck.

Also, the art goes even up to the stopper. Below are the other key specs of the bottle.

  • The bottle came into the market in 1900
  • It goes from 15 000 USD to 25 000 USD
  • It’s 4.5 inches high


2. 14K Gold Dutch Perfume Bottle

14K Gold Dutch Perfume Bottle

Who wouldn’t wish to own a perfume bottle with a top made of gold? This bottle will add some great value to your collectibles list.

The bottle’s body comes from a gorgeous crystal body. Its exterior has beveled edges.

As for the lid’s collar, it has the oak leaf art. It represents the Dutch control mark. Remember, the nation used the mark between 1852 and 1906.

Also, the beautiful lid closes and opens with a snap. Take a look at the bottle’s other key features.

  • It’s a bottle from the 1900s
  • The price starts from at least 465 USD
  • This bottle’s exterior is 2.5 inches long and 3.75 inches wide
  • The interior is 1.25 inches wide and 0.25 thick
  • The opening is 0.25 inches wide

3. Guilloche Dance Compact Perfume Well

Guilloche Dance Compact Perfume Well

The Guilloche Dance Compact perfume bottle is a rare piece of art. Its body is a silver-tone metal. So, expect it to sell at a high price.

On the exterior, this item has the art of an engine turn. You’ll see a hand-painted Guilloche floral label.

This small well has four spaces. Expect to see the powder well, a perfume place, a half-moon glass mirror, and a rouge area.

As for the fourth area, the perfume well, it’s behind the powder place. Also, there’s a cap on the outside to help you open the small dauber inside.

All the features will give you much luxury and comfort as you use your perfume. Below are the other key specs.

  • The bottle is vintage from the 1930s
  • Its price starts from 425 USD

4. Rare Thomas Webb Cameo Glass Perfume of Swan

Rare Thomas Webb Cameo Glass Perfume of Swan

It won’t matter if you love swans or not. But the beauty of glass perfumes will attract you to collect or buy the Thomas Webb glass perfume of swan.

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Remember, you should go for this valuable gem if you aren’t on a budget. This item has an etch of colors ranging from white to cobalt blue.

These colors imitate the bird’s look. The bottle’s main body comes from glass material. Its lid is a touch of gold and with a hallmark.

So, expect this perfume bottle from England to be excellent. Here are the other features.

  • Thomas Webb and his sons made it in the 1880s
  • The price is about 12 300 USD to 24 500 USD.
  • It’s 1.88 inches high, 2.5 inches wide, and 8.75 inches deep.

5. St. Louis France Vintage Perfume Bottle

St. Louis France Vintage Perfume Bottle

This vintage bottle with an excellent French taste will make your collection more beautiful. It has a unique blend of art on the glass.

The item came from the St. Louis Glass of France firm. It’s a similar company to the Baccarat Glass.

You’ll get the firm’s sign on the glass lid. Also, gold is the bottle’s primary color.

Remember, it’s not easy to come by this perfume bottle today. Here are the other specs about the St. Louis France perfume bottle.

  • It came in the early 1900s
  • It’s 7.5 inches tall
  • The price starts from around 250 USD


6. Bottle Eau de Cologne Imperiale Guerlain

Bottle Eau de Cologne Imperiale Guerlain

Imperiale Guerlain is one of the first and rare perfumes in France. During the 18th century, only the royal family members used the gem.

So, expect the perfume bottle to have a high value because of its history. Today, it’s one of the unique and rare vintage Avon perfume bottles.

Pierre-Francois-Pascal Guerlain made this bottle and perfume. It was for Eugenie, the wife of France’s Napoleon III.

Collectors call it “The Perfumer to His Majesty.” Expect it to have the art of 69 bees, which is the firm’s sign. Keep reading to see other specs of the bottle.

  • Guerlain made it in 1853
  • The prices start from 103 USD to around 557.13 USD
  • It can hold 250 ML of perfume


7. Murano Large Sommerso Large Perfume Bottle

Murano Large Sommerso Large Perfume Bottle

This Italian bottle is also a work of art that will give you great fortune. You’ll love its looks from top to bottom.

The Murano glass bottle has a large stopper that makes it unique in the market. Also, this bottle has the colors of a peacock bird. These colors make it more attractive and valuable.

Today, it’s rare to find it. Remember, the bottle is from hand-blown glass. So, expect the bottle to be a bit heavy. Below are the main aspects of this item.

  • It’s vintage from the 1900s
  • Prices start at 500 USD
  • Murano glass bottle is 4.25 inches wide and 6.5 inches high.


8. Rare Thomas Webb Cameo Fish Glass Perfume Bottle in a Case

Rare Thomas Webb Cameo Fish Glass Perfume Bottle in a Case

Thomas Webb and his sons made quality glass perfume bottles in the 1880s. As for this gem, it comes in a quality case with a velvet cushion inside.

The bottle has a fish body and red eyes. Also, expect it to have a touch of red around the nose.

Every fish detail on the bottle is of the cameo design. Its tail has a silver color with a hallmark.

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Remember, the bottle’s case is beautiful. You’ll see the “Mappin and Webb Silversmith to The Queen” mark.

Today, this perfume bottle isn’t easy to get. Here are the other essential specs about the item.

  • Thomas Webb designed it in 1880
  • This bottle’s highest price is around 15 600 USD
  • It’s 5 inches long
  • The case is 6.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide

9. English Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottle

English Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottle

The English cut Victorian perfume bottle comes from a heavy glass. The bottle has a beautiful and complex design when in a great state.

So, if you love bottles with cut glasses and cherub faces, this item will be your best fit. Today, it’s not easy to get it in the glass and perfume market.

This bottle has a silver lid with some engravings on it. Also, the glass cut bottle is one of the best from the Vatican firm.

Owning this perfume will give you much honor and fortune. Read on to see the bottle’s vital features.

  • It came into the market in 1903
  • They have an average price of 505 USD

10. Rare Thomas Webb Cameo Falcon Head

Rare Thomas Webb Cameo Falcon Head

Thomas Webb and his sons also made a perfume glass with a falcon head. It’s a rare piece that most collectors would wish to own.

It’s also among the high-end valuable perfume bottles. As for this swan glass perfume bottle, Ronald Max Erlacher carved it.

When in a great state, every detail of a falcon’s head is fantastic. You’ll see this aspect from the bird’s open eyes to the feathers on the head.

Like the other Webb bottles, this one also has a cameo design. Also, the bottle has the hallmark “G Kellen” on the sterling lid. Below are the other key specs.

  • Thomas Webb launched it in the 1880s
  • The price ranges from 8 000 USD to 15 000 USD
  • It’s 8 inches long

11. French Napoleon III Silver Scent Perfume Bottle

French Napoleon III Silver Scent Perfume Bottle

Many collectors love this bottle because of its age and beauty. The exterior of this perfume bottle is silver and gilt.

Also, it has some interesting French silver marks. French Napoleon III bottle has decorations like coral, pearl, and jade.

Expect the exterior part to have a chatelaine pattern. This bottle’s makers used the art nouveau style to design it.

These features show that the bottle has a high value. Read on to see more critical specs about this bottle.

  • This item came in 1870
  • The prices start at 312.22 USD
  • It’s 2.75 inches long and with a diameter of 0.86 inches.

12. Webb Cameo Owl Perfume Bottle

Webb Cameo Owl Perfume Bottle

Webb and his sons also made a perfume bottle with an owl face. Expect to enjoy the beauty of the owl’s art and leaves.

The owl perches on the oak tree branches. Both the bird and branches are white. Remember, the twigs go around the container.

Webb used the cameo style to design the bottle’s art. So, when in a crisp look, expect the perfume bottle to have a high value.

You’ll see that the bottle’s collar and lid come from sterling silver. Also, the top has a hinge with a Hillard and Thomason hallmark. Here are the bottle’s other aspects.

  • Thomas Webb made the bottle in 1885
  • When in the best state, they go for 10 285 USD
  • It has a height of 4.5 inches
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13. Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country Blue Motorcycle

Rare Vintage Avon Wild Country Blue Motorcycle

The Wild Country blue motorcycle perfume bottle from Avon is one of the best bottles with style. It’s not as old as the others but still falls among valuable vintage bottles.

Collectors and people in the fashion sector love it because of its unique design. This perfume bottle looks like a flashy vintage motorbike.

So, if you have much interest in bikes, this bottle is your fit. Expect it to have a gloss finish.

Also, you can detach the small motorbike’s handlebar. Here are the rest of the bottle’s specs.

  • It came into the market in the 1970s
  • The price is about 180 USD today
  • It’s 8 inches high, 4 inches wide, and holds 8 oz. of perfume.

14. Vintage Avon Pair of Milky Glass Bottles

Vintage Avon Pair of Milky Glass Bottles

You’ll only buy these items in a pair. It’s among the few vintage perfume bottles with over 100 years old.

The glass bottles have a milky look from top to bottom. On their shoulders, there’s a crisp art in blue.

Besides the beauty of the body, you’ll enjoy using the brass lid. It will give you an easy time as you use it.

Also, the lid’s position won’t let allow any spills. Please keep reading to see more specs about the bottle.

  • This perfume bottle came in around 1910
  • It sells at about 124 USD
  • They are 5 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 11.5 high.

15. Large Steuben Paperweight Perfume Bottle

Large Steuben Paperweight Perfume Bottle

Collectors and fashionistas love vintage perfume bottles with a work of art. Well, the large Steuben paperweight perfume bottle should be your best pick.

It’s one the Steuben’s hardest to get items in the market. The large paperweight bottle has the art of black and white Cintra center.

Also, you’ll see green drops on the exterior. These drops are in a case of heavy clear crystal with many bubbles.

As for the outer shape, it has a hexagon cut. It’s the same as the one on the stopper’s top. Below are the bottle’s other vital aspects.

  • It’s 6.88 inches high.
  • It has a 3.25 inches diameter.
  • The bottle came on the market in the 1920s
  • Today, you’ll get it at around 9500 USD


If you want the best vintage perfume bottles, please choose from this list. The prices vary with age, present state, where you buy it, and design.

These bottles have one of the best looks you’d love to see. Also, the sizes allow you to keep more ounces of perfume.

Some vintage perfume bottles have a high price, like the Gale French Came bottle. Others are valuable and at low prices. Ensure you go for the ones you can afford.

So, among all these vintage perfume bottles, which do you think is the best and why? Please don’t be afraid to tell us your views.

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